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How to Get the Best Epson Printer Settings for Sublimation Paper

best epson printer settings for sublimation paper

The best Epson printer settings for sublimation paper shall give you all the amazing details that make this printer the perfect one for sublimation printing. Read ahead and know all about its features and enjoy making sublimation printing in your home.

Best Epson Printer Settings For Sublimation Paper

In the Epson EcoTank ET-200 printer

best epson printer settings for sublimation paper

you shall surely be getting the best settings for the sublimation paper. This simple-looking white printer for home use is not just an ordinary printer that you may think so. Not only shall you be able to make a great quality of regular printing using it but also it is very efficient in handling sublimation paper as well. This printer weighs only twelve pounds. The compact body of this printer fits very easily on your table leaving ample room for the movement of your hand comfortably. This inkjet printer from Epson works using the wifi technology but to keep the network stable, the option for USB connectivity has also been provided.

It is very easy to connect this printer wirelessly to your local network and enjoy a smooth printing performance anytime. The Eco Tank series of Epson printers are one of the most advanced printers in many ways. This printer has been developed using innovative technology that makes great prints that too cartridge free. Usually, the ink cartridges are a little costlier but this printer has a system of eco-fit ink bottles.  You will be able to refill it easily and enjoy a stress-free printing experience all throughout the work life of the printer.

The printer comes having an ink tank of high capacity. not only this builds up the quality of the printer but also saves a lot of your cost from buying cartridges frequently. This is the best printer that you can have to meet regular printing jobs as well as sublimation printing too.

Not only has it have the best settings for regular printing papers but also it has the best printer settings for sublimation paper as well. While printing monochrome documents, the printer is able to give you a maximum print speed of up to 10 ppm and while making color documents print, it is capable of reaching up to 5 ppm print speed. It is very easy to make this printer print on sublimation paper. All you got to do is to replace the regular ink with the sublimation ink and change the regular paper with sublimation paper. Your printer is ready for making sublimation printing.

The good news about the ink is that the replacement ink brings savings to you dramatically. It will astonish you upon learning that in comparison to the ink cartridges, the ink bottles shall bring savings to you for up to ninety percent. This saving on ink usage is huge as it shall print you up to 4,500 pages of monochrome prints and 7,500 pages of colored prints. This saving is equivalent to the cost that you would have made on buying 90 ink cartridges.

When you buy this printer, the box comes having enough ink which shall last you for up to two years very comfortably making it a furthermore stress-free printing experience for you. it also ensures zero cartridge waste too saving the ecosystem. The print quality is surely impressive making the prints stand out among other printers. The ink of this printer has been made using a unique technology named micro Piezo which is heat free as well. It is capable of producing sharp text for monochrome prints and also makes impressive graphics and color photos too. This ink is even capable of making prints on any paper type

This all-in-one printer has an inbuilt feature for copying and scanning documents too. The flatbed scanner gives you a high resolution. The color display on the printer makes it further easier for you while you are copying the document or navigating between the features. Not only does the wireless printing makes the connectivity of the network smooth but more flexible too. You can connect the printer to your smartphone and enjoy the feature for virtual printing from anywhere and at any time. It has a smart panel system that works intuitively. To make your life further at ease from manual printing you can connect it to a voice-enabled printing facility as well.

This model of the printer has been designed in a way to give you productivity and reliability as well. If you register, you get the printer covered under two years warranty period including the facility for getting the unit completely replaced. Undoubtedly this is the best printer to have in order to meet your regular printing as well sublimation printing purposes too.

Sublimation setup and guide in a new tab)

After removing the cover of the ink tank get it filled with the sublimation ink using the ink syringe. Make use to wear gloves on your hands as well. Having four ink syringes filled makes the tank ready for making sublimation printing. Also, make sure to use a fresh syringe for filling each of the colors, and never fill all the colors using a single ink syringe. As the ink gets filled, start your printer. As the printer starts running, give it a couple of minutes for the ink to get aligned to it. Now it is ready for making sublimation printing. Get the regular paper replaced by the sublimation paper and begin making your sublimation printing process.

The feature that makes Epson the best sublimation printer

Epson printers are made using Pezo Technology. In this technology, pressure is applied by the printer instead of heat making it perfectly fit for doing sublimation printing. The fact that you must remember here is that when you have put the sublimation ink in the printer you cannot use it for regular printing unless the tank is filled with regular ink removing the sublimation ink first.