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What Is the Best 11×17 Color Laser Printer? – Find the Perfect Printer for Your Needs

what is the best 11x17 color laser printer

Having the Epson Workforce Pro, your concern about what is the best 11×17 color laser printer shall be taken care of. As you read ahead you shall be knowing in detail about all the features that you can expect from this printer. 

Tabloid printers

Tabloid printers or Ledger printers are wide-format printers that have the capacity for printing larger-sized documents. These printers are able to print 11×17 inches of documents and much more than that as well.  As technology is advancing the printing requirement is also changing for humans. These days all around the world people are requiring more tabloid printers to meet their printing needs.

Tabloid printers or more popularly the wide format printers no longer are limited to specific industries like before such as architects, and engineers, or for printing area maps as well. These days this format of printing is also widely a part of most creative industries because it gives the advantage of having the blueprint or the design of something in a good print size for better clarity. People no longer look for such prints in smaller formats.

Due to the increased demand for 11×17 printers in the market and more Google searches each year about such printers, these days most big brands of printers are also manufacturing printers having this capacity to print. These 11×17 printers come as inkjet and also as 11×17 laser printers.

Furthermore, inkjet printers provide the option for only monochrome and then both the monochrome and the color format too, while on the other hand, the option for an 11×17 color laser printer is also available. These best wide format printers are also able to print regular sizes as well. And sometimes instead of buying the wide format color laser printer, people are choosing to buy the regular printer whose paper settings could be changed and adjusted to give the benefit of an 11×17 color printer.

No matter what profession you may belong to these days there always remains an ask for the wide format laser printer or large format laser printer for meeting the needs for 11×17 color printing. If you research a bit, you can easily find the features of the large format printers offered by some of the big brands such as HP, Brother, Epson, and many others. 

These printers are very efficient in handling not only the various types of print media but are also capable of managing different qualities of papers as well. Some wide-format inkjet printers work best on posters and glossy papers while there are 11×17 printers that can handle well brochures and flyers. There is even the best large format printer too that is able to print paper that has 80lb weight.  If you are looking for a large-format color laser printer or even a large-format inkjet printer you can surely go for Epson.

What is the best 11×17 color laser printer?

Epson 11×17 printer

The best laser printer that supports wide format printing is certainly Epson Workforce Pro WF – 3733 all-in-one printer

what is the best 11x17 color laser printer

This is one such printer that is incredibly versatile as well as having multiple features in it. This laser printer from Epson also gives you the function of an 11×17 copier. Undoubtedly this is the best color laser printer or wide-format printer that you can ask for. Epson color laser printer is a class in itself. Having been made using advanced technology you can easily use this printer for making regular prints. If you wish to use it for large-format color printing then all you have to do is to go to the paper setting option and change its format. This printer surely is efficient in handling different paper sizes.

It is one of the best wide-format printers that is meant to enhance your productivity. Being powered by the support of the PrecisionCore technology, it gives you a performance more than the laser wide format printing. This laser wide format color printer produces for you high-quality prints that are unmatched by many wide print printers. This is absolutely a printer for large prints. 

This large color printer shares many features that are similar to the HP large format printers. Using this wide format laser printer you are getting the best in quality laser sharp text for your monochrome documents. Having fast printing speed, this best large format color laser printer delivers professional-quality documents very quickly. It is also such a large format color printer that gives you a paper try which has five hundred paper holding capacity. While using this large laser printer your work efficiency shall never be hampered as you will have to replace the papers very less. The paper-handling versatility of this printer surely makes it a greatly favored printer for posters. 

what is the best 11x17 color laser printer

Do you know, using this large format color laser printer not only shall you be getting the best prints but even this 11×17 printer will lower your printing cost by up to thirty percent? To offer you a wide-angle view and clarity in your prints, this large format color printer brings you 2.7 inches color touchscreen feature. Not only as a wide format color printer but his feature also helps you while making regular prints as well. You can not only easily operate this printer but also will be able to keep a track of your printing progress too. It can safely be said that this is certainly the best wide-format printer or the best wide-format color laser printer. 

Usually, large format color inkjet printers are of little less cost than the best large printer using laser technology. Nonetheless, both these printers have their own benefits to provide and people buy them based on their needs. With this large format color laser printer, you shall even be getting an auto document feeder which is capable of handling thirty-five sheets. The option for auto double-sided printing not only helps you to ease your task but also cuts down on the unnecessary wastage of paper by this best large format laserjet printer. 

So, having this best 11×17 printer you are sure to be on the profitable end always. Having a combination of powerful performance and higher paper capacity, this 11×17 inkjet printer consolidates its features within a space-saving design making it the best in the business.