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How to Find Wireless Printer?

how to find wireless printer

Wireless printers are of two types that you can find and buy from the market. One is operated via wi-fi while the other type is operated with the help of Bluetooth. People consider buying them seriously nowadays instead of the traditional wired ones but the question which comes to our mind after buying them is- How to Find Wireless Printer?

How to Setup Wireless Printer?

how to find wireless printer

To find out the answer to the question of how to find wireless printer, we need to know first how to set it up. It is not simple, on the contrary, it is quite complicated and may take some time. Some of the major brands which manufacture wireless printers are Hp, Canon, and Epson. There is not a definite process that you have to follow for setting up a wireless printer. The process is different for different brands.

So, the setup procedures you have to follow while setting up a Hp wireless printer would not be the same as those of a Canon wireless printer. Even the guidelines are different for the different models of these wireless devices manufactured by the same company.

A person has to use the user manual that is provided with the device or he may simply search in google and watch a video about setting up a wireless printer, all he has to do is to know the name of the model of the printer.

How to Find Wireless Printer on Mac?

The process of connecting a wireless printer to any type of Mac is the same. Make sure that your printer is compatible with Apple AirPrint technology. Almost every Mac device has an inbuilt feature which is known as AirPrint, that allows it to connect with any type of wireless printer. Having this quality feature helps a lot as the user does not have to download any additional drivers or software on his Mac device to connect with the wireless device.

After connecting the Mac device to the wireless printer, visit the Printer and Scanners section and then go to the nearby devices. The name of the wireless printer will appear on the Nearby devices section with which the Mac device is connected. In case it does not appear in that section, the user can also add it manually by adding the model number.

There is also another way to find out the answer to how to find wireless printer on Mac devices. The user can connect the printer and the Mac with the help of a USB cable. This is especially applicable if the wireless printer is not AirPrint compatible.

How to Find Wi-Fi Printer?

how to find wireless printer

The process of finding out a wi-fi printer or a Bluetooth-operated printer is almost the same. In the first case, you have to connect your printer with the Mac device with the help of wi-fi and the second one with the help of your Bluetooth connection.

The printer, if it has the AirPrint feature in it, will easily get connected to the device. The user has to just go to the Nearby section under the Printer and Scanner menu to find out the device. Once the user finds it out, he can just tap to click and enable the connection. If the wireless printer device’s name does not appear, he has to add it manually or can connect with the help of a USB cable.


1. How Do I Connect My Printer to My Computer Wirelessly?

Connecting a wireless printer on a windows 10 device is quite easy. All you have to do is go to the start menu, click on settings and devices and then go to the Printers and Scanners section. You have to find out the model of the wireless printer and then click and add it to establish the connection. Plugging in the printer with the desktop with the help of a USB cable is also another way to establish a connection between the wireless device and the Windows desktop.
If you are not using Windows 10, then you might have to download the necessary driver and printer to connect your desktop with the wireless printer.