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ELEGOO Mars 3D Printer: The Best 3D Printer for Professional Results

elegoo mars 3d printer

Elegoo is a company that specializes in producing, developing, and researching the most affordable and quality 3D printers. It has a range of Elegoo Mars printers which are different from the other 3D printers in the market. An Elegoo mars 3d printer is an affordable resin printer with the performance and quality of a machine that is professional. It is an excellent printer for both printing enthusiasts and newbies alike.



Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

  • Chitu Box Slicer

  • LED Light Source

  • CNC Machined Aluminium

  • Built-in Active Carbon

Elegoo Mars 3 Pro

  • An Efficient Ecosystem

  • Truly Accurate Printing

  • High Throughput with High Stability

  • COB Light Source

Elegoo Mars Saturn

  • Faster printing speed

  • Larger build volume

  • Easier printing and higher precision

  • Quality prints

Elegoo Mars 3 4k

  • Tempered Glass Protector

  • Upgraded Z-axis Linear

  • Advanced PFA Film

  • ELEGOO Authorized Distributor

Elegoo Lcd 3d Printer

  • Larger Printing Volume

  • Reliable Printing Performance

  • Odour-free Printing Environment

  • Built to Last

Elegoo 3d Printer

  • Better Printing Quality

  • Double Linear Guides

  • PFA Film

  • Sandblasted Platform

Elegoo Resin Printer

  • Larger build volume

  • Faster printing

  • Super stable structure

  • Higher printing accuracy

Elegoo Mars 3d Printer – Buying Guide

If you look at the names of the 3D printer brands, you will find Elegoo in them. So, before you get interested to buy one or more quality models of Elegoo mars 3d printer, you will first have to focus a little on some crucial factors before completing the purchase.

Factors to consider while buying the elegoo mars 3d printer

  1. Features –Various features are there in an Elegoo mars 3d printer which plays a much-needed role of support in getting the prints made. Know about every feature the printer includes. Learn information about its cooling mechanism, extruder type, leveling factors of the print bed, and different other factors. It’s also crucial to know about its safety features of it like its shockproof mechanism, if it’s safe to use indoors, and how it can keep the printing environment healthy.
  2. Print Size And Area –What kind of models will you print? Are they complex or simple? Small or big? Depending upon these requirements, it is crucial to analyze the print size offered by an Elegoo mars 3d printer& the printing area too.
  3. Technology For Printing –As you purchase a brand-new 3D printer, it is crucial to know the printing technology type which will be important in the future for your purpose. 3 types of printing technology are there for you to choose from. They’re SLA, SLS, and FDM. Although more is there, these 3 are the most used ones. Every one of them has its unique features. You should choose the type that fits your printing goals of yours.

Elegoo Mars 3d Printer Reviews

1. Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

• Description:

  • Brand: ELEGOO
  • Weight: 13.67 Pounds
  • Dimensions:22” D × 11″H × 11″W
  • Colour: Black, Red
  • Material: Plastic and Aluminium

• Performance: This Elegoo mars pro 2 printer comes with one monochrome LCD of 6.08 inches that has an HD resolution of 2K. It is 2 times faster in the speed of printing and 4 Times longer in the lifespan as compared to the regular LCD 3D printers of RGB. The Elegoo mars 2 ensures less maintenance, more stable performance, and higher printing efficiency.

• Comparison: The Elegoo mars 2 3d printer includes a new operating system that is capable of supporting 13 different languages. They include Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, French, Korean, Dutch, Japanese, English, and Chinese. It facilitates worldwide users for using this model more conveniently and significantly. The Elegoo mars 2 pro replacement LCD only takes two seconds for each layer exposure for curing resin.

• Usage: The Elegoo mars 2 pro resin printer provides stable performance as the users engage in long-term printing and saves them costs. Just like Elegoo mars 2 pro LCD replacement, this model includes the feature of Built-in active carbon. It helps absorb the fume of the resin and lets the users enjoy a refreshing printing experience. When users use this 3d resin printer, Chitu Box stands as a very helpful and efficient companion. It can do anything from adding supports to slicing .stl files. There is the latest function of 8-times anti-aliasing, which helps users get a very smooth printing surface.

• Pros:

  • 2K Monochrome LCD
  • Multi-language Interface

• Cons:

  • Glass screen protector not included
  • Can wobble sometimes

• What’s new?

The theElegoo mars 2 green printer’s activated carbon works together with a silicon rubber seal and a turbo cooling fan and hence the customers get rid of any irritant odor. The Elegoo mars LCD printer is made of machined aluminum of CNC from resin vat to build a platform. It has solid build quality & high durability like a reliable workhorse that always gets the work done.

• Why should you buy it?

The Mars 2 elegoo printer includes zero spots, uniform light emission, a luminous high maintenance rate and excellent performance of heat dissipation. The cob light source of the Elegoo mars printer has proved itself as a fantastic upgrade that ensures perfect printing results for each batch.

2. Elegoo Mars 3 Pro

• Description:

  • Brand: ELEGOO
  • Weight: 13.67 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.45” D × 11.81″H × 21.65″W
  • Colour: Black, Red
  • Material: Resin

• Performance: This Elegoo mars 3 printer comes with a mono LCD screen of 6.6 inches & a 35μm XY resolution. The Elegoo mars pro 3d printer provides prints with high precision and fine details which surpasses the FDM printers in speed and quality.

• Comparison: The Elegoo mars 3 release date is March 7 2022 and the model includes scratch-resistant tempered Glass. It Is situated above the screen of LCD and is an accurate fit for better protection and light transmission. The other Elegoo mars specs include less release tension for protecting the small supports better.

• Usage: The Mars 3d printer improves the success rate of printing at a high level of detail.  The Elegoo mars 3d printer model has a new system of heat dissipation that includes a cooling fan and copper heat tubes that are double heat-conducting. It provides faster ventilation with light decay that is less than 5% after almost 6000 hours of printing.

• Pros:

  • Incredible Print Quality
  • PFA Release Liner

• Cons:

  • No glass screen protector
  • Fans don’t turn off automatically

• What’s new?

This Elegoo mars pro printer includes an activated system of carbon filtration that can reduce odour divergence effectively for a refreshing environment for printing. This Mars pro 3d printer has an upgraded light source of COB UV LED with highly integrated 36 LED lights. With one large build volume, users can undergo batch printing or print 1 large model in one single job. It improves their productivity greatly and saves them time.

• Why should you buy it?

The Elegoo mars resin 3d printer has a build plate with sandblasted surface and hexagon non-slip socket screws for easier and quicker leveling. The Elegoo mars 3 ultra 4ksupport both 3.0 Lychee Slicer Software and Chitibubox Pro slicer. Many new features like easy object manipulation, model repair tools, automatic support algorithm, etc are included with Chitubox Pro to realize numerous possibilities of printing in 3D.

3. Elegoo Mars Saturn

• Description:

  • Brand: ELEGOO
  • Compatible Devices: Personal Computer, Laptop
  • Weight: 29.5 Pounds
  • Dimensions:24” D × 13″H × 14″W
  • Material: Plastic and Aluminium

• Performance: This Elegoo mars resin printer has a 3840 x 2400 HD resolution which reduces the time of layer printing to 2 to 3 seconds. It is approximately 60% faster than the previous model and delivers outstanding printing results. The build volume is 192 x 120 x 200 mm and users can print models at a fast speed or print many models simultaneously.

• Comparison: The Elegoo mars resin printer ensures a delicate and smooth model surface that is 3D printed. The light transmittance rate is 4.8 to 5.2% which helps in the fast speed of printing &reduces heat emission. It extends the mono LCD’s lifespan by almost 300 percent.

• Usage: As mentioned earlier, the Elegoo mars build plate for this model is huge. The contrast ratio is high and it leaves the dark area with barely any exposure to UV light and less light energy. It enhances the printed models without outstanding and complete details.

• Pros:

  • UV light projection
  • HD monochrome LCD

• Cons:

  • Prints can get failed sometimes
  • Takes up a lot of space

• What’s new?

This Mars elegoo printer’s Z-axis utilizes one guide-way structure that is double linear. It can achieve moving accuracy that is greatly enhanced and steadier motion. The Saturn model now supports transferring files through local area networks which are quite handy for fast prints.

• Why should you buy it?

This model is considered a very efficient one among the Elegoo printers. The build plate includes set screws which assure leveling that is long-lasting. Frequent calibration is not needed for this model & the sandblasted surface gives stronger adherence while printing huge 3D models. The company provides a warranty of 1 year on the printer and also fast and quality customer service to the customers.

4. Elegoo Mars 3 4k

• Description:

  • Brand: ELEGOO
  • Weight: 11.5 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.93” D ×17.28″H × 8.93″W
  • Colour: Black, Red
  • Material: Resin

• Performance: This Elegoo mars printer brings 30% higher level details & 40% larger size of printing as compared to the previous model. The Elegoo mars mono printer has a small footprint but the LCD screen is high-resolution 4K. It can print out all works at the super high 35µm resolution of XY. The device does not require too much assembly, only the proper setup like bed leveling is needed. The size of the smaller screws used for the FEP film is 3×5mm.

• Comparison: The Elegoo mars 4k printer has an ergonomic, more modern, rounded look. This Elegoo mars UV photocuring LCD 3d printer has a powerful light source of cob with a Fresnel lens and a new 2.0 FEP film that is thinner. A protective film is installed upon the LCD to prevent leakage of resin that can damage the screen.

• Usage: The 3d printer elegoo mars have a glass protector that is 9H Tempered and it protects the LCD from scratch without affecting the printing quality and efficiency. The Advanced PFA Film assists the prints to stick well to the plate of the build. The company provides friendly as well as professional customer service and technical support to all its customers.

• Pros:

  • A comfortable and fresh experience
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation

• Cons:

  • The software is not good
  • Small build plate

• What’s new?

The Elegoo mars replacement parts are also available for this model. The customers can find the PFA film pre-installed on the device’s vat. It improves the efficiency of heat dissipation by more than fifty percent. The new generation light structure of cob is designed with LED lights Of 36 units. There is a warranty period of 1 year on the full printer if there are any problems with quality. The warranty does not include the toolkit, FEP film, and LCD screen.

• Why should you buy it?

The upgraded z-axis linear of this 3d printer elegoo can make a more accurate and stable movement that ensures consistent and reliable results. The built-in activated carbon helps reduce bad resin odour and offers users a more fresh and more comfortable experience. If you are someone who needs a 3D resin printer that does not cost a fortune, creates detailed parts at a very fast speed, includes lots of features, and works reliably, this Elegoo printer is the perfect fit for you.

5. Elegoo LCD 3d Printer

• Description:

  • Brand: ELEGOO
  • Weight: 33 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 24” D × 15″H × 16″W
  • Colour: Black, Red
  • Material: Resin, Tempered Glass

• Performance: This ELEGOO Saturn 2 3D Printer can adopt a mono LCD screen of 10-inch 8K. It includes 7680×4320 HD resolution & 28.5 microns XY resolution that is ultra-fine. It provides an output of 3D models that are detailed outstandingly with a cure time of one to three seconds per layer.

• Comparison: This Elegoo Dlp printer has tempered glass that is resistant to scratch. It is situated above the screen of LCD and has a hardness of 9H for better protection and light transmission.

• Usage: This model has a printing volume that is 43% larger. It has a mono LCD screen that is 10 inches large and its build volume of it is 8.62×4.84×9.84 inches or 219x123x250mm. They make the efficiency of curing higher and the size of the prototype larger. The users can print multiple smaller models or one large model in one single batch.

• Pros:

  • All-Metal resin vat
  • Plug-in air purifier

• Cons:

  • Power cord or transformer may not last long
  • The cover is not hinged

• What’s new?

There is an Elegoo air purifier included with this model and also a light source that is Fresnel Collimating. This source of light consists of 48 UV LED lights that are highly integrated. They work with the Fresnel lens of the FCL system and a surface COB lens that is free-form for emitting a light beam that is uniform.

• Why should you buy it?

The light beam has a wavelength of 405nm with light uniformity of 92%, a very smooth surface finish, and excellent printing accuracy. The Z-axis has been designed with hexagon non-slip socket leveling screws and dual linear rails. They provide remarkable printing performance and accurate and ultra-steady movement.

6. Elegoo 3d Printer

• Description:

  • Brand: ELEGOO
  • Weight: 22 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 4.72” D × 7.87″H × 7.56″W
  • Color: Saturn 8K
  • Material: Plastic and Aluminium

• Performance: This Elegoo printer has an 8k LCD screen that has been upgraded to 10 inches from 9.1 inches& the resolution has been increased to 8k 7680*4320 from 4K. There is a replaceable tempered film that has a hardness of 9H and is wear-resistant and explosion-proof.

• Comparison: There is the Elegoo mars slicer in this printer that is a light slicer software and UV integrated. There are Matrix sources of light &biconvex designs of lenses that are adopted for improving the uniformity of light. Also, with this, the details of this model look more realistic and detailed.

• Usage: The size of printing of this Saturn 8k is huge at 219mm*123mm*210mm. There is a PFA release film which makes the device release better. The plate of the build is oxidized and sandblasted for providing good adhesion to this model. The powerful 8k resolution can deliver 3D-printed parts that are more accurate.

• Pros:

  • Matrix UV Light
  • Large Printing Size

• Cons:

  • Users can’t download their files to the printer
  • Tech support is not very good

• What’s new?

There are cap screws of non-slip socket heads in this model that make leveling easier than in other models. The dual linear guides help ensure smooth printing. The users can use a resin that is castable in the device for jewelry pieces that are designed for the casting of lost wax. It has three times longer lifespan as compared to the RGB LCD.

• Why should you buy it?

This Elegoo slicer printer includes a warranty period of 1 year from the company. The warranty does not include the toolkit, FEP film, and 8k LCD. The users can contact the company anytime they want if there are any issues and the company tries to reply to the customers within 24 hours.

7. Elegoo Resin Printer

• Description:

  • Brand: ELEGOO
  • Weight: 29 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 196” D × 122″H × 210″W
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Resin

• Performance: This Saturn 3D printer has an LCD of 4K HD monochrome of 9.1 inches with a resolution of 4098 x 2560. It shortens the time of printing each layer to 2s-3s which restores the details that are vivid of the original models. Low three times. The Mercury X Bundle of Elegoo is the cure and wash station that is designed to maximize the output and streamline your workflow of resin 3D printing of yours.

• Comparison: The printing volume of the model is very large at 7.71in*4.80in*8.26in or 196mm*122mm*210mm. The users can print multiple 3D models that are small or complex and have bigger structural parts at a time which increases the printing efficiency of them greatly.

• Usage: This printer model comes under the most efficient Elegoo mars 3d printers and has a matrix light source that is of almost 54 UV LEDs. They emit a uniform optimal light beam that is of the wavelength of 405nm. It ensures an accurate printing size, delicate and sleek surface of a model that is 3D printed, rapid prototyping, etc.

• Pros:

  • Pleasant printing experience
  • Large screws

• Cons:

  • Power cord may not last long
  • The cover is not hinged

• What’s new?

ThisElegoo mono printer’s Z-axis adopts one guide-way unit of shock absorption that is double linear, with an accuracy of 0.00125mm. It enables accurate and more stable moving for reducing the risk of shifting layers. The build plate has a surface that is sandblasted and a stronger adhesion.

• Why should you buy it?

The Elegoo mars amazon model’s build plate includes set screws that have leveling performance that lasts long without frequent calibration. The activated carbon filter is replaceable on the port of USB. It can filter and absorb the pungent fumes and resin odour that bring users a refreshing printing experience.


1. How much electricity does 3d printer use?

A 3D printer can consume on average fifty to one fifty Watts which works out as respectively 0.05 kWh & 0.15 kWh. A video game console of five of the current generation consumes 0.1 kWh to 0.2 kWh. A TV requires approximately 0.026 kWh to 0.176 kWh.

2. Is an Elegoo Mars 3D printer worth it?

If your primary concern of yours is speed and resolution, the Elegoo 3 Mars with the XY resolution of 0.035 makes the 3D printer fully worth the cost for high-resolution and fast printing.

3. Does Elegoo Mars come under a nice 3D printer?

The quality of all prints from Elegoo Mars is excellent for 250 to 300 US dollars. So is the quality of the build. The 2 printers are value, performance or definite price champions as compared to nearly any other 3D printer.