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How to Set to Print 11×17 with 7740 Hp Printer with Windows 7?

how to set to print 11x17 with 7740 hp printer with windows 7

Hp 7740 printer series has been one of the most widely used printer series due to its wide approach to handling all kinds of paper sizes and paper quality. However, it may seem difficult for people who are new to this. Therefore, read here about how to set to print 11×17 with 7740 hp printer with windows 7. The overall printing process has become advanced and automated with this printer, so you can adjust the paper qualities for your ease.

Printing 11×17 sheets using hp 7740 printer 

To get 11×17 or tabloid or large-sized sheets printed by the hp 740 printer series, do the given thing. First, go to the printer settings and change the default settings. In the printers and faxes tab, choose and right-click on the default print preferences that you want to change. Click properties, then click advanced, and printing defaults. In this section, click on the layout and quality tab to see the available options by the advanced button. You can also select the already available tray settings or customize the new tray adjustments.

how to set to print 11x17 with 7740 hp printer with windows 7

You have to remove the primary tray from default and set it as the second tray on your device. It is the same as selecting a print size, paper size, and other print preferences. And then, when your work is done, change the tray settings back to the primary one. Since here you selected the default tray, the print will always be done from the second tray until you change it back to the default tray.

High-quality photo prints with hp 7740 printer 

Load an unused paper into the tray and open the file you want to print on the screen. Select the hp 7740 printers from the available devices and set print preferences like print size, paper quality, and orientation from the dialog box. You can also go to the advanced settings and set the dpi resolution for a clearer picture with high-quality greyscale from the list. Adjust the basic settings to your choice and click ok to confirm the changes. The process becomes easy when you know how to set to print 11×17 with 7740 hp printer with windows 7.


1. How to change printer paper size on hp 7740 printer? 

To change the print paper size for the hp 7740 printer, you have to follow the same method. First, open the file you want to print and click on the print option. A dialog box will appear on the screen, choose your printer from the options and then click properties. In this tab. Select the paper quality button and press it for a drop-down size list. Select the option that matches your requirements and click ok to save the print program by printing the paper. You can also add a new custom size if you want.

2. How to print 11×17 on a hp 7740 printer?

To print a 11x17sized paper on a hp 7740 printer, you have to go to the control panel first. In this windows control panel, check on the attached devices and printers and choose the hp 7740 series printer model. Click on the printer properties and go to the device settings. In this tab, check out the tray settings and adjust the new ones as per the need. Remember not to misplace the tray 1 and 2 settings. Keep a record of the printer tray settings and use the second tray for larger prints.

3. How to change tray settings on the hp 7740 printer?

It is easy to change the tray settings on the hp 7740 printer series. The first tray is the primary one and the second one serves as an extra for more papers, this way both the rays work in coordination. First, go to the system setup menu, and click on the paper setup option. Choose the tray you want to use and also click on the desired paper type from the options given. After this, choose the paper size you want to use for the tray and save the settings by pressing ok to save it.