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Best Epson Printer for Sublimation Conversion | Top Rated Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best Epson printer for sublimation conversion

Sublimation printing refers to a printing process where designs are transferred onto various materials using carrier materials. Besides this, there is the process of dye sublimation technology. It refers to a digital printing method that uses transferring of heat to apply any image to the substrate that is intended. Even the best Epson printer for sublimation conversion has various models with amazing features. Also called digital sublimation, this process is best for sublimation-friendly surfaces.



Best Epson Printer to Convert to Sublimation – Epson EcoTank ET-2800

  • Cartridge-free supertank printer

  • Mobile printing available

  • 100-sheet paper capacity

  • Impressive print quality

Best Epson Printer for Sublimation Conversion –Epson EcoTank ET-2760

  • Dramatic savings on the replacement inks

  • Impressive print quality

  • Zero cartridge Waste

  • Modern connectivity

Best Epson Printer for Sublimation Conversion –Epson Expression HD XP-15000

  • Wide-format printer

  • Fast speeds

  • Wireless connectivity

  • Ultra-HD photo 

Epson Pro WF-3820

  • 250-sheet paper tray

  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi 5 connectivity

  • Large colour touchscreen

  • Low energy consumption

Epson Workforce WF-2850

  • Auto document feeder

  • Crisp black text

  • Voice-activated printing

  • 30-page ADF

The process for sublimation printing is a bit costlier than other methods. Nonetheless, it lasts way longer & if you do sublimation on shirts or any other materials, it will not peel or crack over time unlike other methods of printing. Here are some factors that you must consider before you buy any specific model from the Epson company.

Best Epson Printer for Sublimation Conversion – Buying Guide

When looking for sublimation printers, consider the media type that the machine uses. Here’s a compact buying guide that will surely help you to choose a model that matches your preferences and is compatible with your needs.

Consider the following features before buying best Epson Printer for Sublimation Conversion

  1. Printing Speed – The speed of printing is what most people tend to neglect before buying the best Epson sublimation printer & when they need the printer to print as fast as possible, they suffer heavily from the speed of printing. If you do not want to have this issue, double-check the speed of printing. While some printers print all the colours equally fast, others print colours that are blank faster than others. The standard speed for printers should be 10 ISO PPM for colour & 18 ISO PPM for black.
  2. Heat Presses – For heat presses, it is regarded as a very important consideration for the best Epson sublimation printer because the working area of the printers is often untouchable. Heat presses require paper that is special and will withstand the amount of heat that comes from the press & transfer ink to the substrates such as mugs or t-shirts.

Best Epson Printer for Sublimation Conversion Reviews

1. Best Epson Printer to Convert to Sublimation – Epson EcoTank ET-2800

best Epson printer for sublimation conversion

• Description:

  • Brand: Epson
  • Color: White
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet 
  • Printer Output: Colour
  • Connectivity Technology: USB, Wi-Fi

• Performance: The Epson et 2800 model provides cartridge-free & stress-free printing and the users can try out exclusive ecofit bottles for refilling the ink tanks easily. Up to two years of ink is added to the box with each replacement ink set.

• Comparison: Join the club of numerous eco tank owners who have already helped in reducing the large quantity of plastic that goes into landfills. Each ink bottle of the replacement set is almost equal to about ninety individual cartridges. Actual ink yields can vary considerably for humidity, temperature, types of images printed etc.

• Usage: The model is very useful for extremely sharp text, impressive graphics and colour photos on virtually any kind of paper. It also has product protection of 2 years with registration that includes full unit replacement. Included and replacement ink bottle yields with Epson’s methodology. Actual costs and savings will vary based on usage conditions, print volumes and print tasks.

• Pros:

  • Zero cartridge waste
  • Genuine ink promise

• Con:

  • Printing quality not satisfactory

• What’s new?

The new features include a colour display and a high-resolution flatbed scanner for navigation and easy document copying. Enjoy modern connectivity with voice-activated hands-free printing. You can also get 30000 paper sheets or 1 year of limited warranty (whichever happens first).

• Why should you buy it?

With the intuitive app of the Epson smart panel, users can print easily from their smart devices. The model also has a 2-year limited warranty that is Worry-free and comes with registration. It includes full unit replacement.

2. Best Epson Printer for Sublimation Conversion – Epson EcoTank ET-2760

best Epson printer for sublimation conversion

• Description:

  1. Brand: Epson
  2. Color: White
  3. Special Feature: Wireless
  4. Printing Technology: Inkjet
  5. Connectivity Technology: Ethernet, USB

• Performance: Your home business of yours will need A printer that is easy to use, affordable, fast & has great features. This is why the Epson company developed this great model that has an innovative and thoughtful cartridge-free solution. It uses easily Refillable and High-capacity ink tanks. Now worry less about running out of ink & save money on replacement ink.

• Comparison: As a large sublimation printer, it will be very useful for the home businesses of the users. The model features a convenient colour display, a flatbed scanner of high-resolution, auto-duplex printing and outstanding print quality, which makes it a perfect family printer too.

• Usage: The high-capacity ink tanks are equivalent to cartridge-free printing. By using this eco tank model, the users can help reduce the amount of waste of cartridges that end up in landfills.

• Pros:

  • Built-in copier and scanner
  • 2-year product protection

• Cons:

  • The touchscreen is unresponsive at times & small
  • A bit costlier

• What’s new?

This model has a unique heat-free precision core Technology & the Claria ET pigmented black ink produces extremely sharp text & impressive graphics and coloured photos on virtually any type of paper.

• Why should you buy it?

With this printer’s hands-free wireless printing, users can print easily from their smart devices of them with the help of an intuitive app called Epson Smart panel. Also, the package includes up to two years of ink & has each replacement ink set which makes the users stress-free.

3. Best Epson Printer for Sublimation Conversion – Epson Expression HD XP-15000

  • Description:
  1. Brand: Epson
  2. Color: Black 
  3. Printing Technology: Inkjet 
  4. Special Feature: Auto-duplex 
  5. Connectivity Technology: Ethernet, Wireless 

• Performance: The users can take the printing of photos to a whole new level with this expression photo wireless wide-format printer. It delivers Pro-quality, borderless and brilliant prints that are up to 13 * 19 inches. There are individual inks of Claria photo HD in 6 colours that include all-new grey and red inks. It offers enhanced B&W photo printing and a ca wide colour gamut fifty-sheet, large rear speciality tray can make printing projects of Pro quality easier than ever, even on cardstock.

• Comparison: The printer features convenient wireless connectivity, a front tray of 200 sheets and auto two-sided printing. Stacks of documents can be printed in a breeze with it. It accommodates various types of finishes of paper & borderless sizes that vary from 4 * 6 inches to 13 * 19 inches. 

• Usage: The printing speed is also quite satisfactory. The Printer can print documents at 9.0 ISO pages per minute for colour and 9.2 ISO pages per minute for black. It can also print borderless photos of 4 * 6 inches in almost as fast as twenty-seven seconds. 

• Pros:

  • Ultra HD photos
  • Wide-format printing

• Cons:

  • Power cord does not fit properly
  • Slightly heavier

• What’s new?

For this particular model among large format dye sublimation printers, only genuine cartridges from the Epson brand are compatible. Other brands of supplies and Ink cartridges aren’t compatible & even if mentioned as compatible, they may not function well or at all. 

• Why should you buy it?

The sound pressure level of the printer is 49 DB (A). The users will never have to run out of inks as the printer features the technology of dash replenishment which, as activated, keeps track of the orders and ink usage of the printer more from when the user is running low. The ink saturation seems pretty beautiful too. 

4. Epson Pro WF-3820

best Epson printer for sublimation conversion

• Description:

  1. Brand: Epson
  2. Special Feature: 0.1, 1
  3. Printing Technology: Inkjet 
  4. Recommended usage for the product: Home, office
  5. Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi

• Performance: This printer model comes under sublimation compatible printers and has a large colour touchscreen of 2.7 inches. The printing speed is very fast, for black it is 21 ISO PPM & for colours, it is 11 ISO PPM.

• Comparison: This Epson Bluetooth printer is different from the other regular models of the company as it features a unique Bluetooth connection. It can be connected to the phone through the Bluetooth option for printing anything you want.

• Usage: The Epson WiFi direct, Ethernet networking, and other options help the users set the printer up conveniently. The Epson scan smart supports editing and easy scanning with an interface that is user-friendly.

• Pros:

  • Comprehensive security features
  • Seamless scanning

• Cons:

  • Printing on glossy papers may end up being messy
  • The ink quality is poor

• What’s new?

The printer is heat free and delivers high-volume and fast printing. For prints of professional quality, instant dry pigment inks of durable and accurate Dot placement are included.

• Why should you buy it?

The efficiency of the printer is maximized with the 250-sheet paper capacity, the streamlined workflow of 35 pages etc. The app called Epson smart panel will be there for enhanced productivity and connectivity from your mobile device of yours. The customer service and technical support team are also very compatible with the needs and preferences of the users.

5. Epson Workforce WF-2850

best Epson printer for sublimation conversion

• Description:

  1. Brand: Epson
  2. Special Feature: Auto document feeder
  3. Printing Technology: Inkjet 
  4. Color: Black 
  5. Connectivity Technology: USB, Wi-Fi

• Performance: The Epson workforce wf-2850 wireless inkjet printer works well with genuine Epson ink. The company strongly becomes the usage of this ink for ensuring optimal print performance and quality. The use of ink that is non-genuine could cause unnecessary damage.

• Comparison: with this model, you can save both paper and time with the feature of an auto document feeder of 30-page for scanning and copying with ease & auto two-sided printing. The pigmented black Claria ink is useful for professional-quality documents, reports, and proposals in crisp black text.

• Usage: The printer ensures fast printing with 4.5 ISO pages per minute for colour and 10.3 ISO Pages per minute for black ink. It has also got a 2.4 inches Colour LCD for easy faxing, scanning, copying and printing. 

• Pros:

  • High-quality performance
  • Voice-activated printing

• Con:

  • Customer support service is not very good

• What’s new?

This printer is categorized in the range of sublimation compatible printers and it has affordable & individual Ink cartridges, so you can replace only the one that runs out. The easy wireless setting helps you print from smartphones, Wi-Fi direct, Android tablets, iPhones, iPad etc. The product has also got a warranty for a limited period.

• Why should you buy it?

The hands-free printing Technology helps users print various types of documents and projects, including their shopping and to-do lists. It is designed for jam-free printing. Save space on the desktop with its great performance in addition to the space-saving and compact design.


1. Which Epson printer is best for sublimation?

The Epson eco tank ET-15000 model is, without any doubt, the best Epson printer for eco tank for sublimation. This Epson model comprises the renowned technology of eco tanks. It allows the users to print all their sublimations with the supersized ink tank of it that is easy to fill and very comfortable to use.

2. How to convert an Epson printer for sublimation?

For converting an Epson printer for sublimation, you can use an inkpot. It allows you to do sublimation printing affordable by making you able to convert Epson printers into sublimation printers.

3. What is the best Epson printer to convert to sublimation?

The f570 is one of the best printers from Epson for sublimation for a few reasons: the sublimation-specialized design, unmatched ink efficiency and professional-quality prints. Compared to the ET-2720 model, the SureColor F570 contains a specialised approach for sublimation painting.