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Buy HP Deskjet 3755 Compact All-in-One Wireless Printer – Perfect for Home or Office Use

hp deskjet 3755 compact all-in-one wireless printer

With the support of the HP deskjet 3755 compact all-in-one wireless printer you shall experience much more than just normal printing. You will surely experience the advancement of modern printing technology right from home. It is a guarantee that as you read further, you will be amazed learning about all the facilities that you can take advantage of while using this printer.

HP Deskjet 3755 Compact All-In-One wireless printer

hp deskjet 3755 compact all-in-one wireless printer


Product brand: HP


Printing technology:inkjet

Weight:5.13 pounds

Dimension: 6.97 x 15.86 x 5.55 inches

Wattage: 2.2 watt

Other factors:bundle with JAWFOAL printer cable


HP deskjet 3755 compact wireless printer brings you the best printing abilities and advanced technology together in one machine. Having the support of this printer at your home or office, you are sure to get the best performance each time you are using it. The main features of this printer have some of the best high-quality components that you can ever find in any other printer. This printer is a hundred percent reliable one and shall never let you down each time you depend on it. You are sure to get gorgeous print photos along with documents that grab your attention.

The smooth performance of this printer is sure to deliver prints having vibrant colors and rich detailing. With the help of this HP deskjet 3755 compact all-in-one wireless printer, you shall easily be able to print, scan, copy, and also perform AirPrint, and wireless printing as well. Having the instant ink-ready feature, you are never going to face a moment of lag in the performance of this printer.


Certainly, this HP deskjet 3755 compact wireless printer is the upgraded one to the last few models under the same category. This printer has been given the upgradation of seven segment + icon LCD display that makes the setup and the navigation much easier and quicker than before. It also has a very advanced HP scroll and scan feature that makes it much easier to handle the scan jobs. Be it plain paper or stiff media, you are sure to get the best results each time you depend on this printer.


One of the best things about HP printers always is that you can never doubt their ability in performance. You are always sure to achieve much more than you have expected from it. This HP deskjet 3755 compact delivers a faster rate of printing speed. This printer will give you a speed of up to 19 ppm. Along with it, it also has an integrated 64MB DDR1 printer memory that provides furthermore reliable and convenient printing facilities for the most important documents.

This printer works through a standard connection of USB 2.0 and wifi connectivity as well. Not only this enhances your productivity but it also gives you a space for having confidence in the connection that the printer gives. The simple-to-operate features are sure to give you worry-free printing, copying, and scanning experience no matter wherever you may use this printer from.

The advantage of having this ultra-compact model of the printer is that it brings along compactness to the wireless connectivity and establishes a smooth and stable flow of network connectivity. It has been designed in a way to occupy very less of your workspace bringing the advanced power of printing to the comfort of your home. The additional blue color on the body of this printer adds up to the pleasant printing experience.


  • Greater printing speed
  • Compatiblewith Alexa
  • Have been bundled with JAWFPAL printer cable


  • None

What’s New?

HP printers always maintain a durable body so that you can easily use them for years without having any trouble. In addition to it, not only is this printer very easy to install and use but it also creates greater work efficiency. In much lesser time, you can surely get a lot of printing jobs done having a great quality of print to that as well. To double the utility of your work efficiency by putting in a lesser amount of application, you can use its feature for the voice command-enabled printing facilities as well. Being Alexa compatible printer, you can make it operate by connecting the device to Alexa.

The compact size of this wireless printer has been designed to fit your space and give you all the freedom to operate in a comfortable manner. The HP instant ink feature is a cost saver. It breaks it economically for you saving fifty percent on your ink costs. Both color and power are affordable entities for you whenever you use this printer. Having a greater quality of ink pigments, the prints are to stay for years without bringing in any fadedness to their quality.

This is a dynamic security-enabled printer and this is the reason why this printer is to be used only with the HP original ink cartridges. Any other ink cartridges shall not be supported by it. One of the most amazing features other than the printing facilities that you can have with this printer is security. HP provides a strong security system through this printer so that your printed documents do not get stored or copied in the network. No one except you shall have the access to the documents that you are printing. This eliminates all risks from hackers or network fishing from harmful attackers.

No matter if it is the color prints that you are making or the black and white, you are sure to save fifty percent on your ink. The startup ink can easily print up to a hundred pages. And in a month, a maximum of a thousand printed pages you can easily expect from the printing cycle of this amazing HP printer.

Why you should buy it?

This user-supportive printer is a must-buy be it for home purposes or for the office. With HP you can always expect to have the best printer both in quality and performance. On top of that, this printer sits within the budget as well. HP has been there around for many years now have never once have failed to rise up to the expectations of its customers.

Having brand faith is just as important as the product, and HP delivers just that. You can easily connect this printer to your wireless network and even use the virtual print on the go mode by downloading the HP + app on your smartphone device. It will support you to get your printing tasks done from your smartphone, even while you are not in front of the printer.

The direct printing capacity even gives you the power of making the printer work without having to open your computer. Surely it adds a great deal to the overall experience of the user and this is why most HP users hardly switch over to any other brand other than HP. This printer gives you a paper input capacity of up to sixty sheets that gives a higher quality of black as well as color prints too. Not only wireless connectivity, but you can also make use of USB connectivity and cloud connectivity too. In order to add further flexibility,this bundle printer is given with the JAWFOAL printer cables as well.

All legal paper sizes especially 8.5 inches x 14 inches perfectly fit in this printer and give you an output capacity of twenty-five sheets as well. This printer being a certified Energy Star product will give you both quality and speed. You can expect to have the first black-and-white print out within fifteen seconds while the first color print to be delivered within eighteen seconds. Be it Windows, Mac, Apple, or the OS this printer easily performs on a variety of operating systems. For sure, this is a must-have printer for you.


1. How to setup HP deskjet 3755 compact all in one wireless printer?

  • Unpack your HP deskjet 3755 printer and get it connected to the power
  • Now using your local wireless network, install the HP smart app in order to complete the process of setup and support
  • Install the software of the printer and the driver
  • Register your HP printer by creating an account
  • Now connect the printer back again to your wifi network and install the cartridges, and load the paper as well
  • Once done, use the HP smart software now and check if you are able to scan, print documents, and also copy documents too remotely
  • You are now set to use your printer
  • Now you can also sign up for the instant ink feature and other facilities from your HP app
  • Completing the printer setup, you will now be able to add the printer to the HP support dashboard. This optional feature shall help you to have an access to the support features of HP like easily having the access to the software and the drivers. You can also get information on warranty and support in troubleshooting as well