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How to Print on a Inkjet Printer with 11×17 Matte Paper?

how to print on a inkjet printer with 11x17 matte paper

Working on any digital device is not easy task; it requires mechanisms, rules, and algorithms to make the work efficient along with it needs prevention to avoid any faults occurring in the device, similarly, with printers, here is to know- how to print on a inkjet printer with 11×17 matte papers?

First of all, there’s a lot to see about the features of this Epson Matte presentation paper, there’s a lot to know how this quality looks like when the printing work is accompanied by the matte finish in it.

Highlights of features of Epson matte presentation-

how to print on a inkjet printer with 11x17 matte paper

It includes printing bright colors along with sharp texts with this 100 – pack of 11 x 17” Presentation Paper Matte from Epson. It holds a range of purposes due to having a basis weight of 102 gsm, or 27lb, and a manageable thickness of 4.9 mil. Also, it features a rated opacity of 90% and a brightness of 90%.

Size of Paper-

It indicates that the generous size allows the creative space for poster making and flyers. It has 11 x 17 inches of adequate space that helps to hold the details for the requirements of the work purpose. The large size and high-quality photograph enhance the chance and demand of working of this paper for office essentials and many other work purposes.

Matte Finish Looks-

The very appealing matte look of paper offers enhanced-looking images along with the sharp text that makes them on the list of demands. When used for official work then, it looks as the must-have choice in printers to be present at offices as it fulfills all business printing needs.

The thickness of Paper-

Holding the thickness of 4.9 millimeters, this white printing paper is a great addition to any official or other work purpose presentation putting forward new ideas and this adds more enhancing effects to its idea delivery process.

Therefore, the above-listed qualities hint at the reason matte presentation paper is suitable for flyers, newsletters, or graphics-heavy reports and it uses inkjet printing technology to print the texts and images. It is 100 per pack bundles.

Procedure for how to print on a inkjet printer with 11×17 matte papers – 

This includes changing the printer settings for matte presentation papers. Here, the adjustments are made in Media Type settings; this setting option is taken from Print Dialog Box where printer driver settings are available.

  1. Click on the File menu.
  2. Select the Print option.
  3. Here, a print dialog box appears, now select the Media type settings.

Now, the selection of Media Type Settings should be as that match the type of paper loaded in the printer for printing purposes. There are several media-type settings for some media to choose from. For the matte presentation type paper, there is a corresponding media type setting under which it is grouped that is-

Matte Paper-Heavyweight

how to print on a inkjet printer with 11x17 matte paper

EPSON Matte Paper-Heavyweight (A4)     

EPSON Matte Paper- Heavyweight (Letter)  

Then, the Mode Setting is selected as Automatic mode under the Printer Dialog box, here the printer driver determines all detailed settings based on the current Media Type settings and Ink settings.

To adjust the Ink setting, click Colour to print in color, or Black to print in black and white, or choose grey-scale. 

It also depends on the media type that has been selected in the Media list under Automatic Mode, then, a slider menu appears to the right of the Mode options that offers options for Quality or Speed.

Other settings are Photo Enhance mode and Custom mode settings for other printer adjustments.


 1. Describe Epson presentation matte paper.

The matte presentation papers ara a kind of papers which are bright white, coated paper suitable for printing newspapers, flyers, reports or special presentation containing graphics, as these papers contains smooth matte finish which offers bright colours and dark text to the printed document.