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Buy the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 Complete Sublimation Printer Kit

sawgrass virtuoso sg1000 complete sublimation printer kit

Now your sublimation printer and its supplies are much easier to buy than before. Check the buying guide and review on Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 complete sublimation printer kit, for your assistance. You can easily take home now the best sublimation printer kit within a very reasonable range. It is the best range of products that you can choose for your sublimation printing requirements. The review shall help you to ensure that you have picked the right one for your needs so that you have the best sublimation experiences backed by the perfect kit.

Things that make this sublimation printer kit a must buy

Give a kickstart to your sublimation printing experiences with the perfect sublimation kit for your Sawgrass printer. This sublimation kit comes with every supply that your Sawgrass printer requires. It is always so important to choose the right kind of supplies so that the printer is able to work to its true potential and give you the result you desire. This Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 Complete Sublimation Printer Kit consists of the best Sawgrass S10500 dye sublimation printer and a custom-made Sawgrass Easysubli starter ink set. These supplies are of the highest order, which would make a perfect fit for your sublimation printer.

Not only is it versatile but also this kit takes care of your entire needs for supplies so that your work does not get stopped. All the exclusive content in this kit has been specially designed as per your printer’s requirement. Now you no longer have to run around at different places looking for your supplies as you begin your sublimation printing journey.

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 Complete Sublimation Printer Kit Buying Guide

Irrespective of whichever sublimation printer you have been accustomed to using or if it is your first experience with it, you are sure to have a revolutionary experience with this sublimation printer kit. As you buy this sublimation printer from Sawgrass, you are getting support with this backup very easily in this kit. Buying this Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 complete sublimation printer kit takes care of all your sublimation supplies that are needed to start your sublimation printing journey, including the 11×17 printing. However, whenever you go to the market searching for an appropriate sublimation printer kit, you must also remember certain factors to look for while you are buying. Let us give it a look at them here in this buying guide.

  1. Sublimation Ink: It is quite obvious that a sublimation printer shall consume ink the more frequently you use it. So, it becomes very necessary for you to pay good attention to the type of sublimation ink that you are buying. When you are buying a good brand of sublimation printer kit such as Sawgrass you shall never have to doubt the quality of any of the products that consist of the kit. But in case you are buying single supplies later on such as ink only from a local dealer then paying attention to the quality of the ink is very much essential. This particular one is the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 Sublijet Ultra HD ink set. So, ensure that you are buying the right one from your dealer.
  2. Sublimation Paper: Each sublimation printers are capable of handling only specific measurements of sublimation papers. So, it is very important to know the type of sublimation printing that you shall be making and also the volume of your work as well. Like here, for example, this particular sublimation printer kit is providing you with a print media size of 11×17 inches of sheets. This clarifies that it is able to handle 11×17. So, taking the clue from here, buy it accordingly.
  3. Sublimation Starter Bundle: While buying the sublimation starter bundle you got to ensure that all the things that are listed on the package are there in it. Here again, if you are buying it from the dealer or the showroom of the brand then you will never have to worry about the quality or quantity of things in it. And this practice is highly encouraged as well. Just in case you are buying it from some other source then you need to check if the appropriate things are there in the starter bundle or not. In addition to that, you must also verify the cost that you are paying for the starter bundle kit. Once you have all these answers, go ahead making the purchase.
  4. Speed: The speed of the sublimation printer is undoubtedly one of the vital things to check while you are buying the sublimation printer kit. If you do not have a printer that gives you appropriate speed then your entire sublimation process shall be a waste as it will never give you the result that you are looking for.

Now that you know what factors to check while buying, let us move ahead and look at the review in detail so that you can buy this sublimation printer kit with full knowledge and confidence.

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 Complete Sublimation Printer Kit

Sawgrass UHD Virtuoso SG1000Sublimation Printer Starter Bundle


  • Brand: Sawgrass
  • Model Name: Sawgrass SG1000 Easysubli Starter Bundle
  • Print Media Size:11×17
  • Special Feature: The included components in it are CMYK Toner cartridges, 4 packs of Heat Transfer Tape, 500 in Sublimation Designs, Sample Blanks, Paper

Performance: Are you aware of the amazing benefits that the Sawgrass sublimation printers bring to you? It is going to amaze you as you learn the details. And it is also due to the high standards of the printer that the sublimation printer kit standard is high as well. While reading through this you will understand as well what makes the Sawgrass sublimation printer kit standard so high than the rest of the kits available in the market.

The Sawgrass Virtuoso system happens to be the first in the industry to bring a completely integrated solution for the desktop. It has been specifically meant to be used for sublimation purposes. No matter if you are an ambitious entrepreneur or have a growing business, the printer from Sawgrass is the best choice for you. In fact, it is not only the performance that is only great about this printer but also that it is very versatile.

The printer is able to take care of your multiple sublimation needs very seamlessly. But there is a factor that you must also be aware of while making sublimation prints. The process of sublimation is not possible for dark fabrics and neither cotton as well. If you wish to use it for these purposes then you got to use a heat press for its application.

The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 printer is able to extend the sublimation printing capacity of its print media. It has the ability to handle even 11×17 very easily as well. Well, to back this up, you shall also get support from the standard tray which is provided by the printer. Or otherwise, if you are looking for another print media option, you can also expect to get that help from this Sawgrass printer too. The maximum media size can be stretched up to 13×51 inches as well. And for this, you shall be backed by the support from the bypass tray.  This sublimation printer fits perfectly for apparel and soft goods too.

Comparison: If you look at this printer model and compare it to the previous one, you shall notice that this is much more advanced for sure. Sawgrass Virtuoso SG100 is complete and far superior in performance to the previous one. This Sawgrass Virtuoso SG100 is complete because it has been given an upgradation from its inside and outside as compared to its predecessor SG800.

There are no issues with either print lag or the papers and the print rollers losing their alignment.  Surely this Sawgrass Virtuoso SG100 complete is the upgraded one that has been made using the latest technology. And furthermore to that, unlike the SG800, this model is very efficient in handling the different types of paper formats with much ease. It is much more user supportive this time making this Sawgrass Virtuoso SG100 complete.

Usage: Sawgrass printers are always easy to use without any technical complications. This inkjet printer is USB connectivity enabled for its performance. In sublimation, printing speed plays a very important role, and also that the printer handles different print media sizes such as 11×17 and 13×51 so speed indeed becomes a major turnaround factor here. And so, it shall never be a letdown too where the speed is concerned. This printer is very efficient in giving you a printing speed of up to 19 kbps for both your monochrome and color sublimation printing.

As you shall buy the Sawgrass printer, the starter ink shall be given along with it by the dealer. A large amount of this ink is usually used in filling the lines and this is why you may come across a warning on low starter ink. But irrespective of the warning be sure that the starter ink is able to give you full coverage of prints for more than two hundred pages.

All the things that your sublimation printer requires shall be provided in this sublijet sublimation printer kit.  The components that you can find in this starter bundle are CMYK toner cartridges, sublimation paper, four packs of heat transfer tape, there will be sample blanks, and also five hundred sublimation designs as well. You will never have to worry about anything as this sublijet sublimation printer kit shall take care of all that is required.


  • Compatible With The Different Versions Of Windows and Mac OS
  • Covers Different Print Media Sizes Such as 11×17 and 13×51
  • Premium Quality


  • The Color Does Not Support On Dark Fabric or Cotton

What’s New?

Each of the supplies in this easysubli printer kit is of high grade.  Now you shall easily be able to create like never before easy and new designs having the support of the easysubli printer kit got your Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 printer. Just like the other Sawgrass printers, this sublimation printer too is enabled of performing its maintenance cycle automatically so that you can have a trouble-free printing experience. 

The newly engineered features here in this Sawgrass Virtuoso SG100 complete siser add a consistent and brighter color to your sublimation printing results. The starter ink of this dye sublimation printer brings you some of the best-grade colors such as Yellow, Cyan, Black, and Magenta each having 20 ml bottles. This adds to, much greater stability this time than ever before. In this Sawgrass Virtuoso SG100 complete siser, this time you shall also be given 100 premium Sawgrass sublimation papers measuring 11×17 inches.

Why You Should Buy It?

The reason for buying it is very simple over here. If you are looking to achieve new and improved results it is a must that you buy this sublimation printer kit. In case you already have prior sublimation printing experience then it is a guarantee that as you switch to this sublimation printing kit, it shall give you an experience like never before. This sublimation printer kit is a perfect choice no matter if you are a beginner or already have an established business. This kit has always been the first choice of professionals and also the widely sold one too.

Using it now you will achieve far greater flexibility for using it on polymer-coated tough media such as aluminum panels, wood plaques, reinforced fiberglass plastic, products made from polyester fabric, and many more. It contains a bundle that has the starter ink and all the supplies that you need including the 11×17 papers. Undoubtedly it is one of the most sold-out sublimation printer kits in the market and will be the best choice for you to buy as well.


1. Up to what extent can I make my prints using the Sawgrass SG1000 printer?

This Sawgrass printer is capable of handling up to 11×17 inches. This can further be stretched up to a maximum of 13×51 too with the bypass tray.

2. Is it ok to keep the sublimation printer on every time?

If you keep the sublimation printer on at all times it shall help to increase the lifespan of the printer. Keeping it all at all times never risks wastage in ink usage. When you keep the sublimation printer on, it automatically performs its maintenance cycle. This in fact builds smoother print performance as it removes all clogging on the print head on its own.