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The Best Sublimation Printer for Heat Press – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best sublimation printer for heat press

Lately, all our work and school work has been digitized. We have to complete our projects and presentations on computers themselves. And then print a hard copy of it to submit later. This work will be easily done if you have the best sublimation printer for heat press. 



HORGELU Sublimation Printer for Heat press

  • UPGRADED High Efficient Control Box 

  • 5 in 1 Powerful Multifunctional Press

  • Multiple Safety Protection Structure

  • Perfect Heat Transfer Plate and Mat

Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink for Epson

  • LCD Digital Control & Display

  • 360° Swing Away Design

  • Dual-Tube Heating

  • High-Security Performance

  • 11-In-1 Versatile Kit

DOLLATE Sublimation Printer for Heat press

  • 15x15 Inch  Large Size

  • Insulation Heatpress Mat

  • 360 Degree Rotatable

Delclynee Sublimation Printer for Heat press

  • Heat Platen Size

  • After-sale Protection

  • The Lower Platen has Additional Room

  • The Automatic Floatation Feature

  • Secondary Bottom Board Handle and Lower Pad Cover

ANGOO Sublimation Printer for Heat press

  • Large Size Heat Press

  • LCD Control Board

  • Personal Design

  • Pressure Adjustable

Aonesy Sublimation Printer for Heat Press

  • Advanced Heat Press Machine

  • Press Adjustable

  • LCD Control Panel

  • Safety Design

The best sublimation printer for htv transfers or sublimates dye onto materials like paper, plastic, or fabric using heat. This type of printer gives you better results than other printers. Also, it works on different materials and not only on paper like an ink-jet printer. 

Sublimation printers use a special type of transfer dye which evaporates as soon as it is transferred to the material. While the ink-jet printers use an ink cartridge to transfer the work on the material which is still wet after printing the document.  

The best sublimation printer for a heat press is mostly used for printing graphic designs on various types of materials, while inkjet printers are used to print the simple document.  

The product created from best sublimations printer for htv is more durable and doesn’t get easily damaged by wear and tear. As compared to the ink-jet printers where the documents can get easily torn. 

Sublimation printers consume more time to transfer the dye and print as compared to ink-jet where the printed document is available within seconds.   

The best sublimation printer for heat press creates products that are smooth, and bright with toned colors and variations. While ink-jet printers can’t provide us with these results.  

Best sublimation printer for heat press-Buying Guide

Factors to consider while buying the best sublimation printer for heat press

  1. Advanced Sublimation Printer– Dye sublimation is more beautiful, and smooth and creates bright prints on various materials. Hence you need a next-generation sublimation ink-jet printer instead of a basic ink-jet printer for this. 
  2. High-Quality Heat Press– The heat press also known as a fusion machine is the most important part of the sublimation printer. They heat the ink before it is transferred to the material. 

After a minute, the heating stops, and the transfer paper is removed from the surface. And a colorful print is left behind. Hence if your heat press is not of high quality the ink won’t be properly printed on the material to give exquisite results. 

  1. Sublimation Ink– All the sublimation printers are useless, without sublimation ink. So if you have the best sublimation printer for heat press then it also requires the best and high-density sublimation ink. A high-density sublimation ink provides the best results. 
  2. Sublimation paper– It is usually known as the transfer paper. To create radiant print you require a transfer paper that can absorb the high-density ink and can also dry within seconds. 
  3. Advanced Computer Software– You require high-tech computer software to create high-end graphic designs. And to process them into the sublimation printer for an amazing result on the material. 

The best sublimation printers for heat press are available in the market right now. You can find them on online websites and various shopping apps or in your nearest local shops. 

Best sublimation printer for heat press reviews

Choose The Best Sublimation Printer For Heat Press Accordingly

1.HORGELU Sublimation Printer for Heat press

Description– Brand: Horgelu 

                     Colour: Black and Blue

                     Heating Plate Size: 12*15 inch                    

                     Upper Temperature: 356 Degrees Fahrenheit 

                          Style: 5 in 1 

                     Model: 15*15 inch

                     Material: Silicon 

                     Item weight: 15 kg

                     Power: 1400 W

                     Voltage: 110 V

Performance: You can directly plug the heat press into your plug outlet. The temperature can be changed, from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The upgraded control box is easy to use. It also rotates 360 degrees. 

Comparison: The heat press can be used independently too. This is a 5-in-1 heat press machine. Also, a double foam is available. 

Usage: it can be used for t-shirt printing, mug printing, plate printing, and even hat printing. 

Pros: it is a bestseller. 

Cons: it isn’t available in multiple colors. 

What is New: The heating plate is anti-rust, the slide table can be pulled from outside, and two resisting mats to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Why should you buy it: it is very effective and highly recommended by users. Printing will become very easy with this and the results are unbelievable. 

2. Vevor Sublimation Printer for Heat press

Description– Brand: Vevor

                     Colour: Black and Red

                     Heating Plate Size: 15*12 inch

                     Upper Temperature: 410 degrees fahrenheit 

                          Style: 11 in 1 

                     Model: 17.5*15 inch                       

                     Material: Silicon 

                     Item weight: 18 kg

                     Power: 800 W

                     Voltage: 110 V

Performance: the 360 degrees swing design applies the pressure rightly and directly on the whole transfer paper. The control box display is LCD, which makes its use easier and less complicated. 

Comparison: it has a double tube heating technology that makes it slightly different around the edges to make a good print. 

Usage: it can be used for all types of sublimation printing on various types of materials like t-shirts, cups, caps, mugs, pens, shoes, plates, etc. 

Pros: it has 11-in-1 applications.

Cons: it can’t be used on leather. 

What is New: the details and description are very user-friendly. It has the largest heat plate out of all the heat presses. It has an anti-scalding technology that prevents you from getting burned. 

Why should you buy it: it is a very safe product with user-friendly indications. It is also a child-friendly product and children can use it too. 

3. DOLLATE Sublimation Printer for Heat press

Description– Brand: Dollate

                     Colour: Black 

                     Heating Plate Size: 15*11 inch               

                     Upper Temperature: 482 Degrees Fahrenheit 

                          Style: 8 in 1

                     Model: 19*15.3 inch           

                     Material: Heat Press Mat

                     Item weight: 18 kg

                     Power: 1400 W

                     Voltage: 110 V

Performance: it has 15*15 large panels so you can use it for industrial work too. The 360 degrees swing arm perfectly allows the heat and the ink to spread on the whole material or transfer paper evenly. 

Comparison: it has an attached sturdy base for more stability. A set of various accessories are available for different types of prints with it. 

Usage: it can be used at home as well as in the industry for a mug, t-shirt, pillow printing, etc.  

Pros: it is easy to use on different materials. 

Cons: t-shirts and mugs are not available. 

What is New: a hot pressing pillow or foam sheet is available, so the dye is perfectly transferred to the material. 

Why should you buy it: it is an 8-in-1 machine. It can be used, on a large scale. The heating plate is also big, so you can print designs on larger fabrics like bed sheets and covers. It can be also used, on a small scale as in for t-shirt or mug printing. You get all the benefits in one machine. 

4. Delclynee Sublimation Printer for Heat press

Description– Brand: Delclynee 

                     Colour: Black 

                     Heating Plate Size: 15*15 inch

                     Upper Temperature: 455 degrees fahrenheit 

                          Style: 15 in 1 

                     Model: 20*15 inch                      

                     Material: Vinyl 

                     Item weight: 20 kg

                     Power: 1400 W

                     Voltage: 110 V

Performance: the top plate automatically adjusts and readjusts itself to apply even pressure, on the material. As the temperature reaches the maximum the machine will automatically start beeping, continuously for five times. 

Comparison: for extra support at the bottom, a secondary bottom board handle and a lower pad cover are made available. It provides more support to the heat press and a padded cover avoids sliding the material from the heating pad. This makes the machine more sturdy and stable.

Usage: it can be used for printing on t-shirts, sweatshirts, coasters, ceramic tiles, mousepads, and many more things on a home and industrial basis. 

Pros: it has a 15-in-1 application. 

Cons: it is heavy. 

What is New: The operating steps are easy to learn and handle. The steps are not complicated at all and are very quick to perform. 

Why should you buy it: you can start your own business by using this machine as it can be used for industrial purposes. It can transfer the design to many materials and fabrics. It is useful and has many features in a single machine.

5. ANGOO Sublimation Printer for Heat press

Description– Brand: ANGOO 

                     Colour: Black, Red and White 

                     Heating Plate Size: 15*15 inch                

                     Upper Temperature: 480 degrees fahrenheit 

                          Style: 11 in 1

                     Model: 26*18.5 inch

                     Material: Steel

                    Item weight: 24 kg

                    Power: 1400 W

                    Voltage: 110 V

Performance: the control box display is digital and has LCDs. The pressure is adjustable with a knob and it applies even pressure on the whole material according to its size and shape. It has better control over transferring the ink on the material. 

Comparison: the personalized touch on the heat press machine gives it an amazing look. The handles are all covered with rubber to avoid direct contact with heat. It can be used for industrial purposes as the machine is big and heavy in weight. The heating plate is also large compared to other machines. 

Usage: it can be used for t-shirts, mousepads, sweatshirt printing, etc. You can use it on a large scale as well. 

Pros: it is a 15-in-1 application machine 

Cons: it is not portable as it is very heavy in weight. 

What is New: it is made up of strong steel frames to keep it durable for a long time. The heating plate heats up very quickly and is also very safe at the same time. 

Why should you buy it: this heat press machine is perfect for industrial sublimation print. You can start your own printing business with this machine as it handles large and many products for a long time. Its durability is great. It has a 15-in-1 application.

6. Aonesy Sublimation Printer for Heat Press

Description– Brand:   Aonesy

                     Colour: Black

                     Heating Plate Size: 9*9 inch                

                     Upper Temperature: 450 degrees Fahrenheit 

                     Style: 11 in 1

                     Model: 15*15 inch

                     Material: Cotton and Nylon

                    Item weight: 20 kg

                    Power: 1400 W

                    Voltage: 110 V

Performance: it has an advanced heating press machine that can dissolve ink into printing on glass, tiles, chemical fibres, etc. the LCD control panel is very easy to use and you can change the temperature with just one setting.

Comparison: the heating press machine is made with high and advanced technology. It is also covered with Teflon. The heat press has a silicon pad which is very safe to use.

Usage: for printing on t-shirts, mugs, tiles, glass, etc on a small scale.

Pros: it is best for beginners. 

Cons: it is heavy.

What is New: this heat press machine is very safe and the perfect choice for beginners. Operating this machine is very easy.

Why should you buy it: for making homemade gifts for your friends and family?


1. Do I need a sublimation printer for a heat press? 

Sublimation printers work better with a heat press. As it needs the heat press to heat the ink or the dye for the transferring process. This heating makes the dye or the ink long-lasting and brighter than regular ink. But a heat press can work without a sublimation printer. As the heat press can transfer the work on any material after the heating of the ink is done. 

2. What type of printer is needed for sublimation? 

There are two types of printer technologies available. One is a thermal printer technology that uses heat energy to transfer the design or work and the other is piezo printer technology which uses pressure to transfer the design or work. 

The main part of sublimation printing is heating the ink, thermal printer technology is needed for sublimation printing. 

3. Can I turn my ink-jet printer into a sublimation printer? 

Yes, it is possible, to turn your regular ink-jet printer into a sublimation printer. You need to use a different type of ink and transfer paper that is suitable for sublimation printing and you will need a heat press.