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How to Get Your HP Printer 7610 Series to Print 11×17 Paper?

how to get our hp printer 7610 series to print 11x17 paper

Hp 7610 series is an all-in-one office format printer range that works in all business settings. It supports all kinds of printer formats. However, if you are new to using this printer, you should learn how to get our hp printer 7610 series to print 11×17 paper and follow the ground steps for a finer print with no mistakes. Therefore, from A4 to tabloid sizes, you are good to go and change the printer settings as per your requirements.

Keep a mental note to check the paper type and size of the paper you are using from the packaging. It will help you set the correct dimensions in the new settings and bring out the best print results. This article will explain to you how to deal with large-sized papers and print with utmost perfection.

Steps to print on 11×17 paper using hp printer 7610 series 

To print on such a large-sized paper, change the printer settings in the PC program and follow the given steps for reassurance.

how to get our hp printer 7610 series to print 11x17 paper
  • Step 1: This is the paper loading step. Here, you have to first raise the output tray and pick up the input tray extender to load paper in it. Remove the previously loaded papers by sliding them out along the guides, and then set a new stack of desired paper into the input tray. These papers in the stack should be unused and face downwards for the printing side. 

Remember not to load paper while printing anything to avoid machine errors. Slide the input tray to close it lightly along with the guides until it stops going in further. Readjust the output tray extender and pull up the paper catch.

  • Step 2: This step involves changing the printer driver settings by going to the file and selecting the print preferences in the Print tab. Click on the properties, then paper quality, and select the paper size you want. You can also add a custom size as per the need. Click ok to save the changes and press print to get the document in color. 
  • Step 3: Now that you know how to get our hp printer 7610 series to print 11×17 paper, click the print button and get your documents printed. 


1. How to set paper size in the hp 7610 printer series? 

To set the paper size in the hp 7610 printer series, you have to first load the papers into the tray. Then, select the item you want to print and go to the print window. There click print preferences, then properties, and go to the paper or quality tab. In this section, click on the custom paper button. Click now and then add the height and width of your choice; click ok to save the settings. Now, check the print preview and click on print to get it done.

2. Can every printer print on 11×17 paper?

No, not every printer can print 11×17-sized prints. It is a larger-than-usual tabloid size that requires new settings and larger print mechanics. To check if your printer can print the 11×17 paper, search for the details with tabloids and dimensions. If 11×17 is mentioned there, it means your printer can go with this size, and if not mentioned, then you should look for another printer. It is always better to check the printer’s specifications before printing anything new.

3. How to create a custom paper print in a hp 7610 printer?

To create a custom print size for the hp 7610 printer series for a single print job, you can change the settings in the given manner. Go to the file you want to print and click on the print option. Then select the hp 7610 printer and click on printer properties. In this tab, select the paper quality option, and you will see a drop-down list of paper sizes choose your desired one. If the desired size is not mentioned, go to custom and add the dimensions you want. Click on ok to save it and then print the document.