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The Best Sublimation Printer Settings for Professional Quality Printing

best sublimation printer settings

Did you often wonder about what setting should I use for sublimation printing with an Epson printer? Well, converting this Epson inkjet printer into a sublimation printer will require learning all about the best sublimation printer settings. Why do people prefer the conversion of this Epson Eco-Tank printer into a sublimation printer? Because it is one of the most affordable sublimation printing alternatives in the market right now. So, if you have ever been keen to have a sublimation printer for personal use, then learning about the best sublimation printer settings should be your go-to move.

Epson Eco-Tank ET-4800

We did a lot of search and found out that the Epson Eco-Tank ET-4800 printer into a sublimation printer will make it one of the most inexpensive and hassle-free options. You can purchase this Epson Eco-Tank sublimation printer from at the best price. You could even go for the latest or other upcoming Epson models, just ensure it is an Eco-Tank model because they are the best Epson printers for sublimation.

best sublimation printer settings

Buying a new printer is a must to have the best sublimation printing experience. You could learn how to flush out the old ink and add the new sublimation ink online.

Eco-Tank ET-4800 – Overview

With the Epson EcoTank ET-4800, you’ll have an all-in-one supertank printer for your home office.It replaces Epson EcoTank ET-4700 as part of the updated EcoTank series.

The ink tanks of this super tank model last for thousands of pages before they need to be refilled. Due to the high page yield and low cost-per-print, Supertankprinters save you more money in the long run than traditional inkjets because they have a very high page yield.

Ink waste occurs when the printhead clogs and misaligns, so maintenance tasks are needed to fix these problems. If you want to print the second side of a sheet, you must manually flip the sheet over.

In terms of small offices or home offices, the Epson ET-4800 is decent. For most office tasks, you should be able to use it as it has a flatbed scanner, an automatic document feeder, and a built-in fax machine.

Hiipoo Sublimation Ink

In order to convert an inkjet printer into a sublimation printer, you will have to invest in a trusted sublimation ink brand as well. We would recommend you find the best printer sublimation ink for this purpose. Or else, if you are running low on time, then we would recommend the Hiipoo sublimation ink because we used the same for conversion purposes.

From gloves to syringes, everything you need comes in the Hiipoo sublimation ink kit. Switching from one sublimation ink brand to another is never a great option, so we would recommend you stick to one particular brand for the best sublimation printing results.

Other Things You Will Need

To make the best setting for sublimation printing, you will need a few more things such as:

  • Sublimation Printing Paper. You can check out the best sublimation paper for printing here.
  • Next, you need sublimation blanks. The best material for excellent sublimation printing results is polyester.
  • Next, you will need a good heat source. An EasyPress or heat press is essential. A minimum of 400 degrees Fahrenheit is needed for sublimation printing.
  • Protective Paper
  • Sublimation Mat
  • Heat Resistant Tape

Converting An Inkjet Printer Into A Sublimation Printer – Best Sublimation Printing Settings

Once you have fetched all the supplies, you must make time to convert the inkjet printer into a sublimation printer.

  1. Filling The Ink Tank

When you have removed the printer from the box, the next step is to give away or discard the ink that comes with the inkjet printer. You will be filling the tanks of your new Epson Eco-Tank printer with the ink of sublimation for sublimation printing. You will find the ink tanks on the side of the printer.

All you have to do is simply flip open the top, then you will see all the inks in the tank. These tanks will be labeled with individual color names such as yellow, cyan, magenta, and black amongst other individual colors.

Each ink tank will have a lid. You can open its lid simply by flipping it open. This opening will be used for filling the printer with sublimation ink.

Now, you must open your sublimation ink kit from the Hiipoo brand. In this kit, you will find gloves as well as syringes. We would highly recommend for you wear gloves when you are working with sublimation ink.

Next, you will need to add the needle portion of each syringe into each color’s body, then you will be ready to fill. You simply need to add the syringe needle to the color bottle and pull the plunger as you swiftly tilt back. Now, you can put this ink into the ink tank before it flows out.

best sublimation printer settings

You must keep an eye on the front windows to understand the quantity of ink you need to fill. You definitely would not want the sublimation ink to go any past the line at the top.

Once you have done this process with one sublimation ink color, you must repeat the same process with all the other ink colors. Remember, you must use a new syringe for filling a new color, or else you will end up mixing the colors and putting your money down the drain.

Also, you will probably only have half the ink quantity that comes in the ink bottle to fill up the Epson ink tanks. This means you have a lot of ink to get started. Once you have filled up the ink, then you can move on to making the best printer setting for sublimation. Don’t plug in your printer until and unless you have filled up all the ink tanks in full.

2. Cleaning & Ink Storage

After you are done filling up the ink tanks, you must run air through the used syringes for getting all the ink out of them. You can use a disposable cup for this purpose. Now, you must store the remaining sublimation ink in a cool and dry place to use it in the future.

3. Best Sublimation Printing Settings

Now that we are done with the sublimation printer ink fill-up process, let’s start the actual printer conversion setup. Here, we will be mentioning the best settings for sublimation printing in brief. Remember, these settings only have to be done once when you are using the printer for the first time. You won’t have to do these best Epson printer settings for sublimation paper time and time again.

  • Plug in the printer.
  • Once the printer has been turned on, follow all the given on-screen instructions for time and location settings.
  • Now, you will see the printer go through some kind of a preparing sequence.
  • Now, you can follow the instructions that have been given on the sheet to simply push and then initiate priming of the sublimation ink into the printer. After this step, you might have to top off the ink in the ink tanks of your Epson printer.
  • Next, the printer is going to take you through some steps of alignment. You could use any kind of paper for these steps. You must follow all the instructions that are given on the screen.
  • Now, you must hook your Epson printer to your desktop or computer. You could use the disc that comes with your printer, or else you could go to the address website that has been mentioned in the paperwork to download all the needed documents.
  • For the best sublimation printing results, we would recommend you to go for the premium paper presentation matte setting as your paper type as it is one of the best sublimation printing settings. For the best quality printing results, you must check the mirrored printing box. These would be some of the best default settings for your sublimation printer every time.
  • Now, you are all set to give your sublimation printer a try!

Making A Sublimation Project

Let’s talk about how to use your Epson EcoTank printer now that it has been converted for sublimation.

Printing Your Design

Here are a few tricks and tips for doing sublimation printing with your Epson EcoTank printer:

  • The rear tray should be filled with the paper facing up. There will usually be a mark on the “back” of the sublimation paper.
  • Before printing, check your settings. Ensure that you are using matte paper, the best quality, and the mirror design.
  • Sublimation paper must be used for the process to work.
  • You won’t believe what happens when you hit print! You may not have the tray settings matched to the setting for matte paper. On your printer, you can either confirm each time by hitting a button or change the settings.
  • Your design will appear muted when it comes off your printer. There will be a grey tint to black, etc. That’s how it should be!

Pressing Your Design

Your dye sublimation print is now ready to be made into something.

  • The polyester blank or the polyester-coated blank needs to be ready. When we make blanks, we always pre-heat them to remove moisture and wrinkles. To pick up debris, you can also use a lint roller.
  • Once you have placed the protective paper under or inside your shirt, you are ready to go. Make sure the design is ink-side down when adding it to the top. You don’t want it to move, so tape it in place with heat-resistant tape.
  • After adding the protective paper, press at the appropriate temperature and time. You can usually find generic settings with sublimation paper or ask your blank manufacturer.
  • After your time is up, lift the pan and allow it to cool until it is safe to touch. Your stunning sublimation project will be revealed once you remove the paper!

Now compare the pressed shirt and the print using a sublimation printer. We were amazed at the difference once it was pressed.

Have you ever considered using a sublimation printer from Epson? I think you will be pleased with the results! It’s a great way to try sublimation if you’ve been wondering how it works!


1. What setting should printer be on for sublimation?

The paper should be matte, of the highest quality, and the design should be mirrored. The process must be carried out on sublimation paper in order for it to work. You’re going to love what happens when you press print! You may not be able to match the tray settings if you are setting your paper to matte.

2. What is the best format for sublimation printing?

CMYK is the best color mode for dye-sublimation printing. When compared to submitting in RGB, there will be minimal adjustments needed to get the right results. It is better to use a grayscale file if the images do not contain any color.

3. Do I need ICC profile for sublimation?

It is essential to use ICC profiles when sublimation printing in order to achieve accurate colors, and without them the end result cannot be achieved.

4. Can I use sublimation ink in my Epson printer?

Be sure to purchase a third-party ink vendor’s sublimation ink along with your Epson printer. Instead of Epson’s regular inkjet ink, install sublimation ink when setting up your printer. Then you’re done. Having converted your printer to sublimation, you are now ready to print.

5. Why are my Epson sublimation printer printing lines?

Ink or dust in the print head can cause these vertical lines on images called banding.

6. How do I get the best results from sublimation?

You can get the best results of sublimation by taking the correct measurements, checking the temperature of the heat press, removing the protective covering, being concerned about the moisture, covering the product, always securing paper to the product, and reading all the blank instructions before actually pressing your sublimation project.