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How to Load 11×17 Paper in Brother MFC-J6920DW Printer?


In this article, let us discuss how to load 11×17 paper in brother mfc j6920dw printer. The printer makes the work simpler and easier. Therefore, they are appreciated by consumers for doing rapid work like scanning. They are proposed to do advanced printing in less time. Loading paper in this printer is also very easy, do you know how to load 11×17 paper in brother MFC j6920dw printer? You will get the answers in this article.

People’s suggestions and reviews

This extremely remarkable A3 inkjet printer has existed highly esteemed since its discharge, but what precisely does it give? So let us know about it too.

The Brother MFC-J6920DW provides everything which we want from a modern printer. It is considered an all-in-one inkjet, with image, manuscript, and scan capacities, it is a two ways printing, as well as an arrangement of gifted apps, encompassing cell phone, cloud, and NFC printing – all of which are regulated by a simple to utilize 9.3cm LCD color flicker web.

how to load 11x17 paper in brother mfc j6920dw printer

It offers good value

Yes, it offers good value, you can subtract its incredible print expenses. It’s lovely and an excellent choice for any industry that hopes to add energy, productivity, and moral integrity to its picture layout.

Details to glance for in a printer

The main three features for which we search are mentioned below, do look at this and try to include them in your printer:

  • Color:  The first thing we look for is color, we all want high-quality color printing. Color printer’s costs are higher than the black and white ones.
  • Speed: The next crucial thing we should include is speed.  It is a very important thing as in industries workloads are more and speed is required for that.
  • Memory: memory is also an aspect. We should go with printers that have high memory power.

How to print 11×17 in it?

Step 1– You have to Keep or place the manuscript near the printer, then pul the manuscript tray 2 out of the printer and continue with the option of how to print 11×17 on Brother MFC J5845dw.

Step 2– Alter the top lid of the manuscript tray of the Brother MFC J5845DW printer layout.

Now, change the positions of the fresh manuscript width and duration tutors to the paper quantity.

Step 3 – Spot the manuscripts on the tray giving birth to the print. Now modify the paper such that the paper perimeters and tray perimeter are.

Step 4 – Then, place the paper tray on the manuscript rims so that the manuscript is clamped in a position. Next, renovate the top lid of the manuscript tray and continue with how to print 11×17 on the Brother MFC J5845dw method.

Step 5 – Select the Tray Setting card. After that touch the paper-type menu.

Step 6– Then, select the Paper Size choice and choose the required effect manuscript quantity. After attending how to print 11×17 on Brother MFC J5845dw actions, Press the home lever to begin the method.

how to load 11x17 paper in brother mfc j6920dw printer


1. Is it easy to print 11×17

Yes, it is easy you just need to follow the above-mentioned steps.