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How to Setup Wireless Printer?

how to setup wireless printer

Nowadays, most of us use the printer almost daily for printing files, data, and information. Wireless printers are the latest trends in the market. You can now buy your wireless printer, know how to setup wireless printer and start connecting to the PC.

How to setup wireless printer on mac?

After you buy your wireless printer, the next thing you have to make sure of is whether the Wi-Fi is connected to the PC and the printer or not. Once you are sure of the same, you can go to the settings page of the Mac PC or laptop.

Click on the apple logo which is on the top left-hand side of the how to setup wireless printer screen. You can then click on the system preferences from the menu that pops up.

how to setup wireless printer

Next, you need to click on the printers and scanners option. The addition symbol should be clicked if you are trying to set up a new printer with the PC. From the drop-down menu, click on the add printer.

In this step, you can add a nickname to the printer if you want and modify different settings. IP icon will be displayed at the top of the menu. All the other information fields are given to be filled by the user.

You can now add the printer to the pc after filling out the information and clicking on the ok button. The printer will be connected to the PC successfully. You can do the test trial of the printer by printing a random page.

How to setup wireless printer HP

If you have recently bought a windows pc and want to connect it to your wireless printer, then you can have a look at the below instructions. This will help you to do the task easily and in a faster method.

First of all, restore the Wi-Fi setup mode on the printer. This is done so that the printer disconnects from any other Wi-Fi networks, it might have been connected to previously. To do so, go to the setup menu on the printer or press the wireless button until the wireless button light flashes.

This will restart the printer making it ready to get paired with the new PC.  Secondly, you need to install HP smart. This is an application that helps wireless devices to get connected with HP laptops and PCs.

In the HP smart application, do the following:

Keep the printer and the computer near the router. Users must strictly use Wi-Fi for connecting both the devices with each other. Turn on the Bluetooth on the PC or laptop.

Also, users must allow the application to access their location while they try to connect both devices. This is required for safety and security purposes.  

How to setup wireless printer canon

To set up a wireless printer for your canon system, you need to follow all the instructions given step-by-step.

Firstly, click on the printer to switch it on and also the pc. Next, go to the printer settings menu and then select the LAN wireless setup option. Users must now choose their network names from the available list of Wi-Fi networks.

how to setup wireless printer

You must now enter the network password and the WPA key and click on the ok button. As you click on the ok button, the process of connecting the printer with the pc or the laptop will initiate automatically.

This process might take up few minutes to complete. After this process completes, the Wi-Fi light will stop flashing and will remain stable. Whenever this takes place, the users must know that the process is completed.


1. Do I need a Wireless printer?

If you work from your home or attend online classes, we suggest you get a wireless printer for yourself. This will save you from a lot of hassle of going out to print minor documents.

Wireless printers are recommended so that you can print the documents from wherever you are and it is not necessary to be sited in front of the pc.