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The Best Resin 3D Printer for Professional-Grade Results

best resin 3d printer

SLA or Stereolithography is one of the oldest and best forms in the sphere of 3D printing. This works by exposing 1 layer of liquid resin that is photosensitive to 1 UV-laser beam. The resin then gets hardened in the pattern of your choice. So, the best resin 3d printer is a machine that holds the raisin and provides any desired shape.



Best Resin Printer - ANYCUBIC Resin Printer

  • Upgraded printing platform

  • Improved detail printing

  • Anti-scratch protector

  • Fast printing speed

Best SLA Printer – Snapmaker A350T 3D Printer

  • Built-in camera

  • Aluminum grid table

  • Includes engraving light dots

  • CAN bus Technology

Large Resin 3d Printer – ANYCUBIC Photon Mono Resin 3D Printer

  • Large model printing

  • UV light source

  • High light transmittance

  • Adjustable power

Large Resin Printer – ELEGOO Saturn 2 3D Printer

  • Reliable printing performance

  • Larger printing volume

  • Odor-free printing environment

  • Smooth surface finish

Best Budget Resin 3d Printer – Voxelab Proxima 6.0 3D Printer

  • Quick Bed Leveling

  • Powerful software tools

  • 2K Mono Screen

  • Reliable Printing

Resin 3D printing refers to an umbrella term that is related to the family of manufacturing Technologies that are addictive that cure photopolymers in a liquid state. So, if you want to purchase one good model as the best resin3d printer, you should consider some factors to help you choose one.

Best Resin 3d Printer – Buying Guide

Here are some points that you need to keep in mind while going for the best resin 3D printer of your choice that is both commendable and affordable.

Factors to consider while buying the best resin 3d printer

  1. Easy to use – The priority while buying the best resin 3d printer is the ease of use of the device. Go for the features which make printing more convenient and cleaner. Check how easy it is for removing the print plate, how the resin vat is fixed in place, and other things to make working with a printer a good experience.
  2. Size of LCD –Beyond the previous point, the LCD’s size, the pixel count of it & consequently the resolution of the printer will be the decisive factors to help the users pick the best resin 3d printer model over another. Don’t get fooled by high-resolution standards like 8K or 4K that indicate higher printing resolution. The size of that LCD is what masks the light of UV inside to combine with the count of the pixel that dictates resolution.

Best Resin 3d Printer Reviews

 1. Best ResinPrinter – ANYCUBIC Resin Printer

• Description:

  • Brand: ANYCUBIC
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5” D * 11.7” W * 11.8” H
  • Compatible Material: Resin
  • Color: Black, yellow
  • Material: Resin

• Performance: The Photon M3 series of ANYCUBIC uses a printing platform that is laser engraved to improve your success rate of you, enhance adhesion & reduce surface unevenness. There is a high-precision z Axis rail ball screw which helps this Photon large 3D printer provide a well-detailed printing experience.

• Comparison: Photon M3 MAX includes an Anti-scratch film for protecting the monochromatic screen of 13.6 inches that can prevent damage done by resin leakage. The practical volume of printing can meet the printing needs of your large-scale models of yours.

• Usage: This best resin 3d printer for miniatures can improve production efficiency and achieves batch printing. Photon M3 Max can easily achieve the printing of large size while maintaining a nice precision of this model.

• Pros:

  • Automatic resin feeding
  • LCD screen protection
  • High contrast

• Cons:

  • Settings need to be fine-tuned
  • Transitional layers can cause major elephants’ foot

• What’s new?

The model has a high contrast ratio that is 450:1 which helps reproduce the details better, making your model of yours more different. The mono screen is made of eighty-four LED lights that are neatly arranged &provide a powerful light source for the matrix.

• Why should you buy it?

The auto resin filler can stop replenishing as well as replenish resin intelligently, reducing the printing failures that are done by insufficient resin. It adopts a 3D printing platform with laser engraving that got better platform adhesion as compared to

2. Best SLA Printer –SnapmakerA350T 3D Printer

• Description:

  • Brand: Snapmaker
  • Compatible Devices: Personal Computer, Laptop
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Weight: 28 kg

• Performance: This best 4k resin printer takes Pride in durability and high accuracy integrating only the nicest quality components, which makes possible carving, cutting, engraving, high-resolution 3D printing, etc. The high-performance alloys of aluminum are made in precision.

• Comparison: This model not only looks top-notch, but it is also able to deliver high performance consistently. For the snap maker 2.0 series, the company Pushed the boundaries in all-metal construction further. It provides all the customers with a 1-year warranty regarding all quality issues.

• Usage: All major components and modules of this device are made of metal that is of high strength. 1 of the many reasons why it can support different modules & add-ons is that it has adopted the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus expansion innovatively. Snapmaker increases the screw rods’ leads of the Y and x-axes’, from 8 to 20 mm & ensures a fast and stable working speed.

• Pros:

  • High precision
  • Well-made
  • Powerful controller

• Cons:

  • Wiring is not very compatible
  • USB-C connector lose

• What’s new?

Say no to air printing or unfinished prints. This machine is equipped with one filament runout sensor and it will remind you as the filament runs out. The users can now print objects that are large without any fear. With the new linear modules, noise can get reduced substantially to the motor drive chips that are embedded.

• Why should you buy it?

The brand-new power module exercises a much quieter fan and its speed is automatically adjustable according to the real-time temperature. It’s the realization of a decrease in the noise level that’s about 16 decibels so that the users can focus on the making.

3. LargeResin 3d Printer – ANYCUBICPhoton Mono Resin 3D Printer

• Description:

  • Brand: ANYCUBIC
  • Compatible Material: Resin
  • Weight: 34 Pounds
  • Color: Black, yellow
  • Material: Resin

• Performance:  This 3D printer has a monochrome display of 6k and 9.25 inches. It provides faster speed printing and has excellent build volume. It can print more models or larger models at once, improving printing efficiency greatly. It brings you an incredible resin 3D experience of printing.

• Comparison: The LCD screen has a px of 5760 * 3600, a super-resolution that is very high and of almost 200 million pixels. It is almost 125% higher than 4K of the photon mono x & other competing products that are there on the market. The 6% transmittance of light achieves a printing speed that is faster and better.

• Usage: The fast print speed of this Printer can reach up to 1S per layer which is almost 300% higher than the 2% light transmittance that is included in other 3D printers. It is equipped with a screen that has the highest ratio of contrast 350:1 in its class.

• Pros:

  • Powerful light matrix
  • Ultra-fast printing
  • Space for imagination

• Cons:

  • The transitional layer can be problematic
  • Doesn’t have a drip function

• What’s new?

This Photon mono 6k can print models that are up to 7.8” * 4.8” * 9.6” or 24.5 * 19.7 * 12.2 cm in one pass which is for a total volume of printing of 1.55 gallons. You can meet the need for printing for large models &realize numerous model printing. The device also has a replaceable and dedicated Anti-scratch film on the screen.

• Why should you buy it?

Since the source power of light can be adjusted easily from 30 to 100%, this large format resin 3d printer not only supports the ordinary photosensitive resin of 405 nm, but it also supports special resins, being compatible with many environments and materials.

4. Large Resin Printer – ELEGOO Saturn 2 3D Printer

• Description:

  • Brand: ELEGOO
  • Compatible Material: Copper, Resin
  • Material: Resin

• Performance: The large format resin 3d printer, ELEGOO Saturn 2, has a 10 inches 8k monochrome LCD with a resolution of HD of 7680 * 4320 &&an Ultrafine resolution of XY of 28.5 microns. It outputs detailed 3D models that are outstanding and has a cure time that is of only one to three seconds per layer. The scratch-resistant glass is for better protection and light transmission.

• Comparison: With a large mono screen LCD of 10 inches and a build volume that is of 8.62 * 4.84 * 9.84 inches or 219 * 123 * 250mm, the device can make the size of the prototype larger & the efficiency of curing higher. You can print multiple smaller models or one larger model in one single batch.

• Usage: The light source of Fresnel collimating consists of almost 48 highly integrated LED lights of UV that work with surface cob lenses that are free-form. The FCS system lens is capable of emitting a uniform beam of light of a wavelength of 405 nm with almost 92% light uniformity and excellent printing accuracy.

• Pros:

  • Includes 8k resolution
  • Flabbergasting masterpiece
  • Built to last

• Cons:

  • The transformer or power cord may not last long
  • May produce many failed prints

• What’s new?

The z-axis has a design of non-slip socket leveling screws that are hexagonal and have dual linear rails for remarkable printing performance and accurate and ultra-steady movement. The sandblasted build of the surface plate provides adherence that is much stronger &PFA release liner that has easier model removal.

• Why should you buy it?

The filtration system of this best 4k resin printer has a filter of activated carbon that can absorb the odor of resin mostly, creating a fresh, odor-free printing environment. Double heat-conducting heat tubes of copper include better efficiency of heat dissipation & faster heat transfer. It prolongs the life service of 3D printers.

5. Best Budget Resin 3d Printer – Voxelab Proxima 6.0 3D Printer

• Description:

  • Brand: Voxelab
  • Compatible Device: Laptop
  • Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Color: Proxima 6.0
  • Material: Resin

• Performance: The LCD technology of Voxelab Proxima depends on an LCD screen of higher solution &light for solidifying photosensitive liquid resin. It has a powerful light source that is built in. The layers of resin are capable to adhere fast to each other & boast finer details. It has XY resolutions of almost 47 microns.

• Comparison: The intricate details of the best resin 3d printer for miniatures look very crisp and it’s not only capable of eliminating the printing line of the layer but also the printing speed gets improved by 50% which is noticeably better than the other models of FDM 3D best resin printers.

• Usage: It comes under the category of best resin printers and has 6.08 inches monochrome LCD screen which brings you a took a resolution of 2K of 2560 * 1620. High precision manifests all the necessary beauty of details.

• Pros:

  • Z-axis Linear Guideway
  • Full Grayscale Anti-aliasing
  • FEP Film Design

• Cons:

  • Not applicable

• What’s new?

The size of the printing is almost 130 * 80 * 155 mm. If your primary objective of yours is accuracy on the fine features and surface finish, this budget LCD machine can be a great choice. It can be used as one of the best resin printers for miniatures.

• Why should you buy it?

The users can benefit from manufacturing technology and strong research in this kind of best resin printer. Proxima printer uses a high-power stable LED lamp that is exclusive and capable of quickly curing resin prints. The accessory bundle includes gloves, a USB stick, a manual, etc.


1. What is the best resin for 3d printing?

The best resin for 3d printer is photopolymer resin. It is a liquid that gets turned into plastic through chemical reactions with UV light. You may confuse epoxy resin & 3D printing resin. Although, it is practically a various type of material. So, this can be considered the best resin for 3D printer.

2. How fast are resin 3d printers?

A file printed using one traditional 3D additive printer may take 10 minutes. While a light or resin 3D printer provides almost a 30-fold speed increase in printing. Remember, the detail and quality of these two rival methods are naturally comparable.