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How to swith to 11×17 paper on my hp 7740 printer – The Instruction Manual!

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how to swith to 11x17 paper on my hp 7740 printer

Reading through how to switch to 11×17 paper on my HP7740 printer shall not only help you with changing the paper settings but also give you further guidance on how to set up your printer and a few other important factors that you must be knowing.

11×17 printing features of the HP 7740 printer

HP 7740 inkjet printer indeed brings with it some of the best and most versatile features. One of them surely is its ability to make 11×17 prints very easily with precision, quality, and speed. Not only with printing but also with copying, and scanning the color documents with such a finesse that it stands out amongst the rest. It brings you colored documents with boldness and professional quality at a cost that is fifty percent lesser than what color laser printers offer.

Be it the A3, 8×10, or 11×17, you can make prints of a variety of documents very easily. This printer is also capable of handling a variety of media types too from regular papers to envelopes, and glossy photopapers. In addition to this, it is also able to fax documents having the size up to 8.5 x14 inches.

how to swith to 11x17 paper on my hp 7740 printer

The 11×17 high-impact printing

This printer has been made with the intention of supporting the 11×17 print size. This is the reason why not only for regular prints but also for 11×17 prints too it is capable of delivering high-impact prints. HP understands the fact well that with the changing times and the advancement in technology, 11×17 prints have become the need of the hour. Just like the regular A4 printing paper types, tabloid papers have become a necessity these days.

A regular A4 sheet can surely fit in all the details of a map or any other images but that is not possible when you are making specialized blueprints of buildings, roads, or even graphs as well. There are details in them that will not come out well on normal paper. In the case of digital methods, one can still zoom the gadget and have a preview but for prints of such manner, tabloid sheets and 11×17 inches printing is the only savior. And this printer helps you to do just that very easily with precision and quality. In fact, this printer can make 11×17 prints on both sides of the sheet with its auto duplex printing feature.

The feature for handling the documents too in this printer has been made easier for you so that you can save yourself from making a mess while making high volumes of printing. The ADF or the output tray of the printer is capable of handling up to seventy-five pages of printed documents. It is to be noted here that the ADF can only handle up to legal-sized documents. The rear paper tray is capable of handling up to five hundred sheets very comfortably. To keep things neat and organized further HP has provided you with 2 two hundred and fifty paper-holding capacity trays where the printed pages get neatly piled up while the machine is running.

how to swith to 11x17 paper on my hp 7740 printer

Setup guide for HP 7740 printer

If you happen to set up your HP 7740 printer for the first time then follow the simple steps below to guide you through it.

  • Get the printer
  • Now get it connected to the power cord by plugging it into an electrical point. Start your printer and make the settings for your preferences. After changing the language, region and country confirm it by pressing yes.
  • Make changes in the date and the time too and again select yes to give your approval for the next step.
  • Now here you have to install the ink cartridges in the printer.
  • On the printer open the access door of the ink cartridges and wait to turn the cartridge idle.
  • While putting the ink cartridges in the printer make sure that the colored circle faces you. Put the cartridges in the allotted slot in the printer and gently press it for it to snap affirming it has been installed in the right place.
  • In the same way, put in the other ink cartridge too, and then having done that close the access door of the ink cartridges.
  • Now you have to put the paper on the paper tray
  • Put in all the sheets having the short edge in the front and the print side downwards.
  • Gently keep pushing the stack in the tray till the time it stops.
  • Now place the tray back into the printer.
  • Now, wait a bit until the printer aligns its printhead and automatically prints an alignment print.
  • Let the printer become silent and idle.
  • Reap the same process and insert tray 2 as well.
  • Now the hardware of your HP printer is set up. Get the printing software installed.
  • You can easily do this by downloading the software from the site and then following the online instructions that appear to guide you.
  • Having completed that, your printer is now ready for making the first print.

How To Switch To 11×17 Paper On My HP 7740 Printer?

In order to switch to the 11×17 paper on your HP 7740 printer, follow the instructions mentioned below:

Once you enter the control panel windows select the option that reads about viewing the printers and devices. Once you choose that now next select the option for HP Officejet 7740 printers. From there you choose the printer properties. And then choose the device settings option. Here match with the tray settings that you have made for the touchscreen of your printer. it should be made to 11×17 in your case. After saving the changed option, come out of it. You have switched your printer to 11×17 paper and now it is ready to make the prints.