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How Heavy is 11×17 Printer Paper? All You Need to Know

How heavy is 11x17 printer paper

Printing is a task that is concerned with the best output results; the process followed in it includes a lot of adjustments and a multi-purpose printing task involves variable settings and materials choices required for printing for different purposes. The question in demand among people is- How heavy is 11×17 printer paper? 

Let’s know about features of 11×17 paper size-

How heavy is 11x17 printer paper

These papers are reliable multipurpose paper types that offer clear and quality printouts. Whether these are applied for printing purposes offering documents for business or simply printing off charts for the classroom this paper type delivers exceptional results which match up well to frequent handling procedures.

Thus, these legal-sized sheets make a good choice for both home and official purpose as it supports working in both printer type- inkjet and laser printers for flexibility in use.

These paper types include dimensions: 11” W x 17” L and paper counts to be 20lbs. So, these ledger size sheets provide a good capacity for printing side-by-side pages on a single sheet and the 20-pound paperweight offers strength and durability for everyday use.

Bright and clear printing effects-

These paper types provide bright white sheets featuring color lock technology with immediate drying ink and vibrant color reproduction for the prints. The brightness rating of sharp and clear print results is involved in the features list of this printer paper, which creates striking high contrast prints and provides exceptional readability to the printed documents and this is the reason these papers are widely used for school assignments to look impressive for the student’s interest.

Acid-free construction- 

It holds acid-free construction which implies using these paper types for printing purposes to resist yellowing and fading with time. It prevents the document papers from crumbling when used for a long time. Along with this it also holds the bright printout documents for long time use due to its acid-free construction feature. Therefore, it ensures the good durability of the documents. 

Uses for 11“x 17” paper size-

How heavy is 11x17 printer paper

These papers are widely used to prepare presentations, catalogs, or manuals. And also, these are seen to be used in architectural or engineering offices as this 11”x 17” paper size offer adequate space for technical drawing to allow for the detailed specification which is required for the document. 

The white format 11”x 17” paper is also very handy for industrial use in their projects related documents. These are also used for restaurant menus to list out various dishes with their descriptions along with their related prices. These also work well for marketing materials such as brochures, booklets, and direct mailings. These also help in printouts for school-related documents and official printout purposes many times.

Is it 11×17 tabloid-size paper?

This 11”x17” paper size is also known as tabloid or ledger paper as they offer more space which is ideal for detailed architectural, construction, engineering drawings, and other printing purposes.

11×17 paper type is available for different types of printers such as inkjet, laser, and color laser papers.

11×17 paper size laser printer

These tabloid-size papers are designed to work with laser and color-laser compatibility, these are as follows-

  1. Bright White Laser Bond which weighs 24, 39, 47, and 58lbs.
  2. Soft Gloss which weighs 32 and58lbs.
  3. Gloss weighs 35 and 45lbs.
  4. Photo Gloss which weighs 32 and 50 lbs. and many more.

Inkjet-Tabloid sized paper-

These tabloid-size papers which are listed below are designed for inkjet printer type, they are-

  1. Bright White Bond which weighs 24, 39, 47, and 58 lbs.
  2. Matte which weighs 28, 36 (one-sided), and 50 lbs.
  3. Premium Photo glass and many more.

Therefore, these 11×17 paper size printers provide these tabloid-size printouts of the documents when kept for printing purposes.


1. What is 11×17 paper size called?

The 11×17 paper size is called tabloid.

2. How big is 11×17 paper?

The size of 11×17 paper is 8.3/11.7 inches.

3. How much does 11×17 paper weigh?

The weight of a 11×17 paper is 20lbs.