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How to Print 11×17 on Regular Printer?

how to print 11x17 on regular printer

Here is all about how to print 11×17 on regular printer. Just like how humans possess differences, in a similar fashion paper comes in different shapes, sizes, and weights. The 11×17 commonly referred to as tabloid paper or ‘ledger paper’ is one of the most popular sizes of paper. It consists of two pages of letter paper laid next to each other in portrait orientation. Now you might be wondering how to print 11×17 on regular printer? To begin with, let us understand where is tabloid paper used. 

Where is the tabloid paper used? 

how to print 11x17 on regular printer

Tabloids and magazines most commonly use the 11×17. Two 8.5×11 sheets are printed together on an 11×17, folded in half, and stitched together and the final result is a letter-sized publication.  It is also a great size for printing posters and flyers as opposed to letter paper. Tabloid paper is also used in the design industry for printing copies with a full bleed i.e. when the color goes to the edge of the paper.

Print shops also use the 11×17 because this is a very popular size and is thus cheaper than other paper sizes. So even if you want to print a smaller size you could print an 11×17 and either cut it or fold it in half. This will save you a lot of time because printing two sheets are extremely tedious. Also while printing in large volumes, folding the sheets will help you manage them. 

Can any printer print 11×17? 

Almost all desktop printers can print on 11×17 paper. In case you don’t know if your printer can print 11×17 then there is a  way to figure this out. Go to the office button, click on the print option, and a dialogue box will appear. Now in the ‘scale to paper size’ look for the ‘tabloid’ or ‘ledger option. If you are not able to find those options then that means your printer does not print 11×17. 

How to print 11×17 on a regular printer?

We would recommend that you convert your document into a PDF before printing, this helps to lock all the various elements in place. Also, it helps to retain all the final formatting. Following are the steps on how to print 11×17 on a regular printer.

  1. After converting your document into a PDF, go to file explorer and look for your PDF. 
  2. Open the PDF, you will see a printer icon, click on it. You could also use the shortcut Ctrl+P to print your file. 
  3. A print dialogue box will appear. Go to “properties” and then go to “My Tab”.
  4. Make sure that the “original size” is 11×17 and the “print type” is 1-sided
  5. In the “select color” option, based on whether you want a black and white print or a colored print, select either grayscale or auto color. 
  6. Next, go to the “Basic” tab, and under the “paper tray” option, choose “bypass tray”.
  7. Lastly, go through the preview box. It will show you what your document would look like after printing. 
  8. Insert your 11×17 into the right side of the printer in the bypass tray and click on print. 

Why won’t my printer print 11×17?

how to print 11x17 on regular printer

The possible reason might be that your printer does not support 11×17. Also, inquire if your printer can print other sizes or not.  If it does not then you might want to check if your printer is connected correctly to the computer or not. 


1. What are the best printers for printing 11×17?

In our opinion, some of the best 11×17 printers are:
• HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 Wireless All-in-One Printer
• Epson Workforce Pro WF 7820 Wireless
• Canon PIXMA TS9520 All-in-One Wireless Printer
• Brother MFC J654DW INKvestment Tank Color Inkjet

2. Where is the 11×17 used?

Tabloids and magazines most commonly use the 11×17. It is used extensively for printing posters and flyers. Tabloid paper is also used in the design industry.