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Buy Epson DTG Printer F2000 – Get Quality Prints & Professional Results

epson dtg printer f2000

Epson has always been the most trusted brand in printers, especially DTG printers. The high reliability and longevity of the Epson printers are owed to the high-quality components featured in them. The Epson DTG printer F2000 is one of the many bestselling DTG printers of the time. The F2000 printer beholds numerous positives over most of its counterparts, and the following section traces some of them. The section below also provides a general insight into an overview of the printer, the pros of the product, performance, usage guidelines, etc. It supports the customer in making the most out of the F2000 printer.

Epson DTG Printer F2000

epson dtg printer f2000


  • Printing Technology: DTG Printing
  • Color: Grey, Black
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Model: F2000


The direct-to-garment printer model Sure Color F2000 from the Epson brand is currently popular as the number-one-selling garment printer. The F2000 features one of the highly-reliable technologies in the DTG printing field. The printer ensures that it makes the best of all components. It features an Ultra Chrome Direct Garment Ink, which offers maximum precision to the printing process. The printhead that features Precision Core technology further facilitates higher accuracy for the printer.

It features a relatively higher resolution of 1440 x 1440 dpi. The ink featured in the printer is a specialized ink that plays a crucial role in the sophisticated performance of the printer. The Ultra Chrome DG Ink provides excellent quality and, as a water-based ink, offers high detailing and precision. The manufacturers were particular about developing the ink and the printheads to exhibit incredibly high compatibility and adhere to the established precision standards. The ink and the printheads offer perfect finishing to the printed images, and the capability of printheads to avoid any clogs in the nozzle makes the printer the best in the section.

The images printed using the Epson F2000 DTG print exhibit greater longevity. They are not prone to even immense stretching of the fabric. They withstand years of repeated and rough usage and bear through cracks and multiple washes. The printed images feel highly elevated and, thus, do not possess the tacky feeling emulated by other commonly available DTG clothes.

The high performance and high productivity exhibited by the product are unmatchable. It is observed that it only takes 27 seconds to print a T-shirt using the Epson F2000 DTG printer. The less time consumed by this printer makes it an ideal choice for industrial or business printers where large loads of printed products might require. Another added advantage in terms of the performance side of this printer is the fact that it is one of the printers which require the lowest amount of maintenance time. It can offer almost relentless and continuous service, even in bulk printing, without spending much time repairing and maintaining the printer.

The printer is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems or software, making it highly flexible and efficient. It is a wide format printer that can print dimensions up to 16 x 20 inches. The printable area can be increased and customized per the customer’s wishes and personal preferences. The adjustable platen on the printer, which is originally for material loading, can be adjusted according to the size of the garment. It can be extended if the garment happens to be a bit longer. The prominent colors featured in the various ink cartridges of the printer are Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, and White. The cartridges are available in varying capacities, 250 ml, and 600 ml.


  • Efficient printing
  • Ideal for bulk printing
  • Possess the Oeko-Tex safety certification
  • High-quality Ultra Chrome DG ink cartridges
  • A separate channel for efficient white ink distribution
  • The adjustable input platen makes it possible to print relatively more oversized prints
  • The Garment Creator software supports customizations and personal designs
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • A broader color palette
  • Takes only 27 seconds to print an entire T-shirt
  • Highly user-friendly design
  • Maintenance required is minimum
  • Makes quick printing of white garments possible
  • High precision


The design of the Epson DTG F2000 printer features some of the most user-friendly specifications. The manufacturers have put much thought into designing the simplest user interface for the customer community. The design is in such a way that the users need not have any prior knowledge of the operation of a DTG printer. With minimal understanding, the printer can be easily operated only with the printed manual accompanying the product.

The highlight of the design is the adjustable input tray of the printer. This tray can be adjusted to multiple heights, which enables the printer to print several garment sizes. Also, it contributes to the loading speed of the garment, which positively reflects on the total productivity of the machine.

The printer’s design also features a control panel made of LCD. This LCD screen gives ultimate access to the menu and important settings of the printer. The color panel allows the user to glance at the vitals of the printer before and during the printing process. The printer also features a couple of USB slots on the front part of it. These USB slots provide the user with an easy opportunity to print anything required from any connected device directly.

Another chief characteristic of the printer’s design is the low maintenance required for the printer. The design makes sure not to cause any unwanted complications like nozzle clogs and the like, and to tackle such possibilities, the printer is equipped with a highly efficient automated cleaning system for the components like the nozzles. A specialized circulation system for white ink is in place within the printer. This specialized pathway owes to white being extremely vulnerable to mixing with even the smallest amount of ink remaining from other colors. So, this specialized ink system for white makes sure that the most stellar white color is produced and provided whenever required.

The quick and easy configuration possibilities offered by the printer make this printer suit all kinds of printing needs, including domestic, business, and industrial. Unlike many similarly-priced DTG printers, the Epson F2000 DTG printer used a dual CMYK color mode, contributing to the quick and efficient printing of white T-shirts, even in bulk amounts.

The software of the F2000 printer comes with a Garment Creator feature. This unique feature allows the user to design and edit various designs that can be printed onto the garment. The feature offers high possibilities for customization and would be a great asset for T-shirt printing businesses. The Garment Creator comes with many edit options and templates from which the user can conveniently choose. The user’s favorite options on color management, contrast, etc., could all be saved within the printer to make further printing jobs much easier and more efficient.

One of the printer’s biggest design milestones is that its design has passed Oeko-Tex certification guidelines with flying colors. The certification is an international standard identifying whether the printed garment’s printharms humans, especially babies and toddlers.


As mentioned before, the Epson DTG printer F2000 sports one of the simplest and smoothest user interfaces out of all the DTG printers currently available. The printer’s components are intended to provide the users with the most convenient and comfortable experience.

The printhead equipped with the Precision Core technology makes it ideal for commercial production due to its high accuracy. Even without much intervention from the user’s side, the Precision Core technology ensures that the quality and accuracy of the prints are not compromised.

One of the highlight features of the Epson F2000 Direct-To-Garment printer regarding its usage is its control panel. The simple panel sports a color LCD screen with detailed information, status, or indicators of various functionalities of the printer during operation, etc. The LCD panel helps the user to navigate easily, control, and operate the printer without having to go through operating many buttons or levers.

The garment platen, which is adjustable in height, makes usage easier. The adjustable nature of the garment platen makes it possible for the user even to insert comparatively bigger-sized garments and get them printed with perfect quality. Unlike the traditional garment platens, the F2000 garment platen uses a padded cover for better grip and faster loading of garments. The garment platen sizes include extra small, small, medium grooved, large, and sleeve.

It is easy for the user to supervise the printing process due to the presence of the top cover, which is extremely easy to access. The user can access the printer’s insides if and when any maintenance is needed through the easy-to-remove top cover. The automatic cleaning system equipped in the printer further alleviates the user’s woes and makes it easy to use and maintain the printer. The self-cleaning technology allows the user to eliminate the daily manual cleaning activity.


The Epson DTG printer F2000 has certain strong qualities compared to the many similarly-priced DTG printers. It offers high printing speed with up to 720 printer nozzles dedicated per inch for color inks. It offers comparatively more excellent printing quality with up to 1440 x 720 dpi resolution for color prints, which is one of the highest in the section.

One of the highlighting features of F2000, which is absent from most other printers, is the white underlayer that it provides to all the printed images for better color quality. For every image printed, the printer initially applies a coat of white base and then applies the required color on top of it. This layering technique provides a white under base for all the printed images, which makes the top color pop well despite the color of the garment.

The F2000 is comparatively easier to maintain and take care of. It is estimated that the user only takes up to ten minutes a week to clean the machine. The low maintenance time is due to the manufacturer’s self-cleaning technology equipped in the device.

The sophisticated Garment Creator software made available in the F2000 is indeed unmatchable. The software’s easy-to-use interface and availability of a wide variety of editor tools make it possible for the users to customize and make quick changes in the images to be printed.  Although many other DTG printers provide similar pre-made templates, software and editor tools of high capability are almost exclusive for the f2000.

Unlike the other DTG printers equipped with the same circulation system for color and monochrome prints, the F2000 has an advanced two-folded circulation system that maintains two different pathways for inks for monochrome and color printing. Despite all these unique features, the Epson DTG printer F2000 price is relatively more affordable than the other printers.


1. What does the Ultra Chrome DG ink from the Epson brand known for?

The Ultra Chrome DG ink is a popular ink from the Epson brand, known for its peculiar features. It is ideal to be used in cellulose-based clothes for better quality printing. It adheres to international safety standards like the Oeko-Tex certification and thus is safe to be used around children and is non-toxic. The DG ink also offers a relatively broader color gamut for the user to choose from. This ink’s two years shelf life is extremely higher than the regular ones. The specialized technology and the sharpness of the colors ensure that the colors are evenly and brightly applied on any color garments, light or dark.

2. What is the advanced ink filtration technology used by the Epson brand?

The Epson DTG printers usually have a triple filtration system set in place. The ink cartridges’ filter ensures that no coagulated ink particles enter the supply to the nozzle. The advanced white ink filter ensures that the white ink is repeatedly filtered before reaching the applicator to avoid any impurities or other ink particles from mixing with the white ink, causing it to lose its color quality. The on-carriage filter looks into filtering the ink one last time before entering the printer head for printing.