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How to Clean DTG Printer Dampers?

how to clean dtg printer dampers

If you recently purchased a DTG printer and are wondering how to clean DTG printer dampers then you are at the right place. The more you take care of the printer the better and longer it will work. You will be ensured of trouble-free use if you take proper care of the printer. It can be useful in saving ink and also no garments would get futile and a lot fewer print heads would have to be replaced.

how to clean DTG printer dampers

Taking Help Of Dtg printer cleaning solution

Take some time out after you are done for the day and just clean the DTG. You can use some Dtg printer cleaning solution such as formula 409 as well as isopropyl and just keep a quick cleaning to the outer part of the printer using a towel. You can use those swabs which you might have received along with the printer. Make sure you give proper cleaning to capping assembly as there can be some sort of clogging because of the frequent culmination of ink there. Thus, the answer to how to clean DTG printer dampers is very simple – just follow the above-mentioned things.

Do not touch the print head but try and remove that extra ink carefully. See to it that the wiper remains very soft and is easy to bend and if you see that it is not then it is time to remove it. The encoder strip can also be cleaned once a week. You can use swipes or specific eyeglass cleaner for this purpose, do it until gets clean completely. Here is all about how to clean dtg printer dampers.

Learning How to remove DTG pretreatment stain

A lot of times pretreatment stains can be a problem so here we are telling you how to remove DTG pretreatment stains. There are very simple processes of getting done with these stains, one of which is to just take the garment and just steam it by yourself. It is a very effective method and can be a quick help when you want to reduce the stain. Just plug that steamer and just steam where ever you find the stain. However, it is important that you use a spray that is used in pretreatments and is of high volume but the pressure must be low.

how to clean dtg printer dampers

The quality of the machine should also be good. Using a ratio of 2:1, take the pretreatment and just mix it with the distilled water. Now, apply a coat that is even and only in a quantity that makes the garment wet and does not actually soak the garment. Now just spray in an even manner and brush that fluid in even ways.

Here is all about how to clean dtg printer dampers.


1. How to clean DTG printer heads

Just like how we learned how to clean the DTG printer dampers and it turned out to be easy, similarly, it is time you learn how to clean DTG printer heads. The print head has a lifeline of about some months to not more than one and a half years.

This too depends on how well you were able to care for it. They can help you with some 10 to 50 thousand prints but it varies. Make sure you keep cleaning it in order to increase its lifeline. Keep checking the nozzle that is responsible for the series in the lines that you see and make sure that each line gets ink. If there are missing colored lines or the lines are jagging then there might be a clog or the printer head is done.

2. What Is The Right Temperature To Keep The Printer

Yes, even the printers are required to be kept in the right space. The printer should always be kept in a very clean place where the temperature can be controlled. This is because printers can be very sensitive when it comes to dust as well as heat. This is the reason that you are required to keep the environment around them clean and the ideal temperature for these printers is around 65 degrees to 80 degrees.