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How to Set Up and Use the HP OfficeJet J4680 Wireless Printer

J4680 wireless printer

Wireless printers have been popular worldwide for their convenience and freedom to operate them from the most distant and remotest locations without having to worry about finding a plug point. Wireless printers like the HP J4680 wireless printer popularised the concept through their high-quality and premium performances. The HP J4680 wireless printer is a member of the flagship OfficeJet series from the reputed brand HP.

The series consists of wireless and compact printers that suit household and office purposes for their sheer design and performance. The following section tries to trace the unique features, pros, and design elements, and even a comparison of the HP OfficeJet J4680 all-in-one wireless setup printer with the famous products of the time so that a potential buyer can use it as a reference to decide to buy it or not.

J4680 wireless printer


  • Brand: HP
  • Printing Technology: Laser, Inkjet
  • Color: White, Black
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Model: OfficeJet J4680


Weighing around 13 pounds, the HP J4680 wireless setup printer is one of the lightweight products in the section. It features a comparatively higher printing speed of 22 ppm for color prints and 28 ppm for monochrome prints. This multifunctional printer also serves the purposes of a copier, fax machine, and scanner, all at the price of a single device. 

The printer features wireless connectivity options, which significantly contribute to the enhanced productivity of the machine. The Wi-Fi connectivity also enables the user to carry out fast printing via this all-in-one printer. Unlike the other multifunctional printers that focus less on the printer’s different functions, the OfficeJet J4680 wireless setup printer features one of the quickest faxing services for a multifunctional printer.

The print quality of this printer is incomparable, with up to 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution. The colors of the color prints are sharp and vivid, whereas the monochrome prints feature the most precise texts with laser-like quality. The prints are long-lasting, too, with little to no effect caused by time on the clarity of the prints, nor do they fade over time.

Smart web printing is another highlight feature of the printer. Smart web printing lets the user significantly save resources like ink and paper, enabling the user to filter the unwanted content between bigger documents like tables, indices, menus, etc., and save a great deal of space on the prints. The user can organize the required images and text together and print them conveniently through the smart web printing feature.


  • High printing speed
  • Print borderless photos
  • Wireless connectivity
  • High resolution
  • Multi-functional printer
  • Equipped with smart web printing 
  • Lower operational cost
  • Can print more than 3000 pages in a single month
  • Automatic document feeder


The wireless design and the lightweight build of the HP OfficeJet J4680 wireless setup printer from HP make it convenient to carry anywhere required. The body design is also sleek and slim, contributing to maximum portability and mobility. The printer features two ink cartridge slots- for tri-color and black. The tri-color inks used in the printer are yellow, magenta, and cyan. There is the provision to choose an optional XL cartridge for the black ink, which can carry three times more ink than the regular cartridges. Despite the bigger size of this cartridge, the printer’s design incorporates it so that it does not enhance the size of the printer.


Setting the machine up and configuring it to start using is extremely simple and smooth. The machine has several components like USB cables, power cables, etc. These components must be connected to the printer at first and then using the USB cable, the user’s device has to be connected to the printer. Once the ink cartridges are loaded, the user can use their connected device to download and install the software into the printer.

During the software installation process, the printer asks the user whether or not to subscribe to the Inkjet Utility Widget of HP. As the name indicates, this widget provides the user with a peek at the ink levels of the printer at all times and lets the user switch to the saver mode. The widget would be present on the dashboard of the printer’s operating system for easy access to the user. 

Also, right after the installation process, the user is expected to insert a blank paper into the sheet tray so that the printer can check the alignment of the cartridges and other specifications. If the alignment seems faulty, the user will be intimated of the same, and they have to take remedial action to solve it. 


Compared to the operational cost of most similar printers in the market, the HP OfficeJet J4680 Wi-Fi setup features a significantly smaller cost for printing. It is estimated that using authentic HP ink allows the printer to function with 65% higher productivity than usual.

Along with high ink efficiency, the printer also features an ink-saving mode, which can be enabled by the user whenever there seems to be insufficient ink to finish the printing job. On switching to the saving mode, the printer considerably reduces ink usage to a minimum and ensures that the proceeding printing job is somehow finished.

The J4680 wireless setup printers are miles ahead of the other printers regarding moderate energy consumption. Being an Energy Star product, the printer features a considerable decrease in the energy consumption rate. The printer’s commitment to conserving energy and the environment is also boosted by the parent company’s efforts, like the option to recycle used ink cartridges. The users can log into HP’s official website to register for free recycling of their empty cartridges.


1. Does the J4680 wireless printer need software to print?

Yes, the printer has to have software assistance to function properly. The user can connect the printer to their computer and log in to the HP application to find the compatible software for the particular printer. The ideal software for the printer can be easily downloaded, installed, and configured using the user’s computer itself. In case the user has any concerns or doubts regarding the software requirements of their printer, they can avail of the help of experts even from the smart HP mobile application.