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Can I Use Canon Printer for Sublimation?

can i use canon printer for sublimation

Canon is one of the best brands to buy printers from. If you are thinking of purchasing a dye sublimation printer, and can I use a Canon printer for sublimation then canon can be one of the best options to be considered. Know all about can i use canon printer for sublimation in this article.

Can you use a Canon Pixma printer for sublimation?

Yes, you can use the Canon Pixma printer for sublimation. This machine is cost-effective and also has long-lasting color durations. Even if you frequently wash the t-shirts dyed using this printer, the designs and the graphics will not wear out easily.

can i use canon printer for sublimation

You can also later use machines for washing these t-shirts after a few initial washes. The Canon Pixma printer has been tested in the market for a long time and every time it performs beyond expectations.

The users using the canon Pixma printer are the most satisfied ones with the product. You can read reviews of the same by heading over to the websites, where you wish to purchase the dye sublimation printer.

The dye sublimation printers can be used on average for 2 to 3 years easily. You can also replace it if any defect is found till the validity date. You will get the expenses covered and the product might also be replaced.

If you wish to print a minimum of thousand t-shirts daily, you must purchase the canon Pixma printer for an easily dying sublimation printer. The designs can also be printed in ceramic mugs using this printer.

What kind of printer can I use for sublimation printing?

The kind of can I use canon printer for sublimation printers that supports dye printing must be used for sublimation printing. The dye ink is costly and hence you want a printer that is cost-effective as well as utilizes the resources to the maximum.

If you wish both the above-mentioned features to be present in a printer, then we recommend you go for the sublimation printer from canon. This is considered to be the best in the entire market.

There are different types of printers that you can use. Note that whichever printer you choose must be cost-effective as well as have all the features you consider to be necessary for dye sublimation printing.

Another point that would help you to decide on the sublimation printers is to note the number of orders you fulfill every day by printing the designs. If the number is huge and the workforce is low, you can use this printer.

This printer doesn’t require much maintenance. You only need to refill the ink after it gets over and can continue the printing as long as you want.

Canon Sublimation printers

Canon sublimation printers are a thermal transfer type of printer. It generates heat on the color sheet so that the ink is sublimated. The printing quality can be changed by controlling the sublimation rate of the ink or the dye.

If you want the prints to be more prominent and clear in the sheet and the t-shirts, then you can use the excess heat. Also, note that much heat can destroy the quality of the clothing material used to manufacture the t-shirt or the ceramic mugs.

You should always use moderate heat to get the graphics printed in different layers. Each layer requires a different intensity of heat. Sublimation is the process n which the solid turns to gas without changing to a liquid state.

can i use canon printer for sublimation

You can check out the quality of the sublimation process by testing and printing out a few of them in rough. If you want the best quality of sublimation prints, then the printers from canon can be the best.

Canon uses different printers for varying heat and recommends the same to be bought by the users. Here is all about can i use canon printer for sublimation. Here is all about can i use canon printer for sublimation.


In this article, we have read about the can I use of canon printer for sublimation ways and the best printer to be chosen for dye sublimation printing. We also read about the canon Pixma printer which is considered to be the best for design printing.