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How To Remove 3D Printer Support Material?

how to remove 3d printer support material

The demand for 3D printing is insane among users. 3D printing technology can offer revolutionary benefits, decreasing the overall manufacturing and designing time. Moreover, it has other benefits, which are helpful from the manufacturer’s perspective. The majority of users are aware of the procedure to handle 3D printers. However, how to remove 3D printer support material?

As mentioned previously, 3D printers are used widely for various purposes. Many manufacturers and users use the printer to reduce the overall working time and manufacture the product quickly. Previously, 3D printers were used to manufacture the product’s prototype, which can be further utilized for original manufacturing ones. However, the printer has advanced, and now the final product can be manufactured using these printers, without manufacturing the prototype.

How to remove 3d printer support material

how to remove 3d printer support material

There are several kinds of 3D printers starting from $100 and going up to $20000. The type of 3D printer a user should go with depends upon the user’s usage. Apart from building prototypes and manufacturing processes, using a 3D printer has other potential benefits. They are mentioned below-


The 3D printer allows the design to be more flexible than the traditional printed designs. Moreover, the 3D printer can print more complex designs than normal ones.

Rapid Development

The 3D printer can deliver the final product within a few hours, which speeds up the product development process.

If we compare 3D printing with machining prototypes, then 3D printing technology is inexpensive and quicker in manufacturing the parts. Moreover, the designs made with 3D printing technology can be modified easily, without encountering any issues.

Saves Space

Unlike the traditional printing machine, the 3D printing machine doesn’t require much space to operate. All the printing files can be stored virtually in CAD files, which can be used when needed.

Lightweight & Durable Parts

3D printing technology makes use of plastic for manufacturing. Apart from plastic, metals can be used for manufacturing. However, going with plastic is a better alternative, as it is lightweight. Moreover, the plastic used can be further recycled for various purposes.

Fast Production

Compared with machinery printing, 3D printers can deliver the final product within hours, depending upon the part’s complexity. Apart from manufacturing, time can be saved by creating CAD files ready to be shared and printed.


As earlier said, 3D printers are a lot more time-saving and effective when it comes to 3D manufacturing. Due to this reason, 3D printers are cost-effective, and moreover, the user can reduce the cost of materials for further cost-cutting.

how to remove 3d printer support material

3d print how to remove supports

The 3D printer supports are those used to support the model. These support structures are not part of the model and are required for creating support for the model while it’s printing. Once the printing process is completed, the supports can be removed from the final model.

Generally, two support materials are widely used for the models while printing. These are PVA support and breakaway support, and the PVA support can be dissolved in water for removal.

In the case of breakaway support, the supportive part can be removed by breaking it away. The individuals should wear gloves before breaking the supporting part from the model.

Removing Supports From 3D Prints

As mentioned above, these two methods can be used to remove the supporting material from the parts of the model. However, there are other ways, like removing the support with a needle, using high grit sandpapers, etc., to remove the supportive parts. Her e is all about how to remove 3d printer support material.


1. How to remove 3d printer support material

As mentioned previously, the support material can be dissolved in water and broken using different methods like a knife or needle for removal. However, there are other methods, such as using high-grit sandpaper or pallet knives, for removal. Moreover, the factors like cooling, lower printing temperature, and distance should be maintained to remove the support easily from the model. Also, the users should keep in mind that the supporting structures should be handled carefully while removing them. If not handled properly, the model can get damaged.