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What is the Best 11×17 Color Toner Printer?

what is the best 11x17 color toner printer

In this article, let us discuss what is the best 11×17 color toner printer. 11×17 size sheets are known as tabloid papers. This is a special size of paper mainly used for printing documents, blueprints, and high-size charts and graphs. We require a printer that is compatible with printing tabloid-size papers.

There are printers that use various printing technologies. Laser and inkjet printing technology are one of the most popular and efficient printing technology used in most modern-day printers. By saying color toner printer, we are referring to a laser printer. Since a laser printer uses color toner instead of ink, we call these laser printers as color toner printers.

In this post, we are going to see what is the best 11×17 color toner printer. But before that, let us see the reason that laser printers do such a good job compared to other types of printers when it comes to printing on tabloid printers.

What is the best 11×17 color toner printer

As we know, color toner printers are basically laser printers that use color toner instead of ink. One of the reasons why the color toner printer is the best fit for printing on 11×17 size papers is the cost efficiency. Printing a page on a laser printer is way cheaper than printing using an inkjet printer.

However, the initial cost of the color toner is comparatively high compared to the ink which is used in inkjet printers. In the long term, a laser printer always outperforms an inkjet printer in means of cost efficiency, printing speed, etc.

The color toner comes in a cartridge completely dry. Unlike the ink, the color toner won’t be wet and be powered nicely. The fine powder will be placed in the laser printer. Since it isn’t wet, there is no risk of clogging. Using an inkjet printer will create problems such as clogging and ink drying up. There is no such risk associated with using a laser printer because the printer is already dried up.

Page yield is significantly higher compared to inkjet printers. Since you can print a large number of prints using a laser printer, you can print on tabloid-size papers with much efficiency at a low cost. Tabloid papers are much larger in size compared to other standard papers, such as the A4 sheet. So, using a color toner printer will significantly bring down the cost of printing. Also, the speed of a color toner printer is higher than other printers.

HP Color LaserJet CP5225dn Professional Printer

what is the best 11x17 color toner printer

This printer uses laser printing technology. Hence we can call it a color toner printer. It is specifically designed for printing and making copies only. These high-performance color toner professional printer is used by most organizations and businesses to print on 11×17 sheet size papers.


The printer is one of the high-end models which can produce desired results in less time. It can print up to 20 pages per minute which is extremely high compared to other printers in the same price range. It uses precise and accurate technology to print your drawings, blueprints, graphs, etc. There is no line of error when it comes to HP Color LaserJet CP5225dn Professional Printer. You can rely on this printer to create an accurate mimic of your drawings or anything that requires precise printing.

The printer uses authentic HP colors to print. Mainly, it uses the HP ColorSphere toner, which comes in cartridges and is much more efficient when combined with this printer. The printer and the color toner work so well, which would make us think that they are made for each other. There is no space for clogging or ink drying up since it uses color toner.


The printer uses an advanced instructive and intuitive control panel which is also user-friendly. You can easily order a replacement for cartridges and other replaceable components of the printer. It is even easier to replace them, and you won’t require any expert assistance to do that. By utilizing HP Total care, you can grow your business at a significant level.

Use this printer to print on 11×17 at a very high speed. You can print out your first page within 14.08 seconds. The maximum speed of the printer is 22 pages per minute which are really astonishing given the size of the paper. In other words, your printing task will be completed even before other printers start to do it. It is an extremely powerful machine equipped by large organizations and engineering businesses to print out their drawing, blueprints, etc., at unparalleled speed.


As we have seen, the printer is a wide-format color toner printing machine but is specifically made for printing tabloid and A3 papers. If you want to print on large papers, the HP Color LaserJet CP5225dn Professional Printer is the right fit for you. It can even print on paper that has a dimension of 3×5 inches.

Also, the printer warms up 50% much faster compared to other printers. Once the printer is asleep, it requires only half the time that is required by other printers to warm up and start printing. This is a highly-efficient printer waiting for the right owner to put it to its maximum usage.

What’s New?

Ordering a replacement for the HP Color LaserJet CP5225dn Professional Printer has never been easier. Get replacements and replace them easily within a brief time. It has an auto-duplex feature that will increase the printing speed twice. The color toner lasts long and has better page yield compared to other printers. You don’t have to worry about printing the printer getting jammed or clogged if you leave the color toner inside it for a long time because it is a completely dry fine powder.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for the best color toner printer to print on 11×17 tabloid papers, there is no better fit than HP Color LaserJet CP5225dn Professional Printer.