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Buy the CR-10S 3D Printer – An Affordable and Reliable 3D Printer

CR-10S 3D printer

Are you looking for the best-performing 3D printer? Here is the buying guide and review for you about the CR-10S 3D printer. It is one of the best 3D printers that you can buy.  The various advanced features and the reasonable cost make it one of the bestselling 3D printers in the market. 

CR-10S 3D Printer – Buying Guide

Getting the best 3D printer can seem to be a bit of a challenge because there are multiple bands of 3D printers out there. To make your job easy in picking up just the one that you need here is the review on the CR-10S 3D printer. This will help you learn about this 3D printer and what makes it so special.

This particular model of the 3D printer is manufactured by Creality. Creality happens to be the leading manufacturer of 3D printers in the world. They make both FMD and resin 3D printers too along with their accessories. What makes Creality 3D printers so special is that they use the latest technology to make 3D printers and always ensure that the printers have the best features. This and a reasonable price for their 3D printers make them the global leaders.  Let us walk through the reviews on the CR-10S 3D Printer.

CR-10S 3D Printer Reviews

Creality CR-10S 3D Printer


  • Brand: Creality 3D
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 22.05 Lbs.
  • Special Features: Compatible With Windows 10


  • Are you looking for an upgraded 3D printer? Trust Creality for that! this model of the Creality CR10S 3D printer is the best one that you can choose. You can be assured that this CR10S 3D printer will give you a stable performance. It is one of those 3D printers that brings you a large 3D print area. Due to this aspect now you can make bigger-sized prints too with great ease. In addition to that, to uplift its performance, a double screw design has been given to its Y-axis. So, due to this factor, while lifting, it provides greater stability to this Creality 10 3D printer. Because of this, it eventually leads to greater printing accuracy.
  • Apart from this 3D printer, there are many other versions of Creality CR10 3D printers too whose performance you can check. There is the Creality CR10S Pro V2 3D printer too. Here in this Creality CR10S Pro V2 model, it builds a reliable performance using a matrix for automatic leveling. This matrix checks the comprehensive points of accuracy and levels the print bed. Because of this feature, more stable performance is generated. And the results of prints are always great too.
  • If you check the Ender CR10 you will see that just like the Creality 10S Pro V2, Ender 10 too gives greater control to you for adjusting the print bed. There are stepper motors that help to control the leveling of the bed supported by the pre-installed bolts on the Z-axis. Due to this, the printer can maintain its stability during the performance and great results are delivered. 


  • Here in this CR10S 3D printer, an upgraded control board is given. This bigger-sized 3D printer uses the same control board which is used in the CR10S V2 printer. Due to this upgraded mainboard version, the quality of results is assured because now this 3D printer can perform like the industrial grade. Now, even if you run this Creality 10S 3D printer even for two hundred hours at a stretch, the printer shall not feel any pressure.
  • The upgradation in it also makes it assemble much more easily than before. It comes in three parts, being assembled partially. The tailor-made technology helps you to assemble this 3D printer very easily. Within twenty minutes you can assemble this 3D printer now, making it ready for printing. In fact, the Creality CR 10 Pro V2 printer too is very easy to assemble with its two-step procedure. A reshaping of the machine has been given so that you can enjoy a greater user experience this time using the CR10 Pro V2 3D printer.
  • If you check another Creality 3D printer here which is the Creality CR10 Max 3D printer, you will find that in this CR10 Max, Teflon Tubes from Bowden have been given so that it can resist a higher temperature degree. Due to this you can smoothly feed in the filament too and experience a great printing performance. The print bed in the CR10 Max 3D printer too has undergone an upliftment like this 10S model and also the CR10 Pro too. Creality indeed understands how much difference it can make to the final print results if the print bed is perfect. 


  • The mechanisms in each of the Creality 3D printers have been kept simple so that no matter if the user is using it for the first time or is a professional, he may have the best experience. This Creality CR10 S 3D printer uses MK 10 technology.  In this printer, the addition of the MK 8 mechanism of the extruder, brings greater extrusion levels. Due to this patented new technology, it can print almost material available in the market. Due to the versatility of this Creality CR10 S, it is very popular amongst its users. The risk of spillage is always a concern with 3D printers but this 3D printer keeps this risk reduced. You will not have to worry about the plugging issues too. 
  • Another important function here is its capacity to detect filaments. It has a monitor that checks the levels of filament in the printer. When the filament is about to run out, it will give a timely alert to the user and stop its printing process. This way not only the quality of the print remains intact but it also saves you from unnecessary printer downtime and wastage of filaments too. This filament sensor is also available in the CR10S Pro too.
  • Noise is something about which many of the customers have a complaint. In fact, some 3D printers tend to be excessively noisy too while it is performing. But here in this model of the CR 10 3D printer, you do not have to bother about this aspect.  A V-shaped profile has been given to this CR10 printer that controls a pulley system through a linear mode. Due to this, a precise pressure is exerted on the 3D printer that limits and brings down the scope of noise. Now you can enjoy getting the prints made with very low noise. 
  • In the Creality CR10S Pro 3D printer too a neat and integrated model has been designed. This too supports keeping the noise levels low too. in fact, the double screws on the rails of the Z-axis in the Creality 10S Pro 3D printer have been given for this same reason. It keeps the vibration levels minimum during the performance which in turn keeps the noise levels reduced.
  • While talking about the working mechanism of the CR 10S printer you can also give a look at two different models too. One is the Creality CR10 S4 and the other is the Creality CR10 S5 3D printer. The CR10 S4 has a similar mechanism like this 10S model. Motors and dual screws have been given in this printer too so that it gives stability to the Z-axis plate. This leads to perfect 3D prints each time. If you check the CR10 S5 you will see that it takes much lesser time to assemble. You can assemble it within ten minutes. It too has a circuit board of industrial grade which makes it perform for long hours without any issues.


  • Filament Monitor Function
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Stable Printing Performance


  • Uneven Position Of The Filament Roller

What’s New?

  • Multiple additions have been made to this 3D printer. The addition of the filament sensor has made the task much easier. It keeps track of the filament usage and notifies the user when the levels of filament have reached low levels and stop the printing. It cuts down on the wastage and downtime of the 3D printer. It is also much easier to assemble this printer this time. Within twenty minutes you can make it ready for printing. A completely integrated motherboard has been given. Because of this, the printer can print up to two hundred hours at a stretch without any trouble.
  • The 3D printer is also able to save the last printed results during a sudden power outage. It is due to this completely integrated motherboard that you can resume printing from where it left last. You can even save yourself from having failed prints too.
  • The stability of this 3D printer has been given an upliftment too with a motor on the Z-axis. It keeps the printer stable during performance and enables you to get the best results every time.
  • If you check the Creality CR10 Pro and CR 10S Pro you will see that in Creality CR10 Pro a mode for manual and intelligent leveling has been added. This double leveling feature in the CR10 Pro brings accuracy to the finished outcome. On the other hand, while checking the CR10S Pro, you will see that a hotbed of improved quality has been added. It not only enhances the performance of the 3D printer but also ensures that the printing is done with proper finesse too.
  • In the Ender CR10 V3 3D printer along with an upgraded motherboard and filament sensor, the power supply mode has been given a boost too. This 3D printer is now well-equipped with modern technology, that enables it to keep its performance stable and deliver the best results possible.

Why Should You Buy It?

Surely this is the best 3D printer that you can choose. Not only does it have great features but also is budget-friendly too. In this 3D printer, a large print area has been given. To stabilize the print performance, the Y-axis has been given an upgradation that keeps the level of vibration in control. You are sure to have greater finesse using this 3D printer. By connecting it to the Windows operating system, you can start making your prints easily. 

The MK8 extruder upgrades the performance further. It not only controls spillage but also takes care of plugging issues too. You will no longer have to worry about the safety of your 3D printer. The filament detection feature in it keeps a check on the filament levels and saves your print by giving a timely reminder. Even during power outages, you will no longer have to worry about encountering failed prints because it can automatically save the prints.

Many a time you have seen that assembling a 3D printer leads to technical difficulties but with this 3D printer, you shall not face such problems. The printer comes pre-assembled and the remaining is very easy to assemble within twenty minutes. The use of upgraded technology makes this 3D printer work for long hours at a stretch. This is surely is the best industrial-grade 3D printer that you can use at home with ease. It is meant for making large volumes of prints very easily. 

Creality always manufactures 3D printers keeping in mind the ease of the customer’s usage. The highly integrated interface makes it easy to control and operate even by first-time users too. The wide application feature supported by the large print bed makes it very comfortable for creating large-sized 3D prints having great resolution. The 0.4mm nozzle not only is capable of handling greater degrees of heat but also helps in smooth extrusion. In many 3D printers, you shall see that there is a fluctuation in the print speed but here you will never face this issue.

This printer brings you a speed of 60 mm per second and you can easily stretch it further up to 100 mm too. In fact, it gives you versatility over the usage of materials too. You can use a wide variety of materials with it. Surely, this 3D printer is the best choice that you can make.


1. How to use CR10 3D printer?

It is very simple to use the CR10 3D printer. the following steps state how to use it –

  • Make a design of the file first
  • Having done that move the design to the STL file
  • Select the material that you are going to muse in 3D printing
  • Select the size of the 3D print that you want to make along with other specific features
  • While importing the STL file in the slicing software, turn the file into Gcode. 
  • And then finally start creating your 3D prints

2. How long shall my CR10 3D printer last?

Creality is one of the best brands for 3D printers and all its different models have a longevity of more than ten years very easily. Having said that it must also be noted that the longevity of a 3D printer depends on its maintenance. If proper care is taken then the Creality CR10 3D printer shall surely provide you with a great service life.