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How I Can Print 11×17 Paper By Brother MFC-j6920dw Printer?

how i can print 11x17 paper by brother mfc-j6920dw printer

Brother printers are one of the pioneers in manufacturing printer units. Now, they are producing top-tier printers that offer high-performance unrivaled by any other printers. In this post, we are going to see Learn how i can print 11×17 paper by brother mfc-j6920dw printer.. Before that, let us get to know more about this model.

As we know, Brother printer manufactures the world’s finest printing units which are durable, long-lasting, and present only minor issues. The MFC-j6920dw is an advanced inkjet printer that uses liquid ink on paper. The initial cost of the ink will be much lower and produce a decent page yield. The printing speed will be on par with the world’s best inkjet printers.

The reason why we are using the Brother MFC-j6920dw to print on 11×17 sheet size papers is that it is one of the very few printing machines which is compatible with printing on tabloid papers. These papers are larger in size compared to standard paper. So, many printers lack the ability to print on these. It can’t only print on large papers such as tabloid sheets, and it can print on small size papers up to 3×5 inches.

how i can print 11x17 paper by brother mfc-j6920dw printer

The printer has 256Mb of internal memory to keep on track of the tasks you assign them. The existence of internal memory allows you to make the printer print without your supervision. It can print in both black and white and in color. It has a total of four nozzle heads to eject the ink at high pressure on the target surface, such as paper.

The printer features a 3.7 inches wide LCD display with an instructive control panel which allows you to navigate yourself easily to the settings and menu of the printer. It will be useful when you are running maintenance or changing the network connectivity.

The printer uses an automatic feeder, which will take the papers of the printer up to 35 pages. It also has a feature which is called auto-duplex in other printers, which basically allows you to print on both sides of the page at the same time, increasing work efficiency. Imagine reinserting the 11×17 paper back into the printer to print on the other side. It will be so hard to do that. So, the dual-side printing method will allow you to get the desired results at the same time as printing one page. 

How I can print 11×17 paper by brother mfc-j6920dw printer

Now, let us see how to configure your Brother MFC-j6920dw inkjet printer to print on tabloid-size papers. By default, the printer’s printing size sheet will be A4 in most printers. You should change the paper size before you initiate another printing task to print on 11×17 paper.

If you haven’t changed your printing paper size using your computer, the printer will print on the 11×17 tabloid paper assuming it is an A4 sheet size paper. So, the print will be smaller and wouldn’t fit the sheet size you are using. In some cases, the printer might not even initiate the printing task because the input size is different from the actual paper. Hence, we have to first change the paper settings using our computer. Follow these steps to configure your Brother printer successfully.

1. First, delete any prevailing tasks that you have assigned to the printer. It is a crucial step because the previous tasks you have assigned would be for a different paper size. If you start the printer, the printer will first finish the tasks that were assigned to them previously on the 11×17 paper you have assigned. So delete any previous tasks you have assigned.

2. Now, insert the papers into the loading tray. Make sure the paper is in the right position by adjusting the paper to match the paper size markers on the loading tray. You can see a fine line with measurements for alignment of the paper. Once you have properly loaded the paper on the printer, you can proceed to the next step.

how i can print 11x17 paper by brother mfc-j6920dw printer

3. Open the settings menu by accessing the printing option or the printer’s driver. Once the printer settings menu is open, go to the Basic section, where you can find a bunch of options.

4. We will have to change three settings in this section to make the printer compatible with printing on 11×17 paper. The most crucial thing is changing the paper size to 11×17. Go to the Paper Size section and click on the Tabloid or 11×17 paper size. Tabloid is a term used to refer to the 11×17 paper size.

5. Next, we are going to change the media type. There is various media type of paper like plain paper and glossy photo paper. For best results, you have to enter the media type of your paper exactly. Plain paper and glossy paper are the two most used paper types when it comes to printing on 11×17 sheet-size papers. So, learn to find the difference between them. Photo paper will have glossiness, whereas plain paper will have no such translucent or mild reflective qualities.

6. In the MFC-j6920dw printer, there will be two trays for stacking up the paper. Select the one which has the 11×17 sheet size papers. It is a crucial step if you don’t want your printer to accidentally print on paper that has another dimension. If both the trays have 11×17, you can click on the Auto Select feature to allow the printer to choose paper on its own.

7. Once you have completed all these steps, click on the Ok or print option to start printing.

Avoid pressing the X sign when an error pops up while deleting the tasks. It will only toggle between the error message and the printer’s control panel. Instead, use your computer to delete the tasks remotely. If you follow these steps, you can make your Brother MFC-j6920dw inkjet printer print on tabloid paper.