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How do I Connect my Wireless Printer to my New Router?

how do i connect my wireless printer to my new router

Have you ever tried connecting your wireless printer to the how do I connect my wireless printer to my new router? If yes, then you might be aware of the steps given below. If not, read to know how I get them connected.

Connect the wireless printer to the router

To connect your wireless printer to the router, follow the instructions given below.

Firstly, you need to make sure that you place your printer within the range of your router. Most of the latest computers allow you to connect with the wireless printers but for that, you will have to have both the computer and the printer within the range of the router.

how do i connect my wireless printer to my new router

In the second step, you need to Power on your printer and the computer. Also, check the power of the router. Once it is confirmed that all three of them are powered on, we can now move on to the next step.

The next step is to connect the printer with the wireless network. To do so, firstly press the power button in the printer for a few seconds. As the light starts blinking on the printer, move to the router and do the same. Wait for a few minutes.

You will now notice that the blinking light will eventually become stable and will stop blinking. This means that the printer has been connected to the network. You can now freely continue to pair the computer with the network.

Go to the settings menu on the computer and click on the add network option. A list will appear with all the network names in your range. Click on the network to which the printer is already how do I connect my wireless printer to my new router connected.

Now in this step, three of the devices are interconnected with each other names, the computer, the printer, and the wireless network. You can now move ahead to the file you wish to take a printout of.

Align a paper to the head of the printer and click on the execute button. You will now get a hard copy of the same from the printer.

Wireless printer worth the cost

It depends from individual to individual. It also depends upon the location in which you want to set up the printer and the network. If you stay away from the city and have poor network connections, then we do not recommend you to invest in a wireless printer.

We would then rather suggest you opt for the traditional how do I connect my wireless printer to my new router wired printer. Even though the canon printer is the best when it comes to wireless printing, you will only be able to make the most out of it when you have a strong internet connection.

We would suggest you invest in a strong internet connection first and then buy a wireless printer. If you often find difficulty in sitting in front of the screen waiting for long hours just to get a few pages printed, then the wireless printer can take care of your work.

how do i connect my wireless printer to my new router

You now no longer have to be physically present near the printer for switching it on and getting things done. You can click the print button from being anywhere while being connected to the wireless printer and the printer will do its job.

Here is all about how do i connect my wireless printer to my new router.


1. Which is the best wireless printer?

You can buy any model from the canon printers. Canon printers have the wireless technology to get things connected and are known to be the best in the market. The canon printers come with the installation guide and the CD preloaded with the required software that can be directly installed on your computer.

2. How can I know which router has the strongest wireless connection?

 To know which router has the strongest wireless connection, you will have to go through the list of available networks in your region. You can also search online in any of the leading search engines.