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How To Make Your Own 3d Printer?

how to make your own 3d printer

A 3d printer is used to print digital files into three-dimensional objects. You can create several things you want. The popularity of 3d printers is enhancing every day. You can buy one if you want or learn how to make your own 3d printer at home.

You can create your own design or things in a 3d printer. You can also insert an image of your choice to make it three-dimensional. After that, you need to adjust some basic measurements. And your digital file is ready to come out as a 3d object.

How to build your own 3d printer

how to make your own 3d printer

You can build a 3d printer by using readymade 3d printer kits. You just need to follow the instructions that come with it. Once you assemble the parts correctly, you are ready to go!

However, you can also make a 3d printer from scratch. For that, you need to gather the things mentioned below.

  • A controller

You need to get a controller for your 3d printer. You can use any of the followings –

  1. RAMPS boards
  2. SKR boards
  3. Some stepper motors

At least 4 stepper motors are required to make a 3d printer. These motors will be used in the following ways –

  1. 1 stepper motor for the X-axes
  2.  1 stepper motor for the Y-axes
  3. 2 stepper motors for the Z-axes

Apart from these, you will also need 1 motor for each extruder. The potentiometer on the motor drive should be adjusted and matched with the motor current. The pairing of the wires is also important.

  • The extruder(s)

You can use 1 extruder or 2 in your 3d printer. However, you need to make sure that the control board of your printer can support 2 extruders. Otherwise, use 1. Here, you can select any of the followings –

  1. Bowden extruder – There will be a motor on the frame
  2. Direct extruder – There will be a motor on the extruder
  3. A print bed

A print bed offers adhesion as well as a smooth and flat surface to the prints. Any of the following things can be used to make a print bed for your 3d printer –

  1. A flexible sheet
  2. A glass plate
  3. An adequate supply of power

In general, a 3d printer uses 12-24 volts. All you need to do is set up the other parts of your printer to match the same voltage.

  • A frame

You can design and create a frame of your choice for your 3d printer. Or else, you can order or buy any standard frame. There are plenty of 3d printer frames available in the market.

Then you have to assemble all these parts. And your 3d printer is ready to print.

How to make your own 3d printer designs

how to make your own 3d printer

Making your own 3d printer designs is quite easy. You need to follow the steps mentioned below –

  1. At first, you need to go to a CAD program (Blender/ Free CAD/ Tinker CAD/ Sketch Up/ Fusion 360/ Onshape).
  2. Create or draw a design you want to print. You can also insert any picture of your choice.
  3. Adjust the measurements of the design if required.
  4. Then save the file in the ‘SLT’ category.

And your 3d printer design is ready. You can print it out in a three-dimensional form.


1. How to make your own 3d printer models

You can draw a model the way you want in a CAD program. Or, you can download and insert a picture of your desired model there. Then, after adjusting the design properly (if needed), you need to save it as an ‘SLT’ file. And your digital model is ready to come out solid.

2. How to make your own 3d printer at home

There are two ways to make a 3d printer at home –
I. Buy a 3d printer kit and assemble the parts as instructed.
II. Collect and gather the parts of a 3d printer like extruder, controller, fan, motor(s), frame, print bed, etc. and assemble them.
Go with any of these ways you feel comfortable with.