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HP Officejet 4655 e-All-in-One Wireless Printer: Best in Class Printing Solution

HP officejet 4655 e all in one wireless printer

Finding the best printer for supporting your needs shall never seem to be a tough job with HP. The HP officejet 4655 e all in one wireless printer brings you the best features that you can ask for. As you read ahead, be sure to get amazed.

HP officejet 4655 e all in one wireless printer

As you are looking for a good brand of inkjet printer then you must check out the HP officejet 4655 e all in one wireless printer

HP officejet 4655 e all in one wireless printer

As read through the HP officejet 4655 printer review, things are sure to get simplified for you about what makes this printer so amazing! With this HP inkjet printer, you will be getting multiple connectivity features wifi, ethernet, and USB. Being a very compact printer measuring 17.5 x 14.5 x 7.5 inches and weighing 14.97 pounds, you can easily fit this printer in your office or home without taking up much of your space.

If you wish to accomplish an advanced level of productivity then you can easily do so using this printer. Just by connecting this printer to a tablet or a smartphone, you can be able to make this printer do the task for you even remotely. This is a versatile printer that gives you all in features within this single machine and makes the task of printing, copying, and scanning very easier with its compact and versatile all in one wireless feature. You can even use this printer for the purposes of faxing as well. 

It is a very work efficient printer that is able to give you a printing speed of up to 9.5 ppm for monochrome prints and 6.8 ppm for color prints. It also gives you a scan resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 ppi hardware as well. So, the job of printing shall become much easier for you having this efficient printer.

HP 5746 vs 4655

Hp 5746 wireless officejet all in one printer

HP officejet 4655 e all in one wireless printer

This is a refurbished model of the photo printer that has been given a replacement to many of its parts for providing an enhanced level of upgraded performance. One of the special features of this printer is that it is very much efficient in handling a variety of media types. Since this is a refurbished model so not only with ethernet but also has a wireless connectivity feature now. 

This all-in-one printer is very handy for multi-purpose use and gives you a great quality option for copying, scanning, and prints for both documents and photos. It also has the option for faxing as well. To meet your printing reasons efficiently, this printer can give you a speed of up to 12 ppm for monochrome prints and up to 8 ppm for color. Because this is a refurbished model, so, the accessories in this printer may not always be that of HP’s but surely, they have been run through multiple tests before being used ensuring that it is fully functional.

You can even set up this printer easily with the smartphone too for making prints on the go. Although it has a few third-party features, certainly HP never makes any compromises with the print quality. You are sure to enjoy a great quality prints for both documents and photos which are to last you for a long time without the color getting faded. 

HP officejet 4655 all in one multifunction wireless printer

As it has already been discussed above this printer has been built to give a great level of performance taking care of your multiple needs other than printing such as copying, scanning, and even with faxing. This HP officejet 4655 setup is simple and has user-friendly applications. 

This printer too is efficient in handling various types of media giving you accurate and vibrant prints having professional appeal to them. For making the black prints it shall give you a resolution of up to 9.5 ppm and for color, it is 6.8 ppm.  Apart from the standard connectivity, you also get here the option for ethernet and USB connectivity as well. 

If you need to run the HP officejet 4655 test you shall see that this printer is so work efficient that it gives you an easy double-side printing feature saving up on the usage of your paper by fifty percent. It further gives you a borderless printing feature that not only makes the prints look good but also cuts down on the unnecessary wastage of paper. This HP officejet 4655 all in one printer is also energy certified consuming very little of your power when it is running. 

Setting up this printer is very easy and you can even connect it to a smartphone or tablet and make use of its wireless print-on-the-go feature. This aspect surely saves your time making you more work efficient and also cuts down on the need for being in front of the printer too when the printing is on. To avail of this feature of a remote printing facility, all you got to do is to install and set up the HP app and make use of it.

The printer has a series of inbuilt diagnostic tools which is able to detect many of its issues and get them fixed on their own as well. With its advanced easy print software and driver, it makes the job of printing and scanning all the more effortless and smooth. The printer is also provided with an automatic document feeder. 

Is HP officejet 4655 inkjet or laserjet?

The HP officejet 4655 is an inkjet printer. it is efficient in giving you great quality and resolution of prints for both black and color as well. The high-performance speed of the printer makes the prints accurate and also does the job of printing at a rapid pace saving you time.