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Best Sublimation Printer for Business: Epson Workforce WF-7710

Are you looking for a versatile option in a printer that will take care of your sublimation printing purposes as well? Perhaps a few years ago this would have been tough to find but now it is as easy as you can think of. This buying guide and review shall help you to know all the details about this Epson Workforce WF-7710 – best sublimation printer for business. It is surely the best option for meeting all your printing purposes. With this printer, you can now very easily switch between making regular prints and sublimation prints too.

The versatility of the Epson Workforce WF-7710 printer

If you have been looking for a cost-effective option for a sublimation printer to meet the requirements of your business then you do not have to wait any longer. This is the perfect time to investin the appropriate printer for your needs. Within an amazing price range, you shall get this Epson Workforce WF-7710 – Best Sublimation Printer For the Business printer which singlehandedly shall be able to take care of all your printing needs very easily.

Epson printers are always widely known for their printing quality and performance. With this Workforce model, you shall get all-in-one features for regular printing needs, it will also take care of your 11×17 printing needs and above all, it is the best choice for your sublimation printing needs in business as well.

Now printing become also easier and more versatile with this printer. But having said that, let us walk through some of the factors to look for while you are choosing a sublimation printer in the buying guide below before checking the reviews of this Epson Workforce printer.

Epson Workforce WF-7710 – Best Sublimation Printer For Business Buying Guide

You need to be aware of some of the important factors while you are choosing the sublimation printer. Good knowledge about sublimation printers shall help you to buy this Epson Workforce WF-7710 – Best Sublimation Printer For Business with confidence. Learning about the product not helps you to buy it confidently but also shall support you in making the printer work up to its full abilities. Here are a few of the factors that you should keep in mind:

Factors to consider while buying the Epson workforce wf-7710 – best sublimation printer for business

  1. Print Field: Before you go ahead in choosing a sublimation printer it is very important to know about your purpose. If the reason is for meeting business purposes, then you need to analyze the volume of work that is needed to be taken care of. Based on the volume you will be able to choose between narrow-format and wide-format sublimation printers. Generally, the appropriate printer for making sublimation printing supports a print field of up to 13×19 inches.
  2. Printing Speed: Printing speed is always a very important thing to check when choosing a sublimation printer. Since sublimation printers are capable of handling 11×17, so a high printing speed is always a prerequisite for getting the perfect sublimation prints. Slow print speed shall not only prove that the printer is inefficient for this purpose but also shall make the sublimation prints improperly in uneven patches.
  3. Number of Ink Colors: To know about the ink colors the printer can handle is very essential. Usually, all sublimation printers are capable of CMYK combination of colors providing a thousand more shades in a combination with these base colors. But other than this there are sublimation printers to have the eight-color system with a higher gamut. Those printers create a further higher print quality and resolution and are effective in handling different fluorescent shades as well.
  4. Resolution: The print resolution of the sublimation printer is very important as well. The higher the resolution the greater print shall it creates. Epson Workforce printers are one of the best resolutions that you can have. It is just perfectly suited for sublimation printing reasons.

After having discussed some of the important factors to take note of while buying the sublimation printer, let us look at the reviews and learn the details about what this amazing EpsonWorkforceWF-7710 printer is capable of giving.

Epson Workforce WF-7710 – Best Sublimation Printer For Business

WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer

epson workforce wf-7710 – best sublimation printer for business


  • Brand: Epson
  • Connectivity Technology: Wifi (802.11n only), Wifi Direct, Hi-Speed USB (2.0), Ethernet
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Special Feature: Auto Duplex

Performance: You do not have to search any further for meeting the sublimation printing reasons for your business. Relax and breathe easy! With this Epson Workforce WF-7710 printer, your sublimation printing purposes shall easily be taken care of. But before we move to the sublimation printing part, let us look into all the other features that this printer is capable of providing you.

Performance and print quality shall never be a question of concern when you are using this Epson printer. Epson printers always hold a reputation for falling in the list of best printers available. This printer is very user-friendly and has a very high value and demand in the market always. This all-in-one inkjet printer is best suited to be used in offices, businesses, and homes. This printer weighs 40.8 pounds and has a compact durable body that is sure to give you a long service life.

Powered by Precision Core technology, the printer is best suited for taking care of all your printing needs. It is capable of giving you excellent quality borderless prints just like the ones you have from the print shop. No matter if you need it for office purposes, school projects, or business needs, this printer will surely deliver you results, more than you can expect. It is certainly one of the most dependable printers to have for every reason.

Comparison: Surely, this printer is much more advanced and upgraded that the previous Epson model. It is much more versatile and has greater printing speed. This printer works very smoothly and cuts down on print lag as well. To maintain its superior print quality, this printer has been designed with technology that uses only genuine quality Epson ink cartridges. Any other third-party ink cartridges shall not work in this printer. And even if somehow does, the print quality shall never be what this printer is capable of giving. There are chances too that third-party ink cartridges shall end up exerting greater pressure on the printer leading to permanently damaging some of its parts.

Usage: As has been already discussed, this all-in-one printer can prove to be of multiple uses very efficiently. In the case of making regular prints, the quality of prints this Epson printer is capable of making is unmatchable by even some of the other best brands of printers as well. Along with making prints, you can use it for copying documents and also for scanning them as well. It can handle a variety of print media sizes right from regular A4 paper size to 11×17. In fact,it is also capable of making borderless prints of up to 13×19 inches as well. And for scanning, this versatile inkjet printer can handle the document size of up to 11×7.

Now using this Epson printer enjoy performance beyond your expectations. It is very much able in handling different types of paper qualities as well such as plain paper, glossy photo paper, and envelopes too. You also can connect it very easily with different operating systems such as Windows, and Mac. The printing speed of it is another factor about which one can highly boast.

This printer is very efficient in giving you a speed of up to 18 ppm for monochrome prints. The monochrome prints are always very crisp and carry a professional outlook. For color prints, it is capable of giving you a printing speed of up to 10 ppm very easily. The color prints and their resolution are one of a kind. It is vibrant, and clear, and the holds printshop quality. It easily makes your prints stand apart from the rest.

Not every printer having the all-in-one features gives you the support for sending a fax. But you can send a fax too using this Epson printer. Indeed all the Workforce models are a revolution in this industry. Other than making regular prints if the need calls, you can be able to make 11×17 prints too. You no longer require to depend on other sources for making wide-format prints. This versatile feature makes this printer a preferred choice for many professionals belonging to specialized fields too such as architects, designers, and others.

This printer is aptly suited for making a high volume of prints with great speed, so it is a good fit for the business too. But what about the sublimation printing needs for your business? Oh yes, Certainly! You can comfortably use it for business sublimation purposes.

Before you make the sublimation printing all you require to do is remove the ordinary ink cartridges and replace them with sublimation ink and use the sublimation paper. Your printer is sublimation ready. It is the perfect printer for sublimation because it is capable of handling a field area of 13×19 inches for paper and gives a great resolution to the print quality too.


  • Best For Sublimation Printing and Regular Printing
  • Is Compatible With Alexa
  • Great Printing Speed and Quality Cutting On The Down Time


  • The Usage Of Ink Is Not Very Economical

What’s New?

The overall performance of this Epson Workforce WF-7710 has undergone an upgradation, using the latest technology. Now, this printer is more reliable than before, versatile in handling multiple printing needs, and also delivers a greater quality of output. You will surely have a smooth printing experience using it. If we talk about its performance stability then here too, we shall see a degradation.

Along with the USB 2.0 and the ethernet, the wifi capacity has been given a boost too so that there is no performance lag or instability too. The downtime of the printer has been reduced too. Now the printer hardly takes a couple of seconds to be print ready once switched on. The body of this printer has also been made much more durable too so that you can enjoy a long service life.

Why You Should Buy It?

This is surely the perfect printer to have taking care of your multiple printing needs with quality, ease, and efficiency. Both the print speed and color are great making it a perfect fit to be used for sublimation printing purposes too. With the 4.3 inches color touchscreen, navigating and controlling this printer becomes further easier. Are you tired of making manual printing? Ease your work pressure a bit. Get it connected to Alexa and make full advantage of voice-enabled printing services.

One of the best facts about this printer is that you need not have to be printer bound while making prints. You can easily get the printer connected to a smartphone and tablet and make prints virtually from anywhere and at any time. This printer is meant for printing large volumes at a time and so they have given a 250 sheet tray. In addition to that, there is a special paper tray to boost productivity in business or office. The auto document feeder is able to handle 35 pages at a time very easily as well.

The feature of automatic double-sided printing is another advantage. The double-sided print speed is 8.7ppm. It saves your time, and resources and also stops you from making multiple prints of the same document by mistake. Having both the options for wired and wireless network connectivity, this is the ultimate printer that you can choose.

The periodic firmware updates take care of all the security and performance issues of this printer fixing bugs and other minor issues. You shall surely get the best services using this printer. This is surely the best sublimation printer that you can buy to take care of your business reasons very efficiently.


1. Which sublimation ink can I use for my Epson Workforce WF-7710 printer?

A great option of sublimation ink for this Epson printer that you can try using is the AOPANE Anti-UV ink for sublimation.

2. What are the factors that are responsible for print quality?

Along with DPI, there are various other factors too which affect print quality. There is the printer driver, the toner, or the ink too that plays a vital role in the print quality.