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How To Setup Hp 11×17 Printer

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how to setup hp 11x17 printer

Media Outlet 11×17 Laser Printer Inches (279 X 432 Millimeter) Or Extra B 13 X 19 Inches (330 X 483 Mm Thick) On Paper

Use these instructions on how to setup hp 11×17 printer Publishing company 11 x 17 inches (279 x 432 mm wide) or Superior B 13 x 19 inches (330 x 483 mm) newspaper.

The material number and type may be seen on the cardboard packing. You can choose the optimum large format printer control panel settings if you understand the suitable paper tray.

  • First, put your material in the machine.
  • To insert the paper into the input tray, know the requirements.
  • Elevate the pressure release, then push the intake cartridge access door out as far as you can.
  • Lift the outlet valve and afterward take out all the intake tray extension 
  • Start by removing any material from the document feeder that is presently loaded.
  • Extend the sheet width guidelines much farther as they will go.
  • In the main compartment, place a pile of fresh, untouched paper with both the shorter edge ahead as well as the printing skin side.
how to setup hp 11x17 printer

WARNING: Don’t feed paper into the machine while it’s printing. You may run into problems with jams or paper feeding.

  • Place the pile of papers in the middle of the document feeder as well as slide it forward because it comes to a halt.
  • Raise the sheet width guidelines so that they are flush with the paper stack. Make sure the guidelines aren’t pressed too closely on the sheet.
  • After loading the paper, readjust the document width guidelines.
  • Modify the paper guidelines if necessary.
  • Reduce the outlet valve, stretch the tray extender as much as you can, and afterward push up the document catch.
  • Turn up the document catch and remove the production tray extension.
  • Stretch the outputs tray and remove it as far as it could go.
  • The sheet caught is flipped up.
  • Change the printer control panel settings if necessary.
  • Start the printing process.
  • To publish, select Print after you’ve changed your print options.

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how to setup hp 11x17 printer

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1. What is the printing quality of the HP 11×17 Printer?

Apart from either the low-cost ink, the HP offers excellent quality images throughout the field, with crisp typographic and vibrant colors as well as a natural appearance when publishing glossy photographs.

2. Which Printer driver is best for use at houses?

The HP OfficeJet 5255 almost all printers is the first item on the list. The HP OfficeJet 5255 almost all printer is a superb all-around printer with a wonderful user interface. Within moments of installation, it can attach to any double wireless connection as well as smoothly transmit scanned data to any laptop or desktop machine.