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HP Envy 4520 Wireless Printer – Print, Scan, Copy & Connect Easily

hp envy 4520 wireless printer

With the HP envy 4520 wireless printer you shall not only be able to have a greater printing speed but also, a host of other facilities which is sure to elevate your printing experiences. As you read ahead you shall be able to learn more about it in detail.

HP Envy 4520 Wireless Printer Reviews

1. HP Envy 4520 wireless printer

hp envy 4520 wireless printer


Product brand: HP

Color: black

Printing technology: inkjet

Weight: 11.93 pounds

Dimension: 17.52 x 14.45 x 5.04 inches

Wattage: 15 watts

Other factors: wifi, USB connectivity


Having the HP envy 4520 wireless printer, you are sure to have a great level of performance. It works perfectly with Windows and Mac. Using this HP envy 4520 wifi direct, you easily can be able to print, scan, and copy documents very quickly. This printer shall provide you with 2.2 inches of a simple performing touchscreen to elevate your printing experiences further. Not only the performance of this HP printer shall save on your paper but shall also conserve resources as well. 

In comparison to other printers that you shall find in the market, this printer uses up to 50% of less paper. It shall also give you easy and automatic double-sided printing as well. very easily you can achieve professional-looking borderless prints having lab quality. Just sitting at your home with the help of this printer you can easily achieve scrapbook pages, laser-quality documents, and much more than that.


In comparison to the previous model, this model of HP 4520 mobile printing device has been created giving a space saver design to it. This wireless printing HP envy 4520 has a sleek and compact all-in-one design that occupies very little of your desk space and allows you to fit it wherever you may need it. You can easily be bel to perform more tasks occupying very little space. With the help of the optional quiet mode, now you can comfortably make prints from any room without disruptions or making much noise. 

With free HP pintables, you shall be accessing news reports, menu planners, recipes, and many more things that are delivered on your schedule.


Using this HP 4520 wireless printer is not only easy but it is always very smooth too. this color inkjet photo printer not only prints, scans or copies a document but also does AirPrint, wireless printing, and duplex printing too. these factors surely help you to achieve a lot during your printing activity. Apart from its multi-functional abilities, this printer is also instant ink ready always. You shall never run out of ink as it shall keep refilling the ink tank automatically whenever the need arises. For sure, the Hp envy 4520 wireless printing device is the best one that you can have.

You are sure to save 50% of your unnecessary ink usage with this printer yet never compromise on the quality. Being one such printer with full of economic value, this HP envy 4520 wireless printer ink shall print up to twice the number of photos or pages with its original high-yield cartridges of ink.

The HP wireless printer envy 4520 is very reliable having an all-in-one design. And this is the reason why each time you use it you are sure to get high-quality prints. In the case of colored image prints too, you shall borderless get high-quality prints. The pint shall occupy the entire page right up to the edge. You can remain certain that the quality of the prints is such that it shall last for years without getting faded or discolored. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Connects directly to wifi
  • Operates in a quiet mode


  • After a printer update, one has to reset it back again each time

What’s New?

There are multiple interesting and useful features in this printer. When you choose the ink replenishment services, the printer shall keep track of the usage of the ink and before the ink runs out, it shall be delivered to you. It shall surely save you time from your work being hampered. There are two options for the ink order that you shall get as you buy this printer. 

If you wish you can reorder the HP 63 ink cartridges when you require them, through the help of Amazon Dash Replacement services, or you can even save up to 50% of it. This can be done just by paying for the pages that you have got printed with the help of HP instant ink facility. 

This printer comes having an HP smart app. You got to create an HP account and then register yourself for the HP+ instant ink program. Furthermore to that, this smart app shall help you to get access to many other assisted options for support. Some of the other assistance from this smart app that you can be benefitted from is its connection to the printer offering printing, installing driver, fax, scanning, and sharing files as well. In addition to that, it shall also diagnose many of its issues on its own.

HP always follows a strict policy against data sharing and online data theft. This is why whenever you use this printer for any purpose, none of your data shall get stored or shared with anyone. Even the HP server does not has the access to your data. In addition to that, strong firmware shall always protect you from online harm such as fishing or hacking of important credentials.

By simply downloading the print and scan doctor feature which is a free tool for Windows, all your printing and scanning issues shall get fixed on their own each time there happens to be one. 

Why you should buy it?

The brand HP is all about the retention of the customer’s faith in them. So, when you buy this printer, you are certain to have value for money. It is surely one of the most cost-effective and highly productive printers that you can ever come across elsewhere. In addition to that, you shall also get a limited one-year hardware warranty on this printer. And in case of any queries, their customer service team is there for you providing web support twenty-four hours and seven days a week.

The wireless method of printing just gets better with HP. It features mobile printing options for you that allow you to print from anywhere from your tablet or smartphone. All you got to do is just connect it to the HP ePrint app. In case you are having issues with the wireless network you can even get the prints done without having a network, just by using the Wireless Direct Printing option.

As you buy this printer, it does come with black and color starter ink cartridges which are sufficient to get you printed a hundred pages very easily. This inexpensive entry-level printer has a simple connectivity function that helps you to easily connect it and set it up.

And to top all these internal qualities, the printer has been given a durable body. It provides stability and makes it work for years without giving you any chance to complain. The replacement cartridges of ink are also very easily available, taking away your worries about your future usage.  Undoubtedly this is the best multipurpose printer that you can buy and never regret.


  1. How to setup HP envy 4520 wireless printer?

The steps below shall help you to do it very easily.

  • Put the printer ON
  • On the control panel of the printer select the Wireless icon
  • You shall now see the wireless screen been displayed
  • In it select the icon that reads Settings
  • Then click on the Wireless Setup Wizard. It shall lead you through some further instructions on the control panel. On following it, you shall be able to connect the printer to your wireless network 
  1. How to connect HP envy 4520 wireless printer to computer?
  • Turn on the printer and locate the settings in order to begin configuration. Make sure the printer is also connected to your local wifi connection as well.
  • Now select the setup page on the screen and adjust the wireless setting of the LAN connectivity
  • Search the service set identifier for the home network. It can be found on the bottom of your taskbar
  • Establish a link to your wifi network
  • Now enter the SSID password
  • The printer is now ready for the printing activity
  • Select the printer settings from the Windows start menu and then choose the gear icon. And in it choose the option that reads Devices
  • Choose the option that directs you to add a scanner and printer
  • It shall make the name of the printer appear on the screen. From the settings make it read Available
  • Now as you choose Add Device, the computer shall perform the wireless configuration on its own and get it ready to begin the printing process