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What is the Best Epson Printer for Sublimation?

In today’s lifestyle, here and there, everywhere is almost filled up with a large variety of digital technologies and devices and so is the availability of different options for devices from brands in the market kept forward to customers and then, the question raised among people- what is the best Epson printer for sublimation?

There are variable answers to the above-mentioned question; it is so because the choice to make for the digital devices rests on the demands and the requirements put forward by the customer for the use of a particular digital device. Also, the variability for the options choices of devices has increased even in a particular single brand. Therefore, the deciding factor for choosing any device includes- price, what the customer plan to use, the work capacity provided by the device, etc.

what is the best epson printer for sublimation

Therefore, among the variety of Epson printer models, let’s see in detail, what kind of Epson printer for sublimation purposes is available as choices in front of customers in the market.

Types of Epson printers providing sublimation purpose-

  1. Epson SureColor F170 Dye– Sublimation Printer- the PrecisionCore technology included in its mechanism ensures a powerful and high-quality print on the sublimation products. It prints with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi and gives great color saturation and contrast. The Precision Droplet control technology helps to ensure an adequate amount of ink usage on the prints that are worked on. It also holds good connectivity options like a USB and an integrated wireless connection.
  2. Epson Desktop Sublimation Printer SureColor F570– This Epson printer model is considered to be a well-known sublimation printer as the first desktop sub printer manufactured by Epson and also be considered a good option for sublimation prints on T-shirts and other clothing materials. It has a MicroTFP printhead which ensures less ink wastage. Another exciting feature is 4.3 inches LCD touchscreen that enables easy and quick navigation in the printing process.
  1. Epson EcoTank ET-2720– It holds the low-cost ink replacement technique which provides sublimation printing at a low cost. The procedure of conversion- from an inkjet printer to a sublimation printer takes just a few minutes and the only requirement is called here is to add in specially made sublimation ink thus, the high-quality prints are out every time. These high-quality sublimation inks are available for a low rate of cost. It also includes a convenient display that has a 1.44” color display for easy navigation to be used in the printing process.
  1. Epson WorkForce WF7710 Sublimation Printer– The most important feature of this type of printer model is that it offers powerful performance for the sublimation printing using only about 20% of the power being utilized by other color laser printers. Coming to the print quality, this Epson printer 7710 provides borderless and wide format quality printouts up to 13” x 19” print size. This inkjet printer has a 250 sheets tray to keep the input of papers steady along with a rear tray for specialty papers to be worked for printing. Even it provides a distance printing option using its good connectivity through Wi-Fi Direct, etc.
  1. Epson WorkForce WF7720 Sublimation Printer– It also uses PrecisionCore technology for its working and for quality prints it gives borderless prints with 13” x 19” print size but it comes with dual 500 sheet capacity and a rear tray for paper feed needs. It’s working supported by the dual side working and navigation that implies dual-sided prints, Copy, Fax, and scan added with a 4.3” color touchscreen. It also holds good connectivity options like Wi-Fi Direct etc. providing help in distant printing.
what is the best epson printer for sublimation


Above mentioned printer models from the Epson brand are a part of the list of Epson printer types providing sublimation printing facility, as each type contains different features and advantages in its working, it depends on the customers which particular model suits well to their requirement for- what is the best Epson printer for sublimation.


1. What does sublimation shirt printing mean for a printer?

Sublimation shirt printing is a kind of specific process of printing that includes firstly printing onto a special sheet of paper and then moving that process(to transfer process) that image onto another material. Then the ink is further treated until it disintegrates into the fabric on which the printing has to be carried out.