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How to Set a 24×36 PDF with a 11×17 Printer?

How to set a 24×36 PDF with a 11×17 printer?

Printing procedures include a simple mechanism but yet different adjustments are made to variable work requirements for printing purposes. Similarly, for printing size, here’s a simple guide on how to set a 24×36 PDF with a 11×17 printer?

The requirement for changing printing sizes or adjusting the print size settings rises with varied printing work purposes. For example, certain print work documents comprise of small format documents whose dimensions are of small size such as files, paperwork, etc., whereas others require large-sized documents, such as posters, banners, etc. One such requirement is how to adjust settings for 24×36 pdf from printer printing 11×17 pdf.

how to set a 24x36 pdf with a 11x17 printer

Therefore, here is a call for various kinds of adjustments algorithm to work on multi-purpose printing tasks to provide custom size prints.

For printing large format documents-

To print large format documents, for example, posters or banners, there is a method in which splitting the page across multiple sheets of paper is done, known as tiling. This tiling option firstly includes counting the number of sheets of paper required to match the printing task requirement. Then, the next step is adjusting the original size of the paper to best fit the paper and specify how much each tile overlaps. Finally, the tiles are placed together to complete the large document printing task. Another option is also present, to scale up a standard-sized document and proceed to print it on multiple pages.

The procedure for printing PDFs in custom sizes is as follows-

  1. Choose the File menu.
  2. Select the Print option.
  3. Click on the Poster.
  1. This step is optional, here set any of these options, referring to the preview image to check the output results.
  2. TILE SCALE- Here this scaling is adjusted which implies that the scaling of tiles affects how the sections of the pdf page map to the physical sheet of paper look like. If there is any change in tile scale click in the overlapping field and force the preview to redraw the new scale value according to the new vale or changed value.
  3. OVERLAP- This option specifies the minimum amount of duplicated information that has to be printed on each tile for ease in assembly. This option utilizes the unit of measure specified for the particular document kept on printing. The value should be greater than the minimum non-printing margins prescribed for the printer type. It can also be specified as up to half the size of the shortest side of the document page which has to be overlapped.
  4.  LABELS- This option includes information such as the pdf name, date of printing, and the tile coordinated on every sheet. For example- Page 1(1, 1) means row1, column1 of the first page of the document which has to be printed. Tile coordinates are helpful when reassembling tiles is required.
  5. CUT MARKS- This option also gives information about print marks on each corner of a tiled page for ease of assembly of the tiles of the printing document. This option is used in addition to the overlap option, when there is a specification about an overlapping edge then superimposition of those edges is done. This option is helpful to line up the tiles of the document.
  6. TILE ONLY LARGE PAGES- This option helps to tile only large-format pages and prints standard pages as it is the position of the document pages.

Procedure for Scaling a document for printing- In this resizing of pages is carried out by setting a specific percentage.

how to set a 24x36 pdf with a 11x17 printer
  1. Choose the file menu.
  2. Click the print option.
  3. Click on the size option, then proceed for choosing one of the following-

a) FIT– This option scales more pages up and enlarges format pages down to match the fit of the paper applied for printing.
b) SHRINK OVERSIZE PAGES– This option resizes only large-format pages; fit the size of paper entering small pages as they are for applied printing purposes.
c) CUSTOM SCALE– This option resizes pages according to the specified percentage by the user for the required printing document.

Therefore, scaling of document for printing purposes is completed, but if page scaling options don’t appear, click the arrow next to the printer menu to explore more control options in the print dialogue box.


 1. Is it possible to print variable-size prints from a printer?

There are custom size settings present in the printer’s settings that allow different size printing.