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How to Set Up Wireless Printer on iPad – Step-by-Step Guide

set up wireless printer on ipad

Ipad and wireless printer is a deadly combination that will cut your working time in half. But do you know how to set up wireless printer on iPad? We will find out how to do that in this article. But before that, let us see how these two gadgets work this well together. 

Initially, printers were such large devices that it took a ton of time to print something. But now, compact printers have been manufactured, which can be carried with their respective carry bags. The printers which used to occupy most of the space are now so compact and small that it doesn’t require more than one person to install them. 

Moreover, technological advancement allowed printers to be connected to other devices with wireless connections. You can use your computer, mobile devices, laptops, and tablets to connect your printer with Wifi or Bluetooth technology. 

set up wireless printer on ipad

Using these wireless connectivity features, it is much easier to take your prints and do various other tasks, which will increase the speed of the workflow. It will also make it much more spacious since there are no connecting wires. 

We have seen the advantages of connecting your printer to your iPad. Let us now see the proper way of connecting iPad to printer wifi. 

How To Print Documents With An iPad and Wireless Printer?

Most operating systems allow you to connect to the printer directly. You can open any document, picture, or any other resources and print them through your wireless connectivity to the printer. You can also connect to these printers wirelessly and keep them on standby if you want to print some documents later. 

This luxurious feature is not available on operating systems such as iOS. So, we have to use other methods to print the documents you require to be printed. However, there is a feature called AirPrint which makes the printing task much easier. 

As we have discussed, there are no in-built facilities in the iPad that allows you to print any document or resources through a centralized app or feature, which can usually be found on other operating systems. So, we will see how to print our documents using the AirPrint function that will be available when we hit the share option. 

For example, let us assume we have a document that should be printed is currently in the mail app. The first thing we are going to do is find the required document that needs to be printed. 

1. Open the email app on your iPad and find the article, document, resource, or paper that you want to be printed. 

2. Click on the email containing the documents. This will open the email, and you can see the body, content, and files attached to the email. 

3. Open the file you wish to AirPrint. Once the file is fully loaded, click on the share icon, which will open a bunch of apps where the files can be shared to. If you swipe enough, you can find the print option. 

4. Click on the print option, which will allow you to print the document through printers that have been connected to the iPad with the AirPrint mode. 

If you haven’t connected your wireless printer to your iPad, see the below section on how to set up wireless printer on iPad. Once you have successfully connected the printer to your iPad, the AirPrint mode will allow you to take print once you hit the print option. 

How To Set Up Wireless Printer on iPad?

set up wireless printer on ipad

Before trying to print the documents with your iPad, we have to connect the printer to the iPad with the AirPrint mode so that the printer and the Apple tablet recognize each other while we try to print. To set up your wireless printer on your iPad, follow these steps. 

1. To connect both these devices, you should first connect them to the same Wifi connection. First, connect the printer to the Wifi connection where you intend to connect your iPad in. Then connect your iPad to the same Wifi connection. Make sure they are both connected to the same Wifi. If they are connected to other networks, we can’t AirPrint using our iPad. 

2. Now open the app that has AirPrint compatibility. There is no guarantee that all the apps on the iPad are compatible with AirPrint. Safari, Mail, Maps, Notes, and Photos are some of the in-built apps that have AirPrint compatibility. Many other third-party apps that you download from the Apple store also support this feature. 

3. Almost everything is done if you have connected your iPad and printer to the same Wifi network and found the right app that supports AirPrint. All you have to do now is open the document or photo you would like to print. 

4. Once the printer and iPad are connected, you can click on the envelope icon and click on the Print option. 

5. This is the final step where you have to select the printer. Once you click on the Print option, the “Select Printer” menu will appear with a list of printers that have been connected to the same Wifi network. You can find your wireless printer if you have configured it correctly. 

All you have to do now is click on the print option again and wait until the printer completes its printing task. 


1. How to connect a wireless printer to an iPad?

First, you have to connect both the printer and iPad to the same Wifi network and use the AirPrint function to find the printer in your printer list. Once you have found the right printer, you can click on the print, and it will start printing your documents. 

2. Can an iPad hook up to a printer?

Yes, an iPad can be connected to a printer and can print documents, pictures, and other resources wirelessly. 

3. How to connect an iPad to a wireless printer?

Connect your iPad to the same Wifi network you have connected your printer in. Then click on the envelope icon and tap on the print option. It will show you a list of available printers and choose the printer you want to connect with.