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Can any Epson Printer be Used for Sublimation?

can any epson printer be used for sublimation

Before jumping into the question- Can any Epson printer be used for sublimation, let us first know what sublimation is. The way by which a permanently complete color design is added to a sublimation sheet is known as sublimation. A sublimation sheet can be something like a t-shirt or a garden flag.

Special types of printers are used to print these designs. The ink is then turned into gas due to the application of heat and is bound into sublimation.

How to Use Epson Printer for Sublimation?

can any epson printer be used for sublimation

Can any Epson printer be used for sublimation? The answer is yes. Here, the process of conversion to a sublimation device is only applicable for the EcoTank series. The process of changing a normal Epson printer to a sublimation printer is quite an easy one. However, while buying an Epson printer, make sure that you have bought its ink from a third-party vendor. It is an absolute necessity. The sublimation ink needs to be applied instead of the normal Inkjet that comes up with Epson while setting up the printer.

The process is different and hard in the case of the WorkForce series. After buying the ink and cartridge from the vendor, the ink is used to fill the cartridges with the help of a syringe. The cartridges then need to be installed in the printer instead of the regular inkjet cartridges. There is one thing that you have to be aware of. Never update your Epson WorkForce device as it will not allows the printer to work or print properly. This is because on updating the device, the printer fails to recognize the chip of the 3rd party cartridge and will not give you the desired result that you were looking for.

Conversion of an Epson printer to a Sublimation device automatically leads to the cancellation or violation of the warranty terms and conditions. Epson printer is not a sublimation printing device and the usage of a sublimation cartridge will result in the cancellation of the warranty of the product. You may avoid this problem and buy a real sublimation printing device instead of converting it from an Epson printer.

Which Epson Printer is Best for Sublimation?

can any epson printer be used for sublimation

The Epson printers that are used for the sublimation belong predominantly to the WorkForce and EcoTank series. There was one Artisan Epson printing device that was once used for sublimation which is now discontinued. There are almost 20 Epson printing devices that were used for this purpose which are now discontinued. Now, 9 Epson devices are available in the market, out of which 3 belong to the WorkForce series, while the remaining 6 belong to the EcoTank series. Some of them include the likes of Epson WorkForce 7210, 7820, and 7840 models. Epson printers are widely available in most of the major stores.


1. Can You Use Any Epson Printer for Sublimation?

an any Epson printer be used for sublimation? It has already been mentioned before that the answer to the question is yes. One can easily convert any Epson printing device to that of the sublimation ones with the help of InkPot. But not all of them will work equally well. While technically you can use any printing machines as sublimation devices, not all of them are created for the same purpose. There will be often some limitations and barriers that you have to face for doing sublimation printing. The most common and widely used Epson printing devices that are used by the people belong to the EcoTank and WorkForce models.

2. Can You Convert Any Epson Printer for Sublimation?

Any Epson printers can be converted for sublimation. However, the desired product and the result will not be the same for every device. The primary requirement for sublimation printing is the use of sublimation ink instead of the normal Inkjet cartridges. The most common forms of Epson devices that are used by people for sublimation are the WorkForce and the EcoTank series models. Many of these devices are not available in the market anymore while many new products have been manufactured and can be bought from any major retail stores in the market.