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HP 4500 Wireless Printer: The Best Choice for Home and Office Printing Needs

hp 4500 wireless printer

Your worries about not having the perfect wireless printers shall now be taken care of by HP. Here in this HP 4500 wireless printer review, you will get to understand what makes HP printers the best in this industry and all the features that you can get when you buy this particular HP printer.

Why choose HP when you can choose any other printer?

When the market is filled with so many brands of wireless printers then why choose HP? This question might pop up in your mind. Choosing HP has many reasons. HP has always been a brand of trust and the most popular choice for wireless printers by millions of customers all around the world. It is one such brand that focuses on giving the best experience to the customers more than selling its printers and earning a profit.

They say the customer is the king. A customer only chooses a brand or a particular product when it brings him advantages and value for the money he has invested. In choosing HP 4500 wireless printer, you shall get exactly what you expect from it. This is the best time of the season for making your investment in this printer and enjoying a more profitable and productive time ahead.

HP 4500 Wireless Printer Buying Guide

Whatever your printing needs may be they shall effortlessly be taken care of when you use this HP 4500 wireless printer. It is the best in the industry that you can find within a very cost-effective budget. But before you go ahead and buy this printer, let us discuss a little about a few factors to look for while you are buying wireless printers.

Factors to consider while buying the hp 4500 wireless printer

This is how you shall choose wireless printers always:

  1. Type of Printer: Wireless printers are of two types. One is the inkjet printer and the other is the laser printer. Each of these two categories of printers has its own uniqueness and advantages to offer. So to decide on this factor first is a must before you go ahead with the other things.
  2. Print Speed: Another important factor in making a decision on buying a printer is based on the print speed or PPM, it offers. Surely no one would like to buy a printer which gives a low speed for printing. It will be a sheer waste of time and money then. So depending on the type and volumes of printing that you require to make on a regular basis, choose the printer with the appropriate speed.
  3. Wireless Connectivity: You will find printers with wired or cables and also printers with wireless connectivity options. Although this is not any specific rule generally people buy wired printers for offices and wireless ones for homes. Depending on your purpose you need to choose the appropriate one.
  4. Quality: Each printer you shall find has the ability for giving a specific print quality.Some printers are best suited for monochrome prints while some printers bring the best quality for colored prints. Depending upon your need and usage you have got to make a decision here
  5. Brand and the Budget: Finally the brand and the budget are the last two important factors to give look into. With HP printers have to think about the brand unless you are choosing some other brand but each of the HP printers has a different price to it based on the features it brings to you. Once you have decided on these factors, you are good to go ahead with buying your wireless printer.

Now that you are more aware of the things, it is time to go ahead walking through this review of this HP 4500 wireless printer.

HP 4500 Wireless Printer Reviews

HP Officejet 4500 Wireless All-In-One Printer

hp 4500 wireless printer


  • Brand: HP
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless, USB Cable, USB Drive
  • Printing Technology: Inkjet
  • Special Feature: Fax, Copying, and Scanning

Performance: If you are looking for a best-in-performance compact wireless printer for your home or office this HP Officejet 4500 wireless printer is just the one that you should be having. No prizes for guessing but this HP Officejet 4500 wireless printer is the best all-in-one printer that you can buy fitting within your budget. You will never have to question the performance of this inkjet printer. Both the performance and quality are the identities of this printer.

One of the best factors of this HP Officejet 4500 wireless printer is its compactness. You will now be able to enjoy multiple features within this printer without taking much of your desk space as well. This printer even weighs only 13.03 pounds making it the perfect one to be used at home. All your multiple printing needs be it for the office or the project at school can easily be taken care of with it. In fact, professionals prefer using this HP Officejet 4500 wireless printer.

Comparison: The previous model of this printer was the HP Officejet 4500g50n. This model of a printer had many drawbacks and lacked user-friendly features. It made many unsatisfied customers. HP always prioritizes top customer service and so they understood the drawbacks of the HP officejet 4500g50n and decided to discontinue it. And then they came up with a much more user-friendly printer which happens to be this model of printer and soon it became the most preferred choice of printer for many.

Quite similar to this printer, HP developed the next printer having the same model number named HP envy 4500 wireless printer. This HP envy 4500 wireless printer is further smaller in size. This model became a matter of different preferences between this and the previous model as both are high in performance and belong to the same 4500 series too. Surely there are a few differences between both these models. In the HP envy 4500, Bluetooth establishing facilities is possible. You can even make prints using a smartphone too.

Other than this the HP envy 4500 Bluetooth printer is also one of the best printers for printing colored photographs. In the HP Officejet 4500 printers, you are still getting the facility for fax but it is a miss in the HP envy 4500 wireless printers. The HP 4500 printer is also a little costlier than the HP envy 4500 wireless printer, but this cost is absolutely justified if you compare it to all the facilities it brings.  But whatever the reasons are so, apart from these small differences here and there, all the other major factors remained the same mostly between these two printers making it only a matter of preferences.

Usage: Setting up HP 4500 wireless printer is very simple. Following the user-supportive guide, it shall be a breeze to set up HP 4500 wireless printer. For this HP 4500 wireless printer setup what you need to do is to connect this printer to power once you unpack it. As the printer gets started get the software downloaded followed by its installation. Having done that, if you wish you can even add the printer to the HP support dashboard too if you wish, and your HP 4500 wireless printer setup shall be completed.

This HP Officejet 4500 wireless printer is a very effective one in terms of performance, speed, and quality. It shall never be a letdown whenever you depend on it. This officejet 4500 wireless printer is very efficient in printing tons of documents in the shortest time possible, saving you time. You can easily be able to make monochrome prints with a maximum speed of up to 28 ppm and color prints reaching a speed of up to 22 ppm.

Since this HP officejet 4500 wireless bluetooth printer uses fine-quality of HP ink, the black ink prints come out very crisp having a professional appeal to them and the color prints are vibrant with great resolution that does not turns fade easily even after many years. The quality of prints is always such that it shall make the documents or the school projects stand out amongst the rest. A thing to remember about this HP officejet 4500 wireless bluetooth printer is that you shall not get any direct bluetooth connectivity in it but shall be able to establish a Bluetooth connection from the settings.


  • All In One Feature
  • Option For Fax Available
  • Provides Great Quality For Prints


  • Feeding Paper In This Printer Is Difficult Sometimes

What’s New?

In comparison to the previous model, this HP wireless 4500 printer is compact which makes it perform with more speed and agility. Since it is of upgraded version so the technology used in it is much more advanced and this surely reflects in the print quality of this HP wireless 4500 printer. Furthermore to that if you look at the connectivity options in this HP wireless 4500 printer you will see a notable difference too. You can never complain about its performance instability when you are using this printer. To upgrade the performance and also for keeping the network stable, this HPwireless 4500 printer brings along the connectivity options for USB cable ad drive along with wireless.

This model of the printer has been made much lighter in weight as well so that it becomes easier for you to shift it from one room to other if needed. The speed is the main attraction of this model of the printer if you must say. Because in this printer an upgradation to its speed and print quality has been given.  The printer is now able to streamline larger tasks with much more efficiency bringing you many more productive hours.

Paper handling capacities are also a very important aspect of printers and HP understands this fact very well. To make things more versatile for you no this printer is able to handle different types of print media with efficiency and ease. From plain A4 sheets to envelopes and transparencies, this printer can handle everything. After bring is multiple additions to this printer, you shall no longer depend on other factors for meeting your various printing needs. You can easily take care of it sitting in your office or at home.

Why You Should Buy It?

This is surely a must-buy printer taking from the quality and performance perspective. Even this HP officejet 4500 wireless price is very reasonable and is sure to fit your budget very easily. You can always check the updated HP officejet 4500 wireless price on the company’s website. This printer is meant to be used for managing high workloads and this is why the price of it also has been kept in the medium budget range as well. many users prefer using this printer due to its cheap price yet best performance ability.

Here in this HP all in one 4500 wireless printers, you are getting the best options for printing, copying, scanning, and even faxing features. This HP all in one 4500 wireless printer brings you a fax speed of up to 33.6kbps.  to help you streamline the larger tasks, it has the twenty-sheets automatic document feeder. The paper tray is capable of handling up to a hundred sheets as well.

The thing about all-in-one features is that not all printers give you the facility for faxing in spite of having the all-in-one feature. But this HP compact printer does. Now no more will you have to depend on other sources for sending a fax. Handling different types of print media is also another fact this printer is capable of. It can print envelopes, transparencies, and plain paper as well. The answer to your perfect choice for printers having quality prints and stable network connectivity is this printer. It can print 28 pages each minute for black and white documents and 22 pages each minute for colored ones. You can easily connect this printer to your Windows and get the printing job done very swiftly.


1. Can I make double-sided prints using my HP officejet 4500 printer?

Duplex printing facilities are not available in this HP Officejet 4500 wireless printers.

2. Why I am unable to connect my HP printer wirelessly?

Ensure that you have placed the printer closer to the Wifi router. Also, make sure that you have loaded the paper on the main tray and have switched the printer on. Having done so switch on the computer and go to Windows and select the option that reads printer and scanners. Now delete the option printers. Instead, try signing in from the HP Smart app. If you do not have it then you can download it from your app store and create n HP account. Once you sign in from your HP Smart app you shall be able to connect the printer to your wireless network and begin the printing process.