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The Best Commercial Dye Sublimation Printer for Your Business Needs

The printing process of dye sublimation is used for printing on synthetic fabrics or polyester. This is used for printing on things like flags, sportswear, ID cards, table covers, banners, t-shirts, etc. It is a technology of digital printing that uses the method of heat transfer for applying an image to an intended substrate. So, if you are interested to know about the best commercial dye sublimation printer for your business or other purposes, there are tons of models from different companies for you to choose from.



Best Sublimation Printer – ZJX PP-01-3 Bluetooth Printer

  • Multi-device adaptation

  • Water resistant

  • Anti-fingerprint technology

  • Supports Android and iOS

Best Dye Sublimation Printer – Epson Expression HD XP-15000 Printer

  • Wide-format printer

  • Fast speeds

  • Wireless connectivity

  • Ultra-HD photo

The Best Sublimation Printer – Epson EcoTank ET-2760 Printer

  • Dramatic savings on the replacement inks

  • Impressive print quality

  • Zero cartridge Waste

  • Modern connectivity

Commercial Sublimation Printer – Epson WF-3820 Wireless Printer

  • 250-sheet paper tray

  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi 5 connectivity

  • Large color touchscreen

  • Low energy consumption

Commercial Dye Sub Printer – ROLLO X1038 Shipping Label Printer

  • Easy shipping method

  • Modern portable design

  • Automatic label identification

  • High-speed printing

Commercial Dye Sublimation Printer – MUNBYN Label Printer

  • No need for cartridges

  • Support for multi-platform

  • Two-year product protection

  • Environment friendly

But before that, you need to look up the important factors that are essential to consider before you set up your mind to buy a particular model from a specific company. Here, you can go through a proper buying guide that may help you choose the perfect model according to your preferences.

Best Commercial Dye Sublimation Printer – Buying Guide

When looking for sublimation printers, consider the media type that the machine uses. Here’s a compact buying guide that will surely help you to choose a model that matches your preferences and is compatible with your needs.

Factors to consider while buying the best commercial dye sublimation printer

  1. Dye-Sub – It is a kind of technology that is referred to as inkjet technology. In it, water-based inks are spread onto paper. This typically offers colors that are more vibrant than laser tone. In the best commercial dye sublimation printer of this type, special papers are required too.
  2. Laser Toner – This technology was introduced first by Ricoh under the brand name Raster Image Processor. This type of best commercial dye sublimation printer for home businesses requires paper that is special & can withstand the heat that comes from the fuser unit.
  3. Heat Presses – For heat presses, it is a very important consideration while buying the best commercial dye sublimation printer for your work. The working area is not touchable often. Heat presses require a kind of paper that is special and can withstand the heat coming from the press & transfer ink to the substrates like mugs or t-shirts.

Best Commercial Dye Sublimation Printer Reviews

1. Best Sublimation Printer – ZJX PP-01-3 Bluetooth Printer

best commercial dye sublimation printer

• Description:

  • Brand: ZJX
  • Color: White
  • Printing Technology: Dye Sub
  • Special Feature: Portable
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

• Performance: This printer model is of higher quality which Technologies like anti-oxidation and anti-tearing. It has a large size of 4 * 6 inches with picture quality that is more delicate. There is also a simple app that the users can use to beautify their photos. It uses the printing technology of dye sublimation where the heat energy is used to print ink from the ink cartridge up on the printing paper.

• Comparison: Each picture is printed back & forth with this device four Times & the photo color seems more vivid. The devices of the users can be connected easily to this printer via Bluetooth&they can transfer photos without the use of the internet. Hence the device is more stable and more convenient.

• Usage: This desktop printer can support multiple devices that have Bluetooth capabilities like iPhone and Android phones. The item weighs almost about 1.18 kilograms and the print media is glossy photo paper. The Ink cartridges and paper do not come along with this photo printer &need to be bought separately from the store.

• Pros:

  • User-friendly app
  • Top quality service

• Cons:

  • Not applicable

• What’s new?

This 4*6 printer can load up to almost twenty sheets of paper for printing at a time. While you place the paper, the side that is smooth of the paper faces up. The users are requested not to touch the paper until they see the photo getting dropped on the cassette before finishing printing.

• Why should you buy it?

In addition to the transfer of photos, the users can make their photos of them more perfect on the app. If they encounter any problems with this instant photo printer, they are requested to contact the company through. They have top customer service and will provide them with a satisfactory solution.

2. Best Dye Sublimation Printer –Epson Expression HD XP-15000 Printer

best commercial dye sublimation printer

• Description:

  • Brand: Epson
  • Color: Black
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Special Feature: Auto-duplex
  • Connectivity Technology: Ethernet, Wireless

• Performance: The users can take the printing of photos to a whole new level with this expression photo wireless wide-format printer. It delivers Pro-quality, borderless and brilliant prints that are up to 13 * 19 inches. There are individual inks of Claria photo HD of 6 colors that include all-new grey and red inks. It offers enhanced B&W photo printing and a ca wide-color gamut fifty-sheet, large rear specialty tray that can make printing projects of Pro quality easier than ever, even on cardstock.

• Comparison: The printer features convenient wireless connectivity, a front tray of 200 sheets, and auto two-sided printing. Stacks of documents can be printed in a breeze with it. It accommodates various types of finishes of paper & borderless sizes that vary from 4 * 6 inches to 13 * 19 inches. This printer model is almost 30% smaller than its predecessor of it and hence it fits easily on your desktop of yours.

• Usage: The printing speed is also quite satisfactory. The Printer can print documents at 9.0 ISO pages per minute for color and 9.2 ISO pages per minute for black. It can also print borderless photos of 4 * 6 inches in almost as fast as twenty-seven seconds. The users can easily print from their smartphones, Android tablets, iPhones, and iPad and it also is compatible with Ethernet networking.

• Pros:

  • Ultra HD photos
  • Wide-format printing

• Cons:

  • Power cord does not fit properly
  • Slightly heavier

• What’s new?

For this particular model among large format dye sublimation printers, only genuine cartridges from the Epson brand are compatible. Other brands of supplies and Ink cartridges aren’t compatible & even if mentioned as compatible, they may not function well or at all. It periodically provides updates of firmware to address various issues of minor bug fixes, performance, or security & ensures that the model functions as designed.

• Why should you buy it?

The sound pressure level of the printer is 49 DB (A). The users will never have to run out of inks as the printer features the technology of dash replenishment which, as activated, keeps track of the orders and ink usage of the printer more from when the user is running low. The ink saturation seems pretty beautiful too. Along with that, this model also comes with good technical support and customer service to fulfill the needs and requirements of the customers as soon as possible.

3. The Best Sublimation Printer – Epson EcoTank ET-2760 Printer

best commercial dye sublimation printer

• Description:

  • Brand: Epson
  • Color: White
  • Special Feature: Wireless
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Connectivity Technology: Ethernet, USB

• Performance: Your home business of yours will need A printer that is easy to use, affordable, fast & has great features. This is why the Epson company developed this great model that has an innovative and thoughtful cartridge-free solution. It uses easily Refillable and High-capacity ink tanks. Now worry less about running out of ink & save money on replacement ink.

• Comparison: As a large and affordable sublimation printer, it will be very useful for the home businesses of the users. The model features a convenient color display, a flatbed scanner of high-resolution, auto-duplex printing, and outstanding print quality, which makes it a perfect family printer too.

• Usage: The high-capacity ink tanks are equivalent to cartridge-free printing. By using this eco tank model, the users can help reduce the amount of waste of cartridges that end up in landfills.

• Pros:

  • Built-in copier and scanner
  • 2-year product protection

• Cons:

  • The touchscreen is unresponsive at times & small
  • A bit costlier

• What’s new?

This model has a unique heat-free precision core Technology & the Claria ET pigmented black ink produces extremely sharp text & impressive graphics and color photos on virtually any type of paper.

• Why should you buy it?

With this printer’s hands-free wireless printing, users can print easily from their smart devices of them with the help of an intuitive app called Epson Smart panel. Also, the package includes up to two years of ink & has each replacement ink set which makes the users stress-free.

4. Commercial Sublimation Printer – EpsonWF-3820 Wireless Printer

best commercial dye sublimation printer

• Description:

  • Brand: Epson
  • Special Feature: 0.1, 1
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Recommended Usage for The Product: Home, office
  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi

• Performance: This printer model has a large color touchscreen of 2.7 inches. The printing speed is very fast, for black it is 21 ISO PPM & for colors, it is 11 ISO PPM.

• Comparison: This Epson Bluetooth printer is different from the other regular models of the company as it features a unique Bluetooth connection. It can be connected to the phone through the Bluetooth option for printing anything you want.

• Usage: The Epson Wi-Fi direct, Ethernet networking, and other options help the users set the printer up conveniently. The Epson scan smart supports editing and easy scanning with an interface that is user-friendly.

• Pros:

  • Comprehensive security features
  • Seamless scanning

• Cons:

  • Printing on glossy papers may end up being messy
  • The ink quality is poor

• What’s new?

The printer is heat free and delivers high-volume and fast printing. For prints of professional quality, instant dry pigment inks of durable and accurate Dot placement are included.

• Why should you buy it?

The efficiency of the printer is maximized with the 250-sheet paper capacity, the streamlined workflow of 35 pages, etc. The app called Epson smart panel will be there for enhanced productivity and connectivity from your mobile device of yours. The customer service and technical support team are also very compatible with the needs and preferences of the users.

5. Commercial Dye Sub Printer – ROLLO X1038 Shipping Label Printer

best commercial dye sublimation printer

• Description:

  • Brand: Rollo
  • Printer Output: Monochrome
  • Recommended Usage for Product: Home, office
  • Color: Gray or black
  • Printing Technology: Thermal

• Performance: This printer model is a label printer of commercial grade and is compatible with major shipping couriers and selling platforms. The users can print without ever needing to purchase cartridges or ink. It has a patented design for rocket-boosting the productivity of the users with high performance and economical logistics printing for the most demanding conditions. The design is engineered in a way that can be hassle-free and easy. Once the initial setup of 5-minute is completed, the printer will sit quietly on upon desk of the user until they send the print command.

• Comparison: If you are a first-time user, you will be surprised easily at the printing speed of the device. With easy-to-use operation, reliable and fast printing & virtually no need for maintenance, the user will have everything they need for focusing on their business, while Rollo will take care of their labels of them. You can even get live support through remote desktop, chat, phone, and email. Whether the user is printing five or five thousand labels each day, Rollo will deliver labels that are crystal clear at a fast speed.

• Usage: The users can use any Label of direct thermal including the ones that are provided by u-line and UPS for printing barcodes, and shipping labels of high quality without the usage of any ink. The Printer can print at an amazing speed of 150 mm per second. It is 1 4*6 shipping label each second. It is also compatible with many couriers including FedEx, USPS, ups, and others.

• Pros:

  • Rugged and modern design
  • Works with thermal direct label

• Cons:

  • Not wireless
  • Label roll holder not included

• What’s new?

This Rollo printer uses printing technology that is the latest for utilizing direct thermal for producing shipping labels that are of high quality without any toners or ink. It is compact and amazing when the users see it doing its job. It prints almost up to 60 shipping labels of full size per minute and 238 4-row labels. It is compatible with Mac 10.9 & newer & windows XP & newer. It also includes short how-to videos with easy setups.

• Why should you buy it?

By pressing a simple button, the printer will automatically detect all the characteristics and sizes of the label of the user. Loading labels are hassle-free, quick, and easy. Rollo can be used with any direct thermal label. It will provide the users with large savings as they don’t need to obtain printer-specific overpriced labels.

6. Commercial Dye Sublimation Printer – MUNBYN Label Printer

best commercial dye sublimation printer

• Description:

  • Brand: MUNBYN
  • Color: White
  • Printing Technology: Thermal
  • Recommended Usage for Product: Warehouse, office, home
  • Connectivity Technology: USB

• Performance: This printer model is thermal and hence it is inkless. They use heat for printing images on paper without replenishing the supplies of ink. The users can save money on operational costs.

• Comparison: You will only need one-click installation for printing and it eliminates issues of complex installation. The printer includes an HD print head of 203 DPI by Japan rohm. It has high-speed printing with almost 150 mm per second for improving work efficiency.

• Usage: There’s a free software of label converter to print label filesof 8*11 in batches with label paper of 4*6. It is compatible with all the major sales platforms and shipping labeling like Poshmark, eBay, Etsy, shippo, stockx, ShipWorks, shipwire, Endicia dazzle, ordoro, shippingeasy, ShipStation, Shopify, fedX,etc.

• Pros:

  • Includes label converter software
  • No need for cartridges or ink
  • Easy to set up and use

• Cons:

  • Unable to feed through one label
  • Not wireless

• What’s new?

This model includes intelligent detection of the size of the paper to ensure accurate printing. There is also an auto-rewind option to avoid wasting paper. It works easily with Chrome OS, Mac OS, and windows.

• Why should you buy it?

Also, the users will get guaranteed product protection for 2 years which includes replacement. Customer support services are available via remote desktop, chat, phone, and email for a lifetime. The Munbyn postage printer catches the label automatically and feeds it into this device itself.


1. How are sublimation printers different from inkjet printers?

Inkjet printers are capable of printing liquid ink on top of the paper. On the other hand, sublimation printers can permeate the materials with ink vapors. Sublimation printing is suited best for printing graphics on plastic substrates. A dye sub-printer specializes in designs of graphics, whereas the more common inkjet printers can be used for printing spreadsheets, correspondence & other kinds of standard text documents. Though the quality of the image of the top inkjets is better than that of the dye sub-printers, the latter can produce more color mixes & natural-looking shades.

2. How long can the sublimation ink last?

The sublimation inks of the printers contain a shelf life. If the users leave them inside the printer for too long, it may cause issues like head banding and clogs, color shifting, etc. Many people agree with the statement that users can continue with the print past the date of use-by without any issues.

3. Can I use all the Epson EcoTank printers for sublimation?

Yes. Any model from the Epson EcoTank printer’s category may be used for sublimation printing. One of the most important things that should be considered is that the printer uses piezo Technology & that it has got fillable tanks. Otherwise, which model from the eco tank printers you will choose solely depends upon the extra features that you would like. Also, some models from different printer companies are not compatible with the different kind of ink that is needed for sublimation. They are designed only for a specific kind of ink and hence they can’t be used in large-format dye sublimation printing.

4. Which printer is better for sublimation: Sawgrass or Epson?

The Sawgrass printers are known widely for their consistent results and great customer service of them. While the Sawgrass inks and printers are way more expensive than the printers and ink of the Epson company, the customer service they offer is fantastic. They will log in to your computer of yours remotely if you need any help in setting up your color profiles of yours or if you’re facing any kind of issues.

5. What are some of the best printer models for sublimation printing?

Some of the best printer models for sublimation printing include Epson SureColor F170. This printer model has a desktop Dye-Sub that makes home printing way easier. Next is HP Stitch S500. It has a flexible and efficient Dye-Sub design. Then there is Sawgrass SG500, the Dye-Sub printer which has a perfected design. There is also Mimaki TS100-1600.

6. Can I sublimate 65 polyester and thirty-five cotton?

Polyester can blend fabrics, just like the 65% polyester/ thirty-five cent cotton blend can be used for sublimation. But it may result in a look that is vintage or retro. Only the percentage of polyester that is used in the synthetic material can capture the image that is being transferred. You will find many examples of sub-printing on T-shirts that are white in color.