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How to Program 3d Printer?

how to program 3d printer

Let us learn how to program 3d printer. 3D printers have been widely in use due to their magazine technology and being handy as well. Also, the most important point to note about them is that they have their own programming language being developed so that they can be brought under control. So for using them one must know how to program a 3d printer.

These codes are the instructions that are given to your printer and the printer works accordingly. This code instructs where to move, what speed they should do the printing job, what temperatures they should be working in, and much more.

How to program 3d printer

how to program 3d printer

To know how to program a 3d printer one must have a prior idea of how the code is written, executed, etc. The programming code used to operate a 3d printer is called G-code. Now, this has been named g code because most of its code starts with g. This code tells the printer to perform all the functions starting from printing to the temperature it must maintain. Anyone who wants to use a 3d printer for either office use or personal use must have a fundamental knowledge of G-code.

This prior knowledge would help them understand the working mechanism of the 3d printer they use. This code also helps to understand the maintenance of the performance of your 3D printer machine and debug it when needed. Also, you can verify the files that you print.

What are the programs needed for 3d printing?

3D printing is the best idea that might have popped out in your mind and you might also end up wondering how to program a 3d printer.  But until and unless you don’t know about a handful of software tools that are needed, you can’t start with the programming. You can get only one of them and that would be perfectly fine to get started with your printer but here are some extra ones mentioned to help you pick something that is affordable and available for you.

  • Slicing- This software is a must when you want to own and run a 3d printer. The slicing software does the job by converting digital 3D models into the programming instructions needed to control the 3D printer, which as mentioned earlier is known as g-code. Now, 3d printers execute this g-code and produce physical replicas of While in the process of producing g-code, these slices cut your 3d model into horizontal layers which is typically known as slicing and the layers are called slices.
  • This software also creates internal configurations as well as external structures and ways for printing your 3d models. All of this aids in the printing process.
  • 3D modeling- If you are someone who’s really inclined towards creating their own 3d models, 3D modeling software is it for you. So, 3D modeling software helps you turn your ideas into printable form, and that too 3D printable form.

Memorize how to program the ender 3d printer

how to program 3d printer

Ender 3d printer has currently been the most popular printer in the market. Not just being a good printer, it has also done its job perfectly by being the most precise one. Also, it is really affordable and this helps anyone to own this up and include it in their household. But if you want to start using your ender 3d printer you need a series of software in hand to start programming with them. Let’s read how to program your ender 3d printer and given below are the list of software you would need to program it.

  • Fusion 360 – This software has got the best flexible features due to the flexible tools embedded in it.  It has amazing features with it namely, sketching, mesh modeling, surface modeling, and freedom modeling.
  • MatterControl – Undoubtedly this is an amazing software for your ender printer. They have got great slicing features as well as designing tools that help users to design various parts in use. Also, it is an open-source software which all the editors can have access.

Here is all about how to program 3d printer.


1. What program do 3d printers use?

They use a lot of programs in their execution. Some of them are 3D modeling, mesh repair, and print management. But the slicing program is the must-have one. Also, the main process of its execution has been explained in the article itself.