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How To Get 11×17 Paper Size To Printer On Chromebook

how to get 11x17 paper size to printer on chromebook


The Chromebook has become very popular now. It is a great laptop at a cheaper price in comparison. It is also easy to handle. Now, if you own one or planning on buying one, you should be aware of how to get 11×17 paper size to printer on chromebook. The process appears to be quite easy. All you need to do is follow a few steps. And then you are done! Your printer will print whatever you order it to do. Now, check out the steps below and learn the process.

How to get 11×17 paper size to printer on chromebook

how to get 11x17 paper size to printer on chromebook

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to get 11×17 paper size to the printer on Chromebook

  • Adjust the settings of chrome print

You will see that the chrome has an in-built setting for print. That is Save To PDF. At first, you need to change that setting. In order to do it, you have to tap on the icon of three vertical lines. You will find it at the top right corner of chrome. This icon will lead you to the settings of the printer.

  • Change the google chrome print settings from there

You will see an option named Show Advanced Settings there. You have to tap on that option. A list of other options will pop up on the screen.

  • Finish chrome print settings

From the popped-up list, you have to select the option called Web Content. There you will be able to adjust the paper size of your choice. You can manually type the size 11×17 or you can select it from the options given.

After this step, you can press the Print button. Your printer will print your file or document on 11×17 paper. Here is how to get 11×17 paper size to printer on Chromebook.

Another process

how to get 11x17 paper size to printer on chromebook

There is another process through which you can make your printer print 11×17 paper size from your Chromebook. Here are the steps –

  • Go to the chrome setup

You can select a file for print. Then you can tap on the Print button on chrome. You will see some options. From there, you have to click on Preferences. Or, you can also press Ctrl+Shift+P instead of Print. That will lead you to the Preferences option directly.

  • Adjust the google chrome set up

Under the section Preferences, you will find an option for Paper Size. You have to adjust that. You can type 11×17 on the box given. You can also select the size 11×17 from the list given. Then press OK.

  • Print your file or document

After setting the paper size, your file or document is now ready to be printed. You have to tap on the Print button. And your file or document will come out printed in your desired size.

So, this was another way to get 11×17 paper size to the printer on Chromebook. Among these two ways or processes mentioned above, you can apply to anyone with which you feel comfortable. Both these processes are very easy to understand. Anyone will be able to apply them.

Here is all about how to get 11×17 paper size to printer on Chromebook.


1. Can a chromebook be connected to any printer

Yes, a chromebook can be connected to any printer. You can connect the following printers to your chromebook –
Wired printer
Wireless printer
Wi-Fi printer
Connecting a Wired printer is easy enough. You just need to plug in the printer to your chromebook. But in the case of a Wireless printer, you can connect the printer to your router with a USB cable. Then you have to connect your chromebook to the printer. In the case of a Wi-Fi printer, you need to connect both the printer and your chromebook to the same Wi-Fi network.