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How to Make 3d Printer Files?

how to make 3d printer files


In this article, let us discuss how to make 3d printer files. Nowadays, the 3d printer is very much in trend. A lot of people are using them at present. Day by day, its usage is even increasing further. A 3d printer has several benefits to offer. To avail of them, one must know how to make 3d printer files. Handling a 3d printer is not that complex. Everyone can make use of it.

Needless to say, a 3d printer creates three-dimensional objects from digital files. It is capable of cutting out and producing complex shapes. One can build a solid object using less material compared to usual manufacturing with the help of this printer. Let us now understand how to make 3d printer files.

how to make 3d printer files

How to make 3d printer files

To make 3d printer models, one needs to consider the steps mentioned below.

  • Choose a proper design

When the model will come into the physical world from the digital one, its design will matter. Therefore, thinking about the impact of the design is important.

  • Distribute the weight carefully

The base or the legs of the model should be heavy or thicker than the rest of the body. It will help the model to stand properly.

  • Make the joints thick

The joints of the model should not be too thin. Otherwise, it may fall off or break the whole model.

  • Avoid using smoothing modifiers

A 3d printer is incapable of reading the smoothing modifiers. Instead, the sub-division level of the model can be enhanced. It will show the same result.

How to make stl file for 3d printing?

To make an stl file for 3d printing, one needs to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open a CAD program

There are several good CAD programs, such as –

  1. Sketch Up
  2. Blender
  3. Onshape
  4. Tinker CAD
  5. Free CAD
  6. Fusion 360

Any of these can be used.

  • Draw a design

Now it’s time to draw a design. It can be anything. The tools of the opened CAD program should be used for it.

  • Save the design

The design needs to be saved on the PC. It should be kept in or exported to the STL file category.

  • Select a slicer program

A slicer program should be selected. “Cura” will do for beginners.

  • Slice the saved file

Use the slicer program to slice the saved file with the intended settings. The file will turn into a G-Code File.

how to make 3d printer files

How to make cookie cutters 3d printer?

To make cookie cutters in a 3d printer, one needs to go through the steps mentioned below.

  • Create a design

Open a CAD program. Create any desirable design or shape for the cookie cutter.

  • Download an image or a design

Any downloaded image or design can also be used to form a cookie-cutter. After downloading the image or the design, it needs to be inserted and cut out properly in a CAD program.

  • Add height to the walls

Make the walls of the cookie-cutter higher. It can be 15 mm high for instance.

  • Join the separate body parts

To make the entire thing printable, it is necessary to join or combine the body parts together. There is an option named ‘Combine’. It should be clicked.


1. How to make an stl file

The process of making an stl file is quite easy. Here are some simple steps to do it.

  1. Go to ‘File’.
  2. Click on ‘Save as’.
  3. Scroll down to ‘STL’ (*.stl).
  4. Tap on ‘Options’.
  5. The Export Options dialogue box will appear.
  6. Select the file format as ‘STL’.

And you are done!

2. How to create 3d printer files

You can create a 3d printer file through some easy steps. Here they are –

  1. Go to a CAD program and open it.
  2. Create any design of your choice.
  3. Save the finished design.
  4. Export the saved file to the STL file category on your PC.
  5. Go to a slicer program and open it.
  6. Slice the file the way you want.
  7. Save the file as a G-Code file.

And you are done!