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How to Wet Cap Your Viper DTG Printer?

how to wet cap my viper dtg printer

The Viper DTG printing technology is quite famous among the audience, especially among those who want to get their t-shirts customized. Its massive popularity is that it can directly print designs to the garment. However, many people question, “How to wet cap my viper DTG Printer ?”

The DTG printers are widely used for printing perfect designs on t-shirts and fabrics without any issue. The DTG printers are used over the traditional method of printing- screen printing for their reliability and perfection.

You can relate the working of a DTG printer with an inkjet printer used in the office/home. However, you can say that the DTG printer is a bigger version of the inkjet printer. Despite applying the ink through the stencils, the DTG printer uses the ink and prints the design directly on the garment. Furthermore, the printer can print more than 16 million colours in a single go.

The DTG Viper printers are the most reliable and preferable DTG printer option available on the whole market.  It is the best option for printing new complex designs on the fabric. The Viper DTG printer does everything and remains the most effective solution for custom printing.

The Viper DTG printer is accumulated with lots of features and innovative options, making the printing process easier. Moreover, many advancements to the existing viper DTG printer have been made, and the new viper printers are a lot more innovative and effective than the existing ones. However, most Viper DTG printer users have a common question “How to wet cap my viper DTG printer ?”

To understand “How to wet cap my viper DTG printer”, we have to understand what is wet capping and other related facts to the viper DTG printer-

What Is Wet Capping?

how to wet cap my viper dtg printer

Wet capping is an integrated system installed in the printer, which allows the head of the printer to remain wet in a cleaning solution while not in use. When the system is turned off, the head of the printer rest in the wet solution; by doing this, the printer can easily sit for more than 30 days without encountering any trouble or issue.

The wet capping process keeps the printer head wet for a long time. By being wet, the printer head remains safe. Moreover, the solution supports the printer head fresh for a long time. Even if a printer isn’t used for a long time, it can work like a charm due to the wet capping.

How To Wet Cap The DTG Printer

how to wet cap my viper dtg printer

 For wet capping the DTG printer, you should have the cleaning solution, which is essential for keeping the printer head moist and effective. You can easily find the solution locally or on the Internet. Moreover, before injecting the solution, make sure to clean the print head nozzle of the printer thoroughly. You can navigate to the printer software to find the printhead cleaning option under the maintenance option.

After cleaning the printer’s nozzle, you can put the cleaning solution in the capping station in the printer. If you’re unable to find out the capping station in your printer, you can refer to the printer manual. Moreover, after applying the solution to the capping station, make sure to properly seal the station, as there is a chance of leakage or drying of the liquid.