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How to Scan 11×17 Documents on a Brother Business Smart Printer?

how to scan 11x17 documents on brother business smart printer


Brother business smart printers have a lot to offer you. You will be able to print, scan, fax as well as copy files or documents with the help of this printer. You can also connect it to your PC through a Wi-Fi network. Now, you may want to know how to scan 11×17 documents on brother business smart printer. Keep patience and go on reading.

The process of scanning 11×17 documents on a brother business smart printer is not very complex. Anyone will be able to do that. There are some steps that you must need to follow. Then your job will be done properly. Here come the steps –

The process of scanning 11×17 documents on brother business smart printer

how to scan 11x17 documents on brother business smart printer

You may own a brother inkjet printer. Or you may have a brother laserjet printer. But still, you are facing trouble while printing 11×17 documents. You can solve this problem in several ways. You can buy a brother 11×17 laser printer or an 11×17 color laser printer. This will solve your printing issues at once. 

However, if you do not want to buy a new printer, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to make your brother color printer print 11×17 documents without causing any trouble.

To make it happen, you have to adjust one or two settings in the ControlCenter before your printer prints a document. To change the settings, you need to go through these steps –

  • Open the Brother Utilities application

First, you have to open the application called Brother Utilities from the application menu of your PC. You can also search for it on the search bar. Then go to the ControlCenter.

  • Tap on the Custom Settings button

Under the Scan section in the ControlCenter, you will find an option titled Custom Settings. Tap on that button. 

  • Tap on the Button Settings option

You will find four options – Image, Text, E-mail, and File. From there, you can right-click on whichever you want to work with. A small list will pop up. There you need to select the option Button Settings. 

  • Unmark the 2-Sided Scanning option
how to scan 11x17 documents on brother business smart printer

A box will pop up. Click on the 2-Sided Scanning option and it will be turned off. Then you need to tap on the Advanced Settings button. 

  • Unmark the Auto Deskew option

You will find an option titled Auto Deskew. You have to tap it to unmark it. After that, you need to press the OK button.

  • Select the Long Paper option

After pressing OK, you will be shown an option titled Document Size. Once you click on that, you will be provided with a long list. From there, you need to select the option, Long Paper. You will find it at the bottom of the list. 

And your job is done. Your brother’s business smart printer is now ready to scan 11×17 documents. 

The brother laser printers are very efficient both for personal and business purposes. Nowadays, many large business industries are relying on these brother printers. If you want to experience the premium quality of printing, scanning, faxing, and so on, you must check out brother’s printers as early as possible. Here is all about how to scan 11×17 documents on brother business smart printer.


1. Can I print long papers on brother printers

Yes, you definitely can. All you need to do is change or adjust some settings from the Brother Utilities application on your PC such as – you need to unmark both the 2-Sided Scanning and Auto Deskew options. After that, you will be able to select your desired paper size from the Document Size option. 

You can choose the Long Paper option there. And then your brother printer will print long papers. No more issues will be there anymore. 

2. What can a brother printer do

A brother printer is capable of doing a number of things. It can scan, print, fax, and copy documents. It will help you to work with any size of paper. Even this printer can print 11×17 documents. All you need to do is adjust the settings of the paper size. That’s it!