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Buy a Creality 3D Printer – The Best 3D Printer for You

creality 3d printer

Ever since the 1stcommercial SLA printer got released in 2006, there was an instant craze among people about it. With time, more people started to get interested in 3D printing. Nowadays, there are many brands like Creality which make 3D printers. It’s a brand that’s leading the world with its Resin and FDM Creality 3D printer, resins, filaments, and other accessories. Here, you can choose from the various types of models that are offered and the one that suits your needs.



Creality Ender 3 V2

  • Smart Add-ons

  • New User Interface

  • Filament Feed-in

  • New Injection Tensioner

Creality Ender 3 Pro

  • Semi Assembly

  • Magnetic Build Surface

  • Y Axis Design

  • Resume Printing Function

Creality Ender 5 Plus

  • Ultra Large Format Of Printing

  • Dual Z-Axis

  • Ender'S Cube Frame

  • Easy to Install

Creality Ender 6

  • Larger Rotary Knob

  • Branded Power Supply

  • Superior Hardware Parts

  • Elegant Appearance

Creality Cr10

  • All Metal Frame

  • Filament Breakage Sensor

  • DIY Fun

  • Upgraded Design

Creality Ender 3 Max

  • Larger Build Volume

  • CR Touch Auto-levelling

  • Ultra-stable

  • Durable Full-metal Extruder

Creality Cr30

  • Conveyor Belt

  • Stable Core-XY Structure

  • Gear Metal Extruder

  • Broadband Power Supply

Creality 3d Printer – Buying Guide

Before you proceed to buy a particular model of Creality 3D printer, some things need to be kept in mind. To make things easy for you, here’s a buying guide for letting you walk through the different factors that are there.

  1. Safety Features – Each Creality 3D printer comes with different features with them along with different designs. You need to learn about its features of safety & analyze it with all the conditions you’ll be using the model in. As you get a perfect answer, choose the model that seems compatible with your preference.
  2. Characteristics – There are special features or certain characteristics that each Creality 3D printer brings. Those that you should look out for the are touch screen interface, compatibility with the Wi-Fi connection if it includes a direct drive extruder or the system of Bowden tube, bed leveling features, etc. Check well about these features & choose the one which will be useful to you.
  3. FDM – The FDM printers make objects through the format of CAD. These printers are capable of using modeling and supporting materials, so CAD is used majorly here. The materials are transformed into filaments that are thermoplastic through this process & then directed through an extrusion nozzle.

Creality 3d Printer Reviews

1. Creality Ender 3 V2

creality 3d printer

• Description:

  • Brand: Comgrow
  • Compatible Devices: Personal Computer, Laptop
  • Weight: 17.19 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 18.5” D × 24.41″H × 18.7″W
  • Material: Aluminium, Tempered Glass

• Performance: This Ender 3 v2 printer model has a self-developed silent motherboard that ensures zero noise during printing and smooth movement under almost 50 decibels. Ender-3 V2 uses a rail pulley of V-guide with longer life, wear resistance, low noise, and stable movement.

• Comparison: The Ender 3 v2 printer is equipped with an effortless filament feed-in, the rotary knob that is added to the extruder helps make it easy to feed and load filament. There is an XY-axis tensioner that supports adjusting the tension of the belt more conveniently and quickly.

• Usage: This Ender 3d printer model changes the screen that was there previously into a color screen of 4.3 inches. It upgrades the experience of users with the operation UJ system that is designed newly. It is quick to operate and simple. The color screen of this Ender 3 3d printer can also be removed easily at the time of repair which saves energy and a lot of time.

• Pros:

  • Silent Motherboard
  • Meanwell Power Supply

• Cons:

  • Issues of quality control
  • The bed can not be leveled

• What’s new?

This Ender 3d printer model has a toolbox integrated perfectly into the body of the machine. It is very convenient and quick for storage and tool organization. The silent motherboard has a very stable and faster motion performance and stronger anti-interference. The resume printing function reduces waste and there is a carborundum glass platform on the model. It enables the hotbed to get heated up quickly &Prints adhere well without warping. It provides Ultra smoothness right on the 1st layer.

• Why should you buy it?

The Ender 3 3d printer is equipped with the power supply of MeanWell, which is produced by a listed company that has mature Technology. It meets all the preferences of long-time printing and fast heating of customers. Moreover, this power supply remains concealed inside the machine which makes it much safer.

2. Creality Ender 3 Pro

creality 3d printer

• Description:

  • Brand: Comgrow
  • Weight: 15.39 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.66” D × 9.84″H × 8.66″W
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminium

• Performance: This Ender 3 pro printer model allows you to improve itself upon the code of source & shares the changes among the community. This kit 3d printer is semi-assembled and is a perfect present for kids, allowing them to know about the primary construction of 3d printers. Invite innovation and imagination in students and help them uncover the wonders of the STEM fields.

• Comparison: The Ender 3 pro printer comes assembled partially and provides a fun educational experience of STEM in electronics and mechanical engineering. The improved build surface gives protection to the heated bed & it’s easy to remove all printing models after they get cooled. The new frame design of 40*40 improves the stability of the platform printing.

• Usage: This Ender 3 pro 3d printer model is capable of resuming printing after an outage of power or any other stoppage that may occur unexpectedly. The high-watt hotbed and branded power supply ensure fast heating for the printing platforms. The updated extruder design reduces bad extrusion and the risk of nozzles getting clogged easily.

• Pros:

  • Branded Power Supply
  • Upgraded Extruder Design

• Cons:

  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Needs better customer service

• What’s new?

The Ender 3 pro 3d printer resumes printing from the extruder position that is recorded last after suffering unprecedented power outages. You get professional customer service 24 hours and a lifetime of technical assistance with this model.

• Why should you buy it?

This Creality ender 3printer model’s build plate is provided with all-around protection by your 3D printer of yours. It ensures a temperature that is consistent throughout the surface of the build. The power supply protects the printer from unexpected power surges. It is capable of heating the hotbed in only five minutes.

3. Creality Ender 5 Plus

creality 3d printer

• Description:

  • Brand: Comgrow
  • Supported File Format: AMF, STL, OBJ
  • Weight: 23.38 Kilograms
  • Product Dimensions: 13.78″D × 15.75″H × 13.78″W
  • Material: Tempered Glass

• Performance: This Ender 5 plus printer model includes Auto Bed Levelling with BLTouch that gives users a perfect 1st print layer. This offers compensation forZ-axislevelling that provides successful prints at a high rate. There are 2 lead screws on two sides of the Z axis and the hotbed is held on the axis stably on 2 sides.

• Comparison: The Ender 5 plus printer enables zero dropping and bed wobbling that ensures fewer points for failure. The Dual Y-axis Couplings are equipped with 42-48 motors and offer support of strong power. Make the printing movement smoother and ensure printing of high precision with the Z axis of down-shift. The box is designed with an overhead gantry which is a plus size &upgraded version of the Ender-5 printer.

• Usage: This Creality ender 5printer model comes with many partially assembled kits and it is very simple to assemble.  It allows users to know about the primary construction of a 3d printer. With the function of printing resume, protect the supply of power safely & it can help users achieve long-time printing.

• Pros:

  • High Precision Printing
  • Pre-Installed Auto Bed Levelling

• Cons:

  • The extruder is made of plastic
  • The filament runout sensor is problematic

• What’s new?

The the Creality ender 5 printer includes a filament end sensor that helps you avoid printing errors occasionally. It lets you know the times when the filament breaks, gets tangled up on the spool, or runs out. The thermal runaway protection protects against the temperature from getting out of grip & it is simple and safe.

• Why should you buy it?

This Creality ender printer model works with the axis motor of E/Z/Y/X and effectively solves the problem of heating & is easy to operate. It includes CE certification with a brand power supply that is safe and secure. There is 550W power support for heating the hotbed almost up to 100℃ in 10 mins.

4. Creality Ender 6

creality 3d printer

• Description:

  • Brand: Comgrow
  • Weight: 57.9 Pounds
  • Dimensions:9.8” D × 15.7″H × 9.8″W
  • Color: Blue, Black
  • Material: Glass, Acrylic, Metal, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polylactic Acid

• Performance: This Creality ender printer model utilizes a motion system of core-XY in its cube-shaped architecture of it. The mechanism of core-XY includes a bottom-to-top print bed that’s movable &utilizes 2 stepper motors for driving the motion in Y- and X-axis. The head of print moves in particular directions and depends on the way the stepper motor spins. It greatly reduces vibrations and also the weight the device needs to bear during the motion.

• Comparison: The Ender 6 printer helps move printing at a high speed without any sacrifice of quality. In case of size, the build volume of this 3d printer is 250x250x400mm which puts it between the CR-10 series and an Ender-5 Pro. This should be enough for the major daily printing jobs of the customers.

• Usage: This Ender 6 printer model has a filament run-out sensor which acts as one smart detection device that suspends printing until you feed it new filament through the system. There is an HD touchscreen of 4.3 inches that operates on the sixth version of the UI system.

  • Filament End Sensor
  • 4.3in HD screen

• Cons:

  • Not fit for beginners
  • Boot up screen freezes

• What’s new?

It helps users view or adjust their printing parameters &do much more. The large knob rotary will be the best assistant of yours to make it easy for bed leveling, saving you energy and time. The power supply is branded which is great in ensuring a consistent supply level throughout the prints and also an operating heat that is smooth.

• Why should you buy it?

There are POM V-Shaped wheels that are made of thermoplastic (engineering). The transparent plates allow real-time monitoring. The touchscreen display is very simple to operate & gives you a good range of visual capabilities.

5. Creality Cr10

creality 3d printer

• Description:

  • Brand: Comgrow
  • Weight: 11.5 Kilograms
  • Dimensions:11.81” D × 15.75″H × 11.81″W
  • Material: Polylactic Acid, Acrylonitrile But
  • Color: Black

• Performance: This Cr10 v3 printer model has adopted a self-developed industrial motherboard that is backed by an ultra-silent driver of TMC2208. It reduces all the noise as well as demonstrates firm properties. It is compatible with making Tech Projects, Personalized Gifts, Rapid Prototyping, Tools, Artistic Expression, Furnishings and Decorations, Every Aspect of STEM Education, etc.

• Comparison: The Cr10 v3 printer stands out as a good choice for a beginning hobbyist. Users can have the amusement of the printer in 3 step connection and 1-step assembly. After a power outage and any other stoppage that is unexpected, CR10-V3 can easily resume printing. There are 2-part cooling fans that are installed right on the2 sides of the hot end. It can promote cooling down after dissipating heat immediately.

• Usage: This Cr 10 3d printer model features a high-quality 100% aluminum extrusion frame & an almost all-metal construction. There is a filament breakage sensor in CR10-V3 which is an insurance policy in real-time. It makes sure that your printer of yours never runs out of filament while performing a printing job.

• Pros:

  • Easy-Assembly Operation
  • Resume Printing Function

• Cons:

  • Flat spotted wheels
  • Collapsed bed springs

• What’s new?

The 10 3d printer inspires your innovation and imagination of yours, helps you create a new world, allows you to print models of high precision, etc. Upgraded components make the 3D printer easier to operate, more durable, and more stable. The model also has an included SD card and an LCD screen display.

• Why should you buy it?

ThisCreality 3d printer model has a direct extruder right above the end that is hot, which enables this extruder for pushing the filament into the nozzle directly. Since it can minimize the traveling distance for filament, the extruder is more reliable and helpful while producing 3D prints. It has flexible soft filaments such as ABS and TPU that can help avoid oozing and filament stringing during printing.

6. Creality Ender 3 Max

creality 3d printer

• Description:

  • Brand: Creality 3D
  • Printing Technology: FDM
  • Dimensions: 11.8” D × 12.6″H × 11.8″W
  • Color: Ender 3 Neo
  • Material: Metal

• Performance: This Ender 3 max printer model’s build volume is 300*300*320 mm and it enables small parts printing and large model printing. It vastly improves efficiency and also helps save time. The CR Touch auto-leveling is capable of making leveling very easy by automatically measuring & adjusting the print height of 25 points upon the heat bed.

• Comparison: The Ender 3 max printer provides perfect coordination among the dual motors, timing belts, and dual z-axis that ensures higher printing precision and stability. It has a full-metal Bowden extruder that has great extrusion force and is more durable. Say no to those materials which can crack anytime and anywhere with this.

• Usage: This Creality ender 3printer model is assisted by filaments’ loading and gear and hence withdrawal will not be a problem. The color knob screen of 4.3 inches can dim out in only 4 minutes. It is done when no activities are going on and hence it is a good energy saver. It is optimized with icons and the UI looks more vivid.

• Pros:

  • Color Knob Screen
  • Easy 3 Steps Assembly

• Cons:

  • Leads are short
  • Tricky to install

• What’s new?

The Ender 3 printer can be preassembled in only three steps and it has solved the worries and hassles of parts assembly. Now you can easily start the print of yours without much difficulty. The function of resume printing can restart the printing from where it got left off after accurately recording the data.

• Why should you buy it?

With this Ender 3 printer model, users won’t need to be worried about the sudden failure of power. It is equipped with a filament sensor for enhancing the rate of success, avoiding wasting, and detecting if the consumables are sufficient. The built-in high-quality power supply of 350w is more reliable and secure, improving a sense of integration and stability.

7. Creality Cr30

• Description:

  • Brand: SainSmart
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Weight: 16.5 Kilograms
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal

• Performance: This Creality slicer 3D printer model has a specially designed belt that is available for download with the device. The build volume of it is huge & the Z-axis infinite build volume upon the 3D print mill allows users to print endless batches of Prints or 1 long print in 1 piece. There’s a conveyor belt that’s made of material that’s wear-resistant and it features balanced conveyance and excellent print adhesion.

• Comparison: The Creality slicer belt prioritizes ease of usage & thus makes it easy for users to explore this new belt printer. To smooth out the workflow of users, the CR-30 is made factory leveled & Prints fall immediately, without being removed, as the belt reaches the end. The sturdy and stable Core-XY precision structure has right triangle support of isosceles that gives users extraordinary printing experiences.

• Usage: This Creality resin printer has a dual-gear extruder of metal that provides heat resistance, better filament grips &precise filament extrusion. It makes the device more compact and helps users achieve an uplifting printing performance that’s of a whole new level. The model’s power supply unit switches automatically between AC 200-240V and 100-120V & provides stable and safe performance during long hours of print.

• Pros:

  • Filament Run-out Detection
  • Ultra Silent Board

• Cons:

  • Filament may not melt sometimes
  • Belt slicer not very good

• What’s new?

The theCreality resin printer stops the printing and waits for users to load the filament before continuing. Hence there will be no need to restart the project from the beginning. The upgraded silent board can reduce the level of noise for this 3D print mill.

• Why should you buy it?

This Creality 3d printer’s extruder also provides filament pushing force, a better grip and allows for big filament spools. It is combined with a slanting nozzle of 45 degrees. The CR-30 can be able to print at a stretch of 200 hours.


1. How to 3d print Creality ender 3?

For 3dprinting on a Creality ender 3 printer, you’ll need to move the extruder &place it on the 4 corners of its bed, 1 at a time. Then push the assembly of the extruder as low as possible towards the bed. One must be able to put printing paper pieces in between the nozzle & the bed where the nozzle scratches the papers lightly. Adjust the knobs under the bed on the ender 3 printer if needed.

2. Where are Creality 3d printers made?

Creality is officially referred to as the Co, Ltd. Of Shenzhen. ‘Creality 3D Technology’ is put after Shenzhen. It’s a manufacturing company of 3D printers that is Chinese. It was established in the year 2014 and its headquarters are located in Shenzhen.

3. What is the biggest Creality 3d printer?

The model of Creality CR-10 S5 can be referred to as the biggest 3D printer from Creality. It’s also 1 of the most highly-priced large format printers for consumers on the market currently.

4. Which Creality 3d printer is best?

7 best 3d printer models from Creality will be Ender 3 S1, Creality Ender 6, Creality Halot One, Ender 3V2, Ender 5 Pro, Creality CR-10 Smart, and Creality CR-10 V3. Among these, Ender 3V2 and Ender 5 Pro are quite impressive. Besides these, there are other models too that are extremely competent.