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How to Scan 11×17 on HP 7740 OfficeJet Pro Printer?

How To Scan 11x17 On Hp 7740 Officejet Pro Printer

In this article, let us discuss how to scan 11×17 on hp 7740 officejet pro printer. Add adaptable, broadening publishing to your company’s toolkit. For stunning client demonstrations, printed on dimensions approximately 11 x 17 inches (A3). Two variables. the correlation printing, quick print rates, as well as an automatic document feeding all contribute to making your day easier. 

Make a strong first impression with eye-catching, oversaturated color printouts that appears to be a major to 50% that much per sheet than color printers. On a range of outlets, from script to international, create brilliant color images and strong black text (A3). Write from everywhere in your office using your cellphone, iPad, or laptop. Publishing will never be more accessible. Printer devices as well as Apple, AndroidTM, or Windows smartphones and tablets.

How To Scan 11x17 On Hp 7740 Officejet Pro Printer
  • First, you must download the Hp Complete functionality software.
  • Concentrate on the following points when scanning from the printer’s touchscreen:
  • The first thing to keep in mind would be that the Scanner to Computers uses the Computer’s parameters.
  • Secondly, the HP Scan Application must have the Sources set to “Flatbed truck” as well as the Screen Resolution set to “A whole Scan Region,” and all these choices must be stored before scanning to the computer.
  • The third need is that Scan to Computers is “enabled.”

How and where to correctly use how to scan 11×17 on hp 7740 Officejet pro printer capability

Following that, please use the procedures below to scan 11 x 17 from either the printer’s touch interface.

1. Switch on Scan to Desktop.

2. Run a scan Or whatever as a PDF, for example, with the Page Size set to “Entire Scanner Area” as well as the Source set to “Flatbed.”

3. Save the changes.

4. Lay an 11×17 newspaper evenly on the flatbed.

5. Choose Scanner to Computers and afterward “Scan” from the Printer’s main panel.

6. When prompted “Do you have an additional object to scan?” following reading the first sheet, choose “Complete” or “Add item.” If no answer is received after 10 seconds, then the scanning page will show in the computer’s Windows Explorer. (For example, Scan001.pdf).

Features and Characteristics :

  • Excellent for Corporate: A3 Color Inkjet Printer
  • Printing, copying, scanning, and faxing are all options. ADF
  • Print speeds of up to 22 pages per minute (black) and 18 pages per minute (color) (color)
  • 2 RJ-11 modems ports, Bluetooth, 1 guest USB, Gigabit, Wi-Fi

Feeder for Automated Documents

How To Scan 11x17 On Hp 7740 Officejet Pro Printer

Automated feeding (ADF) eliminates the need for the user to constantly feed material into the device for printing, scanning, or copying.

Flash Memory Port across the Front

The USB drive connector is conveniently positioned across the front of the gadget.

Printing on both sides

With this printer, you can print on both sides.

Compared to the preponderance of color copier AiOs, which cost less than $500 except VAT since about June 2015 and also have a color print quality of 1–10 ppm; share in the market since about Q2 2015, according to IDC. CPP evaluations for slightly elevated HP ink cartridges are predicated on the company’s’ greatest possible cartridges’ stated specs. CPP is calculated using the projected street pricing as well as the page yield of high-capacity toner cartridges. ISO yield depends on the standard continuous printing methods.

The color and feel of the application may differ from the symbolic image on the Internet. While every effort is taken to ensure that pricing, technical specification, as well as other inaccuracies are checked, inadvertent mistakes do happen, therefore HP maintains the authority to decline purchases resulting from such mistakes.


In the center of your hands, you have the ability of your device: Set up your device, image from any smartphone, buy toner, as well as publish from the internet (iCloud, Dropbox, including Google Drive) using the HP Smart app. Fast velocity increases of down to 22 documents per minute black; withstand higher office publishing with a material intake capacity of approximately 500 sheets and two 250-sheet paper slots; down to 50% less price per sheet than colored lasers


1. How To Scan 11×17 On Hp Officejet Pro 7740

Print, scan, as well as copy in saturated colors on a range of document sizes ranging from business to 11×17 inches; use the color touch interface to conveniently handle print, scan, and duplicate, including fax jobs right at the printer by tapping and swiping.

2. What Paper sizes are supported?

3×5 to 11.7×17 inches of paper are supported.