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Buy the Flashforge Finder 3D Printer – The Best 3D Printer for Home Use

Flashforge Finder 3D printer

Buying a 3D printer has become easier now. Recently the market has been updated with a fresh stock of 3D printers. Here in this buying guide and review on Flashforge Finder 3D printer, you will get to know about all the amazing features it has in store for you.

Flashforge Finder 3D Printer – Buying Guide

Quite recently, the famous Chinese 3D printer manufacturer, Flashforge brought out another highly advanced and budget-friendly 3D printer in the market. Yes, it is the Flashforge Finder 3D printer. Ever since the inception of this 3D printer in the market, there has been a rush among people to buy it. This particular model of the 3D printer from Flashforge is quite different from the other printers. It is very user-friendly and easy to operate. You do not have to be a professional at all to use it. It suits the needs perfectly of both, professionals and also first-time users too. 

This 3D printer brings you some amazing features supported by the latest technology. Not only shall you be able to create great-sized high-grade 3D prints but also due to its compact size you can even use it for your home printing purposes. The bonus advantage is that it uses PLA filament and is capable of handling a variety of filaments. Now, give your creativity the full liberty to take its wings and elevate your printing experiences to the next level. It is also one of the best budget-friendly 3D printers that you can ever get. 

Before we go ahead and check in detail about all that it has to offer, let us first check a few of the important factors to look for while buying a 3D printer. This will help you to buy the 3D printer with confidence.

  1. Your Purpose: Before you are buying a 3D printer it is important that you know why you are buying one and the purpose it is going to serve you. Once you are clear about that, it shall become easier for you to choose. 
  2. Brand: There are multiple brands of 3D printers available in the features. A good brand will always bring you the best features and also the trust to buy it with confidence. So, always prioritize the brand before you check the other details.
  3. Type of Printer: There are various types of 3D printers available in the market. The SLA printers, The FDM printers, and the SLS printers. Usually, these are the three main types that most people buy. Each of these 3D printers has its unique features and is meant for different printing needs. So, choose the printer type based on your needs.
  4. Features: The next important factors are it’s the features that the printer offers. Check all the features it has. Some important checks to make are the size of the print bed, speed, resolution, build volume, bed leveling, wifi connection, filaments, and many more.
  5. Replacement Parts: With regular use, a few of its parts are bound to wear out and break down. So, you must find out how easily you can get the parts replaced. At the same time also check how quickly can you arrange the filaments too when needed. 
  6. Safety Features: Each 3D printer emits harmful gases and fumes because it works with different materials. So, check about the safety features too. Learn if there are cooling fans provided in it when the printer gets overheated. Also, know if it is safe to use the 3D printer indoors and the technology it uses to absorb harmful gases. 
  7. Budget: Finally, it is the budget that you must consider. As each of these factors matches, go ahead picking up your 3D printer with confidence. 

Now that you are aware of the factors about which you must be knowing, let us check the reviews of the Flashforge Finder 3D Printer.

Flashforge Finder 3D Printer Reviews

Flashforge Finder 3 3D Printer

Flashforge Finder 3D printer


  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polylactic Acid, Glass, 
  • Weight: 34.39 Lbs.
  • Special Features Compatible With Linux


  • There are surely multiple brands of 3D printers that you will come across in the market. But, if you are looking for a 3D printer that has amazing features, performs great, and is budget-friendly too, then here you have it. Pick this Flashforge Finder 3D printer without a doubt. China has been bringing out the best in quality multiple 3D printers in the market on a regular basis and this has been the latest addition. This printer is the latest one in the Flashforge Finder 3D printer series. 
  • The first thing that we generally observe about a 3D printer is its looks. You will find that this Flashforge Finder 3D printer has a nice compact body with a red and black neat accent. The design is just perfect to fit in homes very easily. Even this Flashforge Finder 3D printer does not weigh much as well. It weighs only 34.39 lbs. making it very comfortable for you to move it. It is compatible with Linux. So, just by connecting it with Linux, you can start your printing job.
  • It uses PLA filament and is compatible with a variety of materials such as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Glass, and Polylactic Acid. This makes it easier for you in unleashing your creativity freely. Many 3D printers come partly assembled. But this 3D printer is fully assembled. This factor not only saves your time but also you no longer have to struggle while assembling it. Having great performance quality, speed, and precision, this is a high-in-demand 3D printer in the market amongst its customers. You can be sure that your investment behind it will; never be a letdown. In combination with its large print field and capacity to handle various designs, All you can expect is the best outcome always.


  • Before we proceed any further with this Flashforge Finder 3D printer review, let us check the features of a few other models of Flashforge under this Flashforge Finder 3D printer review. The predecessor to this model was the Flashforge Finder 2. In Flashforge Finder 2 you will find that it too has the same features almost along with similar looking body other than a few differences. It has a metal extractable platform that makes it easier for you in removing the model once the print has been done. 
  • Other than that, in the Flashforge Finder 2.0, you will also notice that the alloy body has all tapered ends without any sharp edges. The Flashforge Finder 2.0 not only looks more sleek but also performs within very low decibels too. The process of 3D printing further gets easier having the support of a touchscreen display and internal storage of 8GB. Now, if we shift our focus back again toward this model of the Flash Forge Finder, we will see that this has been given a glass platform along with a magnetic build plate made from PEI.
  • The glass platform in this Flash Forge Finder creates a greater adhesion over the models that are been printed. Due to this adhesion, more heat gets generated on the heat bed very quickly bringing efficiency and quality to your task. The best part of this build plate is that it is more versatile than before. Along with being flexible, it is durable too. Durability helps it to last for a long time. While the flexibility of the build plate exerts a lesser amount of pressure on the 3D model. This not only helps to create the 3D print perfectly but also brings minute detailing on the outcome too.
  • Other than that, just like it happens in the previous version of this 3D printer, it happens the same here too. The flexibility of the build plate helps in bringing out the 3D model effortlessly and safely too without any damage, once the job is done. 


  • Multiple factors in the usage make this 3D printer not only very easy to use but also support great results too. In this 3D printer, you will find a direct drive extruder with a larger size. If you once again compare it with the previous model which is the Fender 2, the size of this Fender has been given a much bigger size. Due to the bigger size of this model, it can create larger 3D prints this time than previously. The bigger size also has another advantage too, it supports delivering the first layer with greater accuracy and success. The compatibility too gets more strength and also the range of applications gets broadened too.
  • The direct drive extruder design in this model is much more advanced than ever before. It supports heating the temperature to two hundred and sixty degrees centigrade very easily. This range of temperature is a prerequisite to 3D printing. It also supports feeding the filaments smoothly as well. In fact, the support with this Flashforge Finder filament is a variety. With the wide range of applications it brings, the result of the 3D print is sure to get smoother compatibility. It will not be difficult for this 3D printer to support a variety of printing preferences such as PLA, HIPS, ABS, TPU 95A, PETG, and PETG PRO.  So, as you can see, where the usage of filaments is concerned, the Flashforge Finder filament support is the best too.
  • If you want to print a much lighter set of materials then you can surely check another 3D printer from Flashforge which is the Flashforge Finder lite 3D printer. The Flashforge Finder lite 3D printer is only capable of supporting plastic. In fact, the mechanisms of using the Flashforge Finder lite have been kept very simple because it has been intended for kids. It too comes with a touchscreen interface making it very easy to operate for kids. More than that the Flashforge Finder lite brings three options to choose from creating further ease of use and smoothness in its operations. Even the print bed remains unheated during the entire printing process of this printer so that the kids can handle it safely.
  • Now, coming back to this printer again, in it, you will see that in order to support a variety of filaments, a nozzle capable of handling high temperatures is given. The high capacity for heat resistance of this nozzle eliminates the chances of catching fire in the print bed. Different factors like this, in this 3D printer, elevate its performance and supports to give the best results each time. The different filaments this 3D printer supports are highly available in the market. So, you can easily buy more when you need it.
  • In this 3D printer you will also find the feature for a filament sensor which will help further ease in your usage. With the help of finely crafted technology, the manufacturer of this 3D printer has used software in this printer that detects filaments in the extruder. If you are unaware of the filament running out while printing you need not have to worry a bit about coming up with failed prints. The sensor in this printer which has been developed using the auto sensitive technology shall detect it in time. Furthermore, it will give a warning bell and stop the printer from functioning unless a new filament has been put in.
  • This 3D printer has also a resume printing feature to it. In case of a power outage, the printer will not only stop its performance but also save your last printed results too. It makes it easier for you to pick up from where left last. No longer will it lead you to a printing loss nor shall it add to the downtime of this printer. It is indeed a timesaving 3D printer. In fact, these days, many of the upgraded 3D printers like this one, have a similar feature.


  • Automatic Feature for Filament Detection 
  • Resume Printing Feature
  • Compatibility With High Filament


  • Multiple Failed Prints

What’s New?

  • There have been multiple additions brought in, in this 3D printer. Firstly if you look at the size of this 3D printer and compare it with the previous one you shall find a big difference. An increase in the size by two hundred and seventy percent has been made in this printer. The bigger size of this 3D printer elevates its performance level and increases its success rate more than before. If you talk about its compatibility, here too you will see an upgradation. This 3D printer has far wider compatibility and brings a greater application range too.  Now, no longer will you have to work with a few materials or even a few filaments too. the scope of usage and compatibility is more.
  • You must have noticed by now that the number of filaments a 3D printer can work with the more heated it gets because each filament has its melting point. Overheating has an adverse side to it. Along with bringing damage to the 3D printer it also builds up the scope for catching fire. But with this 3D printer, you will not have to face such threats. Here there has been an inclusion of a high-temperature resistant nozzle, which was amiss in its previous versions. Due to this nozzle, the fluctuations of heat can be handled more efficiently as the printer uses different filaments every time.
  • Despite having easy-to-handle features, this 3D printer has been made for beginners and professionals unlike the previous lite version intended for kids. An adult can make full use of its advanced features despite having no knowledge of 3D printing, yet create great prints. These days many 3D printers have a feature for saving prints and this 3D printer have it too. In case there is a sudden power cut, the printer is capable of saving its last printed results so that you can get continuity from there. 
  • In this 3D printer, a feature for automatic filament detection has also been added so that you can avoid making failed prints. When the filament is about to get over, the auto sensor technology helps in detecting it. After giving an alert, the printer shall stop its functions unless the filament gets refilled. There has even been an addition to a glass platform along with the magnetic plate, which was not there in the previous model. So, as you can see, multiple additions have been made to this 3D printer to make it a very user-friendly and advanced one.
  • Aftersales support also plays a very important factor behind the sale of the printer and so, more proactive aftersales support has also been an addition.  After buying, if you are not satisfied with the performance of the printer, you have one month to return it. To make it a zero-risk on purchase, the manufacturers are also guaranteeing 24/7 lifetimes technical assistance too.

Why You Should Buy It?

One of the best things about Flashforge 3D printer is that it brings you multiple facilities which makes it reason enough for buying. Let us talk about its price first. In the market, you will find a variety of good brands of 3D printers with multiple advanced features but they are all pricey. This is never the case with this printer. You do not have to pay a big sum always to get the best features from the best brand, Flashforge assures you that. The price of this printer is very reasonable and will fit your budget easily.

Let us focus on the performance part now. It is one of the easiest-to-operate 3D printers that you will find with great speed, precision, and great printing outcome. This 3D printer is capable of handling a variety of filaments very comfortably. You will get complete freedom while making the prints. The larger size of the extruder makes the printing task simplified. It has the best combination for having fun while printing as well as getting support from powerful functions. Even if you do not have any knowledge about 3D printing, still you will be able to use this printer with ease, following the instructions.

Your prints are bound to become perfect because it brings you a choice for double print platforms. This platform gives a good degree of adhesion to the print bed. The print bed too gets heated faster than most other 3D printers. Removing the model after the printing is done is also very easy. You can be sure that this printer eliminates all chances of the model getting damaged. Due to its user-friendly features along with great print results, this printer is very highly demanded in the market by its customers. 

One of the aspects that is prime features of 3D printers in every school is the comfort of its operations. And this printer takes care of it. The touch panel mode makes it simple to operate. While printing when the printer senses a rise in its internal temperature, it activates automatically the inbuilt cooling fans. So, you can remain sure now that there will occur no short circuits or fumes. You do not have to struggle to set it up as well. It comes fully ready. By connecting it to your Linux, you can begin your printing. Undoubtedly it is one of the best 3D printers to buy.


1. Which Flashforge printer is the best one?

One of the best Flashforge 3D printers that can be used by both beginners and professionals is the Flashforge Guider II. Being made using innovative technology, it has dedicated parts for performing the best and delivering the desired result.

2. Who makes Flashforge 3D printers?

Flashforge 3D printers are made by the Zhejiang Flashforge Co. Ltd, in China.

3. What type of file format is used by Flashforge 3D printers?

The Flashforge 3D printer uses the x3g format of files, for its printing. In this binary file contains every instruction the printer requires.