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What Brand Of Canvas Cotton Tote Work With A DTG Direct To Garment Printer?

What Brand Of Canvas Cotton Tote Work With A DTG Direct To Garment Printer

Are you a little unsure about which brand of canvas cotton tote work with a DTG direct to garment printer? While you read further you shall get the answer to that. It shall also walk you through some very interesting and important details of DTG printing and canvas cotton tote printing as well. It is sure to be an informative and enriching read for you.

DTG printing and its essentials

what brand of canvas cotton tote work with a dtg direct to garmet printer

DTG printing stands for Direct To Garment Printing. Through this form of printing shall be able to make prints over the garments and fabrics. Although DTG printing is more popularly known for making prints on t-shirts, it is also used for printing on cotton tote bags too along with many other uses. This form of printing over textiles and fabrics is done with the help of a special type of ink and aqueous inkjet technology. This format of printers comes having a very special platen which is designed to hold the garments in one position while you are making the print on it.

Using the printer head, the ink is jetted on the fabric. In this form of printing, it is very much essential to give the garments a pretreatment using a specialized machine. It is important to give this pretreatment to the garment maintaining specific temperature and humidity levels in the room. This process of pretreatment makes the garment capable of holding the colors on it permanently. DTG prints always work best on light-color fabrics. In case you are looking for making white prints on a black fabric then giving the fabric a pretreatment becomes all the more essential.

In doing so, the color on the black fabric shall sit still and will not fade or turn blurry after the ink dries. The process of pretreatment of garments also helps the color to stay on the garments after multiple washing. DTG printing is very much popular across the United States and there is a kind of craze and demand always among young adults to customize their t-shirts in their favorite designs and patterns.

Various methods of cotton tote printing

Before you go ahead to make DTG print, it is important to remember that canvas happens to be a coarse material. Some of the best methods of printing that works well with cotton tote have been discussed below:

Screen Printing

what brand of canvas cotton tote work with a dtg direct to garmet printer

This is surely a very popular choice of printing and it gives you fantastic vector artwork as well. This form of printing is a process by which ink gets pressed over the canvas material with the help of a stenciled screen. This creates a customized pattern and picture. This is the best form of printing that helps you to have vibrant printed images even over dark-colored fabrics.

Transfer Of Heat

It is of more prevalent use in situations where pixels have been used and the colors easily do not get separated. It is the best choice for printing in which many colored images have been used and are very detailed. Here in this form of printing the transfer of heat is been made through the creation of a digital transfer for the custom design. It is then transferred to the fabric using pressure and heat.

DTG Printing

In this process of printing the ink directly prints on the canvas with the help of the CYMK printer. this form of printing needs specific printers to be used. Through this printer, the ink gets absorbed into the fiber of the material.

What Brand Of Canvas Cotton Tote Work With A DTG Direct To Garment Printer

Studio Ghibli BE008 12 OZ is surely one of the best brands of canvas cotton tote that works well with the DTG printer. The fabric of this canvas cotton tote is absolutely perfect for the DTG prints having high resolution. This canvas cotton tote has the ability to absorb the print made by the DTG printer, deep into its fabric, making it stay even after giving it a wash. It shall surely not peel or crack the ink texture even after multiple washes are given. Surely this is the best brand of canvas cotton tote that works with a DTG printer.


1. What is the best material for DTG printing?

A hundred percent cotton-made fabric is the best suited for DTG printing. This fabric has the capacity of holding the DTG ink in its fabric and does not allows it to get washed away easily as well. DTG also works well with materials having fifty percent fabric as well. 

2. Will I be able to use the transfer paper over my tote bags?

Yes, you can be able to use certain transfer paper over the tote bags. There are some transfer papers that recommend you to use the highest setting of heat in your iron and to be pressed for ninety seconds. There you can surely use the highest heat and keep the iron pressed on the tote paper for ninety seconds and the image shall be printed.

3. Will I be able to make sublimation printing on my tote bags?

Yes, you can make sublimation printing over your canvas cotton tote bags very easily. it is the perfect material for making sublimation printing.

4. Is it ok to use permanent vinyl over my tote bags?

It is perfectly ok to use vinyl over a tote bag. Not only is it very easy to use but is also a very simple way to customize your bag as well. You can even add vinyl over a synthetic bag as well but surely cotton remains the best material for this purpose.

5. For sublimation, what can I spray on cotton?

The one-step formula that helps to remove, the sizing of the chemicals and puts cotton fibers having polyester resin is surely Poly-T Plus. Use this spray on the wet surface and let it dry doing so will help you to enable the material ready for sublimation within five minutes.