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Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer: The Ultimate 3D Printing Solution

Ender 3 pro 3D printer

Your demand for the best budget-friendly 3D printer can easily get sorted out through this Ender 3 pro 3D printer. It has been a while now since Creality has been bringing out some of the best 3D printers in the market. Along with having useful features, these 3D printers are also very budget supportive as well making them a great choice for users.

Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer – Buying Guide

Shenzhen Creality was formed in China in the year 2014 and since then it has grown to be the market leader for manufacturing the best budget-friendly 3D printers. The main aim of this company is to bring out the best 3D printers for customers within a very affordable range. Ender 3 pro 3D printer happens to be one of their most sold-out models of 3D printers.

This entry-level 3D printer brings to you some amazing features holding the hands of modern technology. Not only is this 3D printer very easy to use but also it delivers the best results too. It is a great budget-friendly 3D printer that has become very popular amongst its users. Now, let us give a look at the reviews of the Ender 3 pro 3D printer and learn about all the features that it has to offer.

Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer Reviews

Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D printer

Ender 3 pro 3D printer


  • Brand: Creality
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 15.21 Pounds
  • Special Feature: Features The Meanwell Supply Of Power With UL Certification


  • If you want to know which can be the best 3D printer for you to buy then be assured that the Creality Ender 3 pro 3D printer is the best one for you. Creality has always been making some of th best 3D printers that you can find in the market and this particular model is one of their bestselling ones. This 3D printer Ender 3 pro happens to be the upgraded version of its previous Ender 3 model. It has been given the Meanwell supply of power and an additional platform sticker has been introduced. The plastic extrusion in this Ender pro has been redesigned as well so that you can get the best extrusion possible.
  • Creality takes immense pride in this 3D printer because just like its previous model, this printer too gives outstanding performance supported by some of the most advanced features. In this printer, the components have been given an upgradation so that greater stability can be brought in. In addition to that, this time it is much easier to operate this 3D printer and it is durable as well. You can always depend on it to give you a dependable performance be it with speed, print resolution, or precision.
  • Here, if we check another 3D printer from Ender which is the Ender 3 pro v2 we will see that this model of the 3D printer brings the perfect Cura setting to your advantage. Making use of the Cura Ender 3v2, you will surely get a perfect finish to your 3D prints. This Cura software for slicing is also present in this Ender pro 3 3D printer making it no less than the Creality Ender 3 v2 version. It has a highly upgraded model of the printer frame with an open source making it easy to operate. 
  • The pulley in this 3D printer has been given a V-profile so that it adds stability to the printer and makes it operate smoothly. In addition to the Cura software, it also uses Simplify 3D and Repetier-Host. Furthermore, it has been made using patented technology as well so that it offers the best-upgraded features at your services. It also operates in a very low noise mode as well. 


  • Compared to the previous Ender 3 model, multiple upgrades have been brought in this Ender 3 pro 3D printer. it offers greater stability and is more easier to use for beginners than it ever was. The addition of Meanwell supply of power makes this 3D printer a more advanced one too. The use of modernized technology now makes this 3D meet the requirement for quick heating and prolonged use too. It is also protected from sudden power fluctuations or outages too. In case, there happens to be a power failure, the printer is capable of saving the last printed result. This way not only does your time gets saved but also the wastage of filaments too.
  • If you compare Ender 3D pro with the Ender v2 model you will see in the v2 model a feature for Octoprint has been given. Making use of the Octoprint Ender 3 v2, you can make greater 3D prints because it sends the Gcode to the firmware giving it full control over the operations. Due to this commands are appropriately transferred between the printer and the best result is produced.
  • The printer has also been made much easier to assemble this time. So that you learn the art of assembling the 3D printer, it comes semi-assembled. You can join the remaining parts very easily. In this way, you also gain better control over the printer too. The STEM assembling feature in it makes learning the fun way. 


  • Being a printer that has been made keeping in mind, especially for first-time users, you shall not face any difficulties in operating this Ender 3 pro 3D printer. A new magnetic build 3D printing bed is used in this printer. It supports removing the model and also the hotbed very easily too when needed. Due to the use of this advanced technology, you will not require a razor or spatula while handling the models. 
  • This Creality Ender 3 pro 3D printer is capable of handling a variety of filaments such as ABS, PLA, Carbon fiber, Gradient color, TPU, Wood, and a variety. Due to this flexibility in support, you can now make 3D prints of a variety of nature very easily. No longer you are bound to any specific limitations. You can even make it work both online and offline mode as well. To support the offline mode, the feature for an SD card has been included in this 3D printer. The previous model of this printer is the Creality Ender 3 3D printer. If we look at some of the specifications of the Ender 3 3D printer, we will find that specific features have been given in it so that the positioning of the print bed remains in alignment. More to that, stability is also established in the 3D printer too so that great print results be achieved.
  • Just like this model, the Ender 3 printer too has a V-shaped profile that makes it resistant to wear and tear and also keeps the noise levels low while functioning. Just like the Creality Ender 3pro v2 model, it has a large design making it easier to use along with the Cura software. But unlike this Creality Ender pro model, the Meanwell mode of power is not there. From a certain perspective, despite having advanced features like a magnetic platform and bringing great adhesion, the Creality Ender 3 3D printer is more vulnerable than the Ender pro model.
  • This model of the Ender 3D printer brings to you a greater surface for prints. A magnetic sticker called the C-MAG has been made especially for its purpose. It is flexible and builds greater adhesion in this 3D printer. You can even remove it too very easily. Since the model sits on top of this sticker while being created, it makes it much easier to remove the model once the print is done. You can also remove the magnetic plate while dislodging the model if needed so that the model does not suffer any damage.
  • Speed and print resolution are the other factors that will never be a letdown from this printer. Normally, the print speed ranges between 50 to 80 mm/s but if needed you can stretch it to 100 mm/s too. Along with a great printing dimension, a great resolution to the print is also needed. So, the 3D printer offers you both these aspects too.  It will hardly take much time for you to connect this 3D printer with a USB cable to your personal computer and begin printing.
  • Stability of 3D printers matters a lot because if the printer is unstable, it can ruin the final print. You can take this for assurance here that stability shall not be a matter of concern. The printer has been redesigned and has been made more sturdy. An aluminum plate measuring forty by forty inches has been used in the base that keeps the printer stable while it is performing.  Because of this, greater quality of the finished product is assured by this 3D printer. Having a very lightweight too adds another advantage. It makes it much easier to use in the home.


  • Superior Surface For Printing 
  • Greater Stability
  • A Minimum Print speed between 50 To 80 mm/s Is Assured


  • Unclear Instructions For Setup

What’s New?

  • A great many additions have been made to this Ender pro 3D printer. The Meanwell power supply has been added here. It helps th printer to reach its printing temperature quickly and also supports it to print for longer hours. It even keeps the 3D printer protected from voltage fluctuations. 
  • The stability of this 3D printer has also undergone an upgradation too. Due to an enhanced level of stability, the printer is capable of performing much better and delivering greater 3D prints too. A STEM mode has been used for the assembling of the printer. This makes it a much easier and more fun way to assemble the different parts. Greater parts and more useful accessories have also been a new addition to the package too so that it supports the 3D printer further in giving the best performance. 
  • The addition of a magnetic sticker to the base makes it easier for you to remove the model after the print is made. If needed you can even remove the magnetic plate on the base to make it further easier in taking the 3D print, out.

Why Should You Buy It?

It is not easy to find a user-friendly and budget-friendly 3D printer in the market. You always have to compromise on either of the two. But, if you are choosing the Creality 3D Ender 3 pro printer, both these aspects get easily taken care of by it. it is the best beginner-level 3D printer that you can get within a very low budget. It makes great 3D prints along with offering you the flexibility of using multiple varieties of filaments. It also has a great printing speed too along with the perfect quality resolution. This 3D printer is also well known for bringing greater finesse to the print results. 

This 3D printer has been given an open-source design too that makes it easy to use and has great durability too. In case of power fluctuations, you will not have to worry because it is protected by the Meanwell supply of power. In addition to these, there are many other great features in this 3D printer that makes it a must-buy one. 


1. How to use Ender 3 pro 3D printer?

It is very simple to use the Ender 3pro 3D printer. Following the steps mentioned below, you can use them very easily.

  • Before going ahead with printing choose your design and ensure that the 3D printer has the required filament ready. It can either be ABS or PLA
  • Set the printer to reach its required temperature. Ideally, the temperature should be a hundred and eighty degrees centigrade. Wait a bit until the 3D printer reaches its required temperature for printing
  • Feed in the filament using the extruder until it exits through the nozzle. 
  • Put in the SD card containing the 3D printing file
  • Choose the file from the SD card and click on the Print option

2. How fast can you print with Ender 3?

The Ender 3D printer is capable of giving you a 3D print speed of up to 200mm/s.

3. Is the Ender 3 pro worth it?

The Ender 3 pro 3D printer is a great option for beginners and also comes in a very affordable range as well. It has some advanced features that make 3D printing enjoyable and worthwhile.

4. How often to level Ender 3 bed?

Once in every week, you should level the Ender 3 bed if you have been using it already. If you have just bought it new, then it is very important to level the bed before making the first 3D print. Even when you change the nozzle too you should level the print bed. It would help you to ensure that the distance between the print bed and the nozzle is perfect.

5. For how long can I print at a stretch using my Ender 3 pro-3D printers?

For up to forty-eight hours at a stretch, you can use the Ender 3 pro 3D printer without any issues. But you must also keep a check on the spool and the filament too.