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How to Load 11×17 Paper in Hp 5200 Printer?

how to load 11x17 paper in hp 5200 printer

While using a printer, you have to be careful of what paper you are using and if it is compatible or not. Therefore, it is better to know about different paper sizes, such as A4, cards, 11×17, and how to load 11×17 paper in hp 5200 printer. You can not add paper of your own choice while the printer is set on another mode. Different paper sizes need to be printed with different margins, and to avoid incomplete prints, this setting is important. 

It is important to understand the error messages displayed on the printer control panel. Keep an eye on the paper and processing until your work is done. This article will give you a clear idea. Here is all about how to load 11×17 paper in hp 5200 printer.

Hp Laserjet 5200

how to load 11x17 paper in hp 5200 printer

Hp laserjet 5200 is a wide-format powerful printer suitable for large-sized prints. It works well for tabloid-sized, 11×17 sized, A3+, and other formats to meet all kinds of office needs at once. It is a complete package that delivers the efficient and latest technology for a versatile range of business frameworks. If you want an automated and quality product it could be the best choice. 

Hp printer 2 sided printing

For two-sided printing, you have to do the work manually. For the hp 5200 printer, first select the paper on which you can print double-sided and then set the print dimensions, margins, and preferences from the print settings. Put the paper stack in the input tray and follow the guides on the tray to fit the papers perfectly. Close the tray lightly and adjust the output tray extender. As soon as the print on one side is done, you can again put in the same paper with the empty side facing downwards. It will be done in seconds. 

Size of printer paper

how to load 11x17 paper in hp 5200 printer

There can be hundreds of paper sizes, but the most common are- plain paper, photo paper, cards, and common envelopes. These paper sizes are found in hp 5200 printers, so the loading of paper is easy. Remember to set the correct paper and print size in the print settings. And accordingly open the input hp printer paper tray, put the stack of papers with the printing side on the downside, and close the tray fully or partially per the need. Adjust the papers with guides on the tray and recheck them. Here is all about how to load 11×17 paper in hp 5200 printer.


1. How to set paper size in a hp printer? 

To set the print paper size in the hp printer, you have to adjust the settings manually. If you want to set an already mentioned size, click the print window and then select print preferences. In this tab, click properties and then the paper tab. Here, you can choose the desired size from the given options and save it by pressing ok. But, if you want to add a custom paper size, you will have to add it by selecting custom in the paper tab. Then, select the height and width of the new size, add its name, and save by clicking ok. 

2. How to change the print settings in the hp printer?

There is a default set of functions in your printer for basic work. But, when you have to add new work, you can change the default settings of your printer by the following steps. First, go to the search bar and find the connected devices. Here, choose printers from the options and click the printer icon. For all the printer settings, go to printer preferences and make the changes you want. Press ok when done. 

3. Why does the hp printer not print the whole page?

Your hp printer might not be printing the whole page because of the set paper size and printer settings. Each time you want to print something, check the print preferences and adjust them accordingly. Here, to change the size, do to file and then print option in the menu. Select the position and size option and check the set margins. Deselect the scale to fit the media option and enter the height, width, scale, and margins manually. Click print to finalize it. Here is all about how to load 11×17 paper in hp 5200 printer.