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How to Connect Monoprice 3D Printer to Computer?

how to connect monoprice 3d printer to computer

A 3D printer is now increasingly used and people want to know how to connect monoprice 3D printer to computer. 3D printers have a lot of connection technologies such s USB as well as Wi-Fi and it can be problematic for some people to use them.  Let’s find out different ways in which we can connect the computer to a 3D printer.

How To Connect 3d Printer To Computer?

how to connect monoprice 3d printer to computer

A lot of people 3D print with the use of an SD card which is very simple. This can be beneficial for you as well as it means that the 3D printer is under control. However, 3D printers look all good and easy but they may require a lot of manual investment of effort. You can, however, still choose to go with the SD card.

What Are The Advantages Of Connecting a 3D Printer To a Computer Using an SD Card?

·   It becomes easy for you to send commands to the printer to set and do what it is supposed to do.

·  You can directly 3D print all the files from the computer because in this way you won’t have to manually transfer the files.

·  There are some 3D printers like Ender 5 Plus that allows the user only limited access to their settings, so when you use an SD card you can get done with this disadvantage.

·   It is very easy to update firmware on your 3D printer and it is also quicker if you use an SD card.

·  It is possible to have more control over the print and you can also monitor it when you use an SD card.

Therefore, to answer your question about how to connect monoprice 3D printer to computer, you can use an SD card as one way of doing it.


1. How To Connect 3d Printer To Laptop

There are different ways for this connection to have but it also relies upon the type of port configuration which is made available to you along with printer.
Usually, when you buy a printer you also get an SD port as well as a USB and now the new 3D printer model has begun with wireless connections such as the conventional printers.

2. What Are The Different Methods Of Connecting The 3D Printer To a Computer?

Usually, “USB proxies such as the OctoPrint, USB, Wi-fi” are used for connecting 3d printers to computers.

3. How To Connect Using USB Connection ?

Let’s find out how to connect monoprice 3D printer to computer using USB. This is a very popular method and the configuration for connection on USB is also the same and easy.
Things that you would need include of course a 3D printer, a computer, a USB cable that can be connected to the 3D printer which is in most cases type A, and the drives and firmware.

4. How To Connect?

Start By Checking the ports – Before you begin to connect the cables, start checking the ports on the devices and if they are functioning properly.
Connecting the devices – Do this using the USB type – A that you get with the printer and try using thick cords as they have great data quality which prevents any interruptions when you print.
Install device drivers – USB devices as and when you plug it in the device and you will see the drivers as they automatically get installed.
The printer control software – As the drivers get installed, you can download the software as well. They are made available with the printer packaging, but you can download them using the website that originally manufactured it, even if they don’t. As you will open this software, you will have to just go as per the settings made available to you on the website in order to have the proper configuration done for the printer and you are ready to use the 3D printer that is now connected to your computer.